Tableau reseller partner in Burundi Bilytica Best business Intelligence Company in Burundi

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Transcript of Tableau reseller partner in Burundi Bilytica Best business Intelligence Company in Burundi

  1. 1. Bilytica Corporate Introduction Web: Email: [email protected]
  2. 2. Agenda Bilytica Portfolio Data Warehouse & BI Services Tableau Insight Bilytica Sister Companies Erpisto AppsOut CloudPital
  3. 3. Bilytica Portfolio
  4. 4. Business Intelligence Data-science Data Quality Management Data-warehouse 100+ Successful BI & DW clients globally EHR / EMR / E-Clinic / E-Hospital Radiology Information Management System (RIMS) Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) Laboratory Information System (LIMS) ERP Suite (suits everyone) Insurance Management ERP Franchise Management ERP CRM (Cloud based) Gamification Learning Games Native Mobile Apps 3D/2D Mobile Games Mobile Enterprise 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2014 20152013 2014 Started in Finland Lifestory of Bilytica Moved to Australia Moved to Middle East Erpisto Inauguration CloudPital Inauguration Appsout Inauguration Found Turkey Moved to United States Head Office Sydney, Australia Offshore Centers Istanbul, Turkey Lahore, Pakistan Regional/Partners offices Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Pittsburgh, USA Muscat, Oman Doha, Qatar HL7 compliant - Over 3,000 users from practices to large hospitals 25,000+ users love our Erpisto products. Over 200 Apps and Games delivered .
  5. 5. Featured Clients and Technology Partners Clients Technology Partnerships
  6. 6. What our Customers say about our work I am very happy to see reporting accuracy and different analysis on supervision, insurance, HR and investments data. This has been my dream since joining this organization. Governor, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Saudi Arabia Bilytica (with local partners) is our trusted partner and vendor who developed Marketing and sales dashboards with stunning visualizations and kept their promise to meet timeline we were given by Marketing and Sales teams. Senior Director, Business Intelligence, Mobily Saudi Arabia Appout performed very good in our projects, they have smart project life cycle with rapid development, we found shorter sprints worked best. The quick sprints allowed us to surface new features quickly and iterate based on customer feedback. With cross platforms teams under one roof We can update and improve our mobile apps easily with a single team. Manager IT, Australia Post, Australia Bilytica helped us starting a Decision Support Unit (DSU) in University that transformed the way our management was working before. DSU proved to be a successful initiative and helped university for better transparency and accountability Vice President, Development and Community Services, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia Erpisto ERP and CRM solutions provide a broad cross section of employees the information they need to optimize the operations, Sales and every single aspect of our business. We have 500 retail points being managed by 6 operator companies who are working with us round the clock. Erpisto helped us to manage the automation of whole business process in cost effective ways. I personally like the mobile applications providing alerts and transactional capabilities on the go. Business Development Manager, Shell Middle East
  7. 7. We help creating environment for Fact-based Decision Making Bilytica helped us starting a Decision Support Unit (DSU) in University that transformed the way our management was working before. DSU proved to be a successful initiative and helped university for better transparency and accountability Vice President, Development and Community Services, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  8. 8. Why customers choose Bilytica? Bilytica has Industry Leading BI Framework Reputable Consultants and Technology Experts End to End Solutions (ERP to Business Analytics) Cost Effective Delivery models (Onshore / Offshore Delivery Centers) Bilytica has Business domain experts (Telecom, Banking, Retail, Education, Insurance) 1 2 3 4 5
  9. 9. Services: BI & Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Data Services Advanced Analytics BI Discovery & Strategy BI Environment Assessment BI Products Alternative Evaluation BI Technical Architecture BI Solution Implementation Business Analytics on Mobile Devices Enterprise Data Quality Management Data-Warehouse Environment Assessment Data-Warehouse Design and Implementation Big Data Consultancy and Analytics Enterprise Data Integration Enterprise Data Governance Turn Your Data into Actionable Insight and Recommendations Implementation of Mathematical and statistical Analytics Use Best Practiced Data Mining Tools and Techniques Use Dynamics Info-graphs and provide Batter Forecasting BIwithDataMartsBIwithDataWarehouse
