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Smoking Pedro Antonio Hernandez Cruz 3-ECesar Eduardo Vanoye Lugo 3-AMarcelo Castillo Balderas 3-A

English Class

IntroduccinThis presentation will address what is smoking , as well as all the most common diseases caused by this habit is smoking.The parts of the cigarette as well as its content , define what smoking is important as it will help us prevent this habit maintaining better health to improve our performance and breath of life , but not only affect our lungs should be mentioned that we just can harm in the flow paths or even in the mouth


Smoking is addiction to snuff , mainly caused by one of its active components, nicotine . This addiction leads to harmful to consumer health diseases.

According to who the snuff is the leading cause of disability and premature death worldwide . The substances found in the snuff very often cause cancers such as lung, lip or tongue, throat, and the lesser known , but equally devastating as cancer of the esophagus and bladder .It can also causeCholesterol problemspowerful addictionheart diseasebronchitis and emphysemaProblems during pregnancyInclude: dry mouth, yellow teeth , gum disease

Smoking rates:The negative smoking : smoker is that smoking in crisisThe hedonistic smoking : smoking is one smoker in a controlled mannerChronic smoking : Smoke constantly without being aware of itThe smoking drug addict : Smoke constantly and feels uncomfortable if you are missing cigarettes.Passive smoking : the one that does not consume the snuff but is affected by the use of others who consume.

The content of a cigarettenicotineCarbon monoxidehydrocyanic gasammoniumsugarcocoafilters