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Pubcon2008 panel. How to integrate social sites to make your site viral

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  • 1. Tag Youre It!Leveraging the social web for fun & prot Brian Breslin @brbreslin InniMedia.comPubCon 2008

2. Your Objectives Build a community through the community Empower the community Change your way of thinking 3. The Social Web 4. Social media sites are driving tons of trafc. TONS. Your customers are spending more and more time in them. The battle is for attention. Are you winning? 5. The gures 161 Million Unique (Facebook) 61 BILLION Page Views (Facebook) 117 Million Unique (MySpace) 73 Million in USA (MySpace)Figures for September 6. Steps Step 1: Realize you have a community Step 2: Engage your community Step 3: Cast your nets Step 4: Let your community bloom 7. Its about community 8. WAIT! 9. Its ONLY about community 10. Your community iseverywhere Stop thinking of your site as a single destination. Go to where the people are (lots of choices, you decide) Cast your net wide, because.... 11. You cant sh in a puddle 12. Where are you casting your net? 13. Old web 14. New Web 15. What this means to you? Harder to compete for attention on your own Harder to acquire new users (people are ckle) BUT People are spending more time online AND There are more people online so how can this help you? 16. Building a communityfrom the community@ theBoaters.com 17. An Ex: theBoaters.com Built a NICHE community Started seeding it with PPC acquired trafc (high costs) 500 users after 3 weeks ( low conversion rate on signups) 18. Theboaters + Facebook Created a facebook interface for their site Accepted facebook logins as their users (PRE- FB connect) Redened what a facebook app was to them Grew to 20,000 users in 6 weeks! 19. So how can you play? 20. Does your site look like this? 21. Is your site a silo? Are you syndicating your content? Are you sharing your site? Can your users contribute to your site? Can they take the content with them? 22. What you can do about it What opportunities are out there? How do we leverage them? How do we measure ROI? How do we implement these things? 23. Facebook Connect 24. What FB Connect can do for you. Lower barrier to Create a facebook entry for new users app so you own 100% of the page They bring theirviews friends with them. Distribute your THEY BRING THEIRcontent to 160 Million FRIENDS!users Syndicate your site Low customer interactions to acquisition costs facebook 25. Distributed LoginsYahoo! Open Platform Microsoft Live login Social Graph API Google Friend Connect 26. What OpenID means Dramatically lower your signup friction Millions of users (any Yahoo, MSN, GMail, MySpace, or AIM username) Paired with social graph = $$$$$ Reduce spam/pre-authenticated people 27. Social Graph & You Social portability. Bring friend relationships in, and blow them out. make it dead simple for your users to share with their friends. 28. Social Graph API? POTENTIALLY amazing Map the relationships between people Use the map to nd new connections and customers 29. Implementing it all Not trivial. No matter what they tell you. A good programmer can tie in your site to any of these platforms. But make sure you think about this stuff BEFORE starting a site 30. Conclusion Your community is key to your social media efforts Your community is everywhere (so you need to go to them) You can build any niche from the existing communities 31. Sharing is caring. 32. Contact me breslin@innimedia.com http://twitter.com/brbreslin http://brianbreslin.com