  10. 10. Services: BIG Data & DWHMA Big Data Initial Parallel Investigation Gap Analysis Identify Solution Sets Package and Present Recommendations Final Action Assessment Services Parallel Investigation Gap Analysis Solution Analysis Recommendations Action Findings related to each assessment perspective Difference between current and desired states Identification of the way to close the gap Steps, grouped as projects, to implement solution Execution of proposed solutions Big Data Assessment Big Design and Implementation Big Data Analytics Big Managed Services Hadoop Services Preemptive Service Assurance Preemptive Customer Care
  11. 11. Under fixed time / fixed price model, Bilytica works with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. This option from Bilytica can be applied to long- lasting projects with measurable phases. The model reduces project risk due to visible progress monitoring. Through dedicated resource engagement model, Bilytica implements customer specific quality / process frameworks at clients end with the help of a dedicated team. The flexible and dynamic time & material model from Bilytica best suits complex projects that are inclined to specification and design changes. Engagement Models FIXED TIME & PRICE TIME & MATERIAL MILESTONE BILLING DEDICATED RESOURCE
  12. 12. Bilytica Projects and Timelines Completion period varies from 1 Month to 4 Months depending on the complexity Completion period varies from 8 Months to 16 Months depending on the complexity Completion period varies from 3 Months to 6 Months depending on the complexity Quick-Wins Projects Data marts & Departmental BI DWH & Enterprise BI 1 4 Quick-Wins 3 6 Data Marts & Departmental BI 8 16 DWH & Enterprise BI ONSITE OFFSITE HYBRID Bilytica Resourcing Models
  13. 13. Overview of Tableau Bilytica Sales department 2015 Sydney Australia Email : [email protected]
  14. 14. Tableau Introduction Our Global Partner Tableau Vision Tableau helps people see and understand data. We make rapid-fire business intelligence software Fastest growing business intelligence company in the world Stanford Professor Pat Hanrahan and Dr. Chris Stolte re-invented data visualization technology Patented products are in use by 18000+ customers in 120+ countries Headquartered in Seattle, WA. APAC HQ in Singapore Customers: Apple, Facebook , Microsoft , Wells Fargo , Bank of America , Walmart , Safeway , Pfizer , Merck , Ferrari , GM , CBS + 26,000 More
  15. 15. Tableau The No. 1 position from Gartner 2015 In a recent Gartner survey, Tableau received one of the highest scores for 'Overall Product Ratings by Use', with Tableau customers recognizing us for enabling them to conduct complex analysis without help from specialists, leading to better insights and business decisions.
  16. 16. Tableau Desktop Tableau Server Tableau Products + web-based business intelligence platform + rapid-fire analytics and dashboarding + secure information and metadata management + integration with portals and applications + enterprise collaboration + explore, visualize, and analyze data + answer any question + blazing speed against massive data + create dashboards to consolidate views + share interactive data experiences
  17. 17. Tableau Some Customers Near You Mobily Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) / Hafiz Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz and his Companions Foundation for trust & Creativity (Mawhiba) Saudi Arabia Al-Elm Saudi Arabia Aramco Saudi Arabia Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Turkish Airlines Emirates Airlines Weatherford Oil Fields Martime & Mecantine International (MMI) Zain Telecom Iraq Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Mada Communications Abu Dhabi Commercial bank Higher College of Technology Ministry of Heath , Oman Dubai International Airport Kuwait Proteins Abyat Blue Shield Premera Blue Cross Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency University of Dammam
  18. 18. Tableau Clients 26,000+ clients worldwide
  19. 19. Tableau Features (Quick view) Fast, Easy, Beautiful Any Data EnterpriseWeb & Mobile Interactivity New Map Designs Enhanced Forecasting Floating Dashboards Quick Filtering Easy to Use Fast Loading SAML Authentication Automatic Gateway Failover Backup without Downtime Tableau Desktop Now On MAC Story PointsAdvanced Analytics IMPROVED SAP HANA CONNECTOR NATIVE SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE BIGQUERY API SPLUNK CONNECTOR SIMPLIFIED LOG ACCESS RESPONSIVE MARKS CHANGE CONTENT OWNER
  20. 20. w w w . b i l y t i c a . c o m Grow forward with faster, simpler, and flexible ERP and CRM Erpisto, with multi-lingual interface, gives you the tools your organization need to increase productivity and revive profitable growth With improved data usability, intelligence and advanced mobile access to your software, you can achieve the benefits which our customers are already experiencing. Grow your revenue Gain new customers Increase Operational Efficiency Reduce costs
  21. 21. Customized ERP solution just for your industry - A Desktop product to manage all enterprise resources in a single pla