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  • 1.TABS

2. TABS ESSENTIAL QUESTIONHow do teachers change their method of instruction to address and conquer achievement gaps in literacy? 3. TABS DigitalDigital NativesImmigrants WHO?Educators Learners 4. TABSBrain NewBasedLiteracies Learning WHAT? 21st TeachingCentury MethodsCurriculum & PISA 5. TABSOur LocalSchools WHERE?All AroundThe World 6. TABS SupportStruggling Teachers WHY?Raise Student Motivation & DifferentiateAchievement Instruction 7. TABS Twitch Speed Active Learning Connected Parallel Processing Technology as Friend Conventional Speed Passive Learning Standalone Linear Processing Technology as Foe 8. TABS CURIOSITY 1What part of old fashioned teaching methods should be discarded and what parts should be kept in this age of Digital Natives? 9. TABS CURIOSITY 2Should the digital native students learn the old ways, or should their digital immigrant educators learn the new? 10. TABS CURIOSITY 3How can teachers use technology and brain- based strategies to motivate students and increase their academic performance? 11. TABS OUR STORIESCompelling Rewarding Earnest Universa l 12. TABS Takumi in Japan Free pressure curriculum & Saturday classes Decline in PISA achievement & ranking Student discipline worsens Advances in technology Small # of teachers familiar with technology 13. TABS LuWanna in America Core curriculum dilemma Low MEAP scores & failing grades Management & instructional crisis Graduation rate continues to decline Teachers need technology support 14. TABS LiteracyWritingexperiencemotivation ListeningReadingViewingcomprehensionSpeaking Key Concepts 15. TABS21st Century Literacy To become fully literate in todays world, students must become proficient in the new literacies of information and communication technologies. Therefore, literacy educators have a responsibility to effectively integrate these technologies into the literacy curriculum. International Reading Association 16. TABSAction Plan Scaffold learners with multimodal projects using brain based strategies and technology Connect learners with audiences beyond the classroom and outside their own country Emphasize vocabulary with multimedia and online collaborative tools such as class website, blog, wiki, etc. 17. TABS Our Future Pursuits More brain-based learning strategies Cultural differences in methodologies from global and local perspectives What blocks teachers learning of new technology 21st Century curriculum & new common core 18. TABS END