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Takahiro Kimura. Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo on July 4, 1965.  The quoted comments below by Kimura are from his website in April 2001: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Takahiro Kimura

  • Takahiro Kimura

  • Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo on July 4, 1965.

    The quoted comments below by Kimura are from his website in April 2001:

    "What do I like about collage? Accidental encounter and happening. When we have established some kind of our own style, it is very difficult to be perfectly innocent when you sit in front of a piece of paper. We, without knowing it, try to plan something or try to harmonize our artworks. We tend to use the familiar lines, familiar colours, and familiar shapes. Sometimes, we can tell what the finished work will be like even in the middle of working.

    "Collage destroys that sort of our superficial originality. We get excited to encounter new materials and there is no guessing where we are now and where we are going. For example, we sometimes decide to adapt the once-discarded eyes and lips at the last minute, and we sometimes accidentally cut the prepared material when cutting a piece of paper. Oh, my God! What did I do! Well, this is some sort of necessary coincidence. This is the destiny. With these over-reacting and various emotional processes, we keep on working with the materials. Once we foresee the coming result, we lose our interest in the works. Therefore, to keep our tension high, we need some accidents and happenings during the working process.. .

  • Takahiro Kimura: Destruction and Construction of the Human Face

    Looking at the faces of Takahiro Kimura, you have the feeling that you're back where you started, looking again, for the second or third time. That in a way you've been beside Takahiro all along, as he's found the photos in magazines, randomly, and then torn their faces into pieces, reconfiguring them before painting the resulting image. For such is your wonder, your sense of sheer discovery, grounded in the deepest familiarity. Not of form necessarily, but of mood, expression and, most importantly, emotion. Takahiro has deconstructed and reconstructed the human face as if with panes of glass, or, more, planes of emotion, applied with the care and resonance of someone looking not at his model...but at you the viewer. Discovering what both you and he - what we all - conceal behind our constructed layers. Thus the undeniable mastery of Takahiro's medium, while rooted in color, line, texture, is equally his deft wielding of the mirrorChris Elam is Editor-in-chief of ArtKrush, the art magazine online.

  • HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY 2nd December Complete the worksheet Portrait

  • Mug Art CompetitionYear 10 have devised an art and design competition to raise money for their TTRA.

    All Thomas Tallis students are welcome to enter the competition and must design a piece of art work to be printed onto a mug. All entries will be judged by the yr10 art and design student judges and the winning designs will be professionally printed onto mugs for sale.

    Your task is to design a poster to advertise the competition around the school, encouraging all years to enter.

    The mug design can be multi-coloured, block coloured or linear. The design must celebrate the changing face of Thomas Tallis School and should mark the changes and recent move to the new building.

    The type of changes could be: a comparison of the physical environment. The psychological or emotional experience of moving, the developmental change in terms of the improvement to facilities and lessons.

    Miss Pankhurst and Ms Harding would like posters designed asap! We would also like art and design students to promote the competition in assemblies.

  • Contemporary Mug Art Designs

  • Lesson ObjectiveThe next stage of this project will be to make a distorted portrait in the style of the artist Takahiro Kimura.

    Using magazines you will each create a montage portrait using magazines/newspapers

    Next LessonYou will then draw/add colour to your image to make it look like a new portrait

    You will use inks to add colour to your portraits


    Your task for this lesson will be to begin adding colour and texture to your composed portrait.

    You can add colour by carefully deciding on how and where

  • http://vimeo.com/30796325

  • Lesson ObjectiveYour objective for todays lesson is to complete the painting of your portrait in order to begin working on the next layer with pen, fine liner or pencil.

    This is the final lesson on these portraits.