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  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    B1. Caution Blonde Thinking

    B32. Riddle: If 4 drivers come to a 4-a! sto" at e#actl! the same time$

    hose turn is it% It&s '( T)R*+

    ,3. It took me / !ears to look this good.

    ,00. I idn&t o It ... nd I&ll *ever o It gain+

    1/. Teachers are ea"ons of 'ass Instruction

    11. If I as !ou$ I ouldn&t e me+

    14. 5chool is here the! "ut !ou to learn

    hile !ou&re tr!ing to do other things.

    42. nd !our "oint is...

    40. If !ou don&t ant me looking$ sto" looking so good+

    6. It&s onl! funn! until someone falls...then it&s hilarious

    It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure why take the chance. -

    Ronald Regan

    I drink to make other people interesting. --George Jean athan

    So Many Men, So Little Point Anonymous.

    I Want to Be a Millionaire (That's My Final Answer) Jo Bales, of Falls Church.

    You Have the i!ht to e"ain Silent# Anythin! You Say Will Be Mis$uote%, Then &se% A!ainst You"a fellow sufferer in the newspaper business," who reports that it broke all sales records at a recent scribes

    They an Sen% Me to olle!e But They an't Mae Me Thin T.. !ilson, of Tucson.

    A oo% Lawyer *nows the Law# a reat Lawyer *nows the +u%!e J.J. Bonsinore, of #ensinton.

    He Who Lau!hs Last Thins Slowest $ike %arrish, of Arlinton.

    Plaes to o, Peo-le to Annoy. Carl Binswaner, of ake &ide.

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    .Finally /0, an% Le!ally A1le to 2o 3verythin! I've Been 2oin! Sine /4. Tom !heeler.

    .I'" a 5atural Blon%e 6 S-ea Slowly. Ted 'udson, of Centre(ille.

    .I &se% to Be Shi7o-hreni, But 5ow We're +ust Fine. Barbara )anu(en.

    .I8 You an't Beat The", Arran!e to Have The" Beaten. *hawn $cCausland.

    .An% You're Tellin! Me This Beause999. *unni Bond !inkler.

    .:ut o8 Bo%y 6 Ba in Ten Minutes. #aren &e+neck.

    .I'" a onsultant 6 You Have to Pay to Tal to Me. $ike sdan.

    I like cats too. Lets exchange recipes.

    I&m looking for a 7uic! sin to commit.

    82. I have total recall$ 7erk+

    83. (our assertiveness training is earing thin m! nger 'anagement+

    84. I used to soar ith eagles efore I got sucked into a 7et engine.

    86. Bathroom 5tall Cruiser

    80. 9ethal )se of arce

    8. 5ervice ith 5mile. ;ecause I messed ith !our ordereo"le ho need "eo"le$ are ... code"endent.

    81. Carr! !our on emotional aggage+

    81=. If at first !ou don&t succeed$ don&t go sk!diving.

    82/. oulda Coulda 5houlda

    821. '! ,randchildren 'ust Be 5"oiled Because The! 5mell Bad+

    822. I can multi-task ;talk and "iss !ou off at the same timeretentious 5lo

    843. 8umid Resources

    844. Tourists Be ,one+

    846. (ou+ Futta the ,ene >ool.

    840. There is no @me@ in team. *o$ ait$ !es there is+

    84. I&ve never ever ever ever ever een in denial+

    84. I&m not su"ersticious at all$ knock on ood.

    84=. I&m a good ook. anna curl u" ith me%

    86/. >ickle >eo"le o It ith Relish

    861. (ou 8ave The Right To Remain iolent

    862. um" 8im

    863. 8oe e"ot

    864. Bro&s Before 8o&s

    866. I learn all m! social skills from m! television set.

    860. on&t make me send m! fl!ing monke!s after !ou+

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    86. 5orr! for the stu"idit!. It started efore I as orn.

    86. I&' 5)B9I'I*9 '55*,R.eat me$ eat me$ eat me$ eat me

    86=. If at first !ou do succeed$tr! not to look astonished.

    80/. ll ,eneraliDations re alse.

    801. I&m a 9ocal. ,o aa!+

    802. 5cent is tied to memor!$ ut all I can rememer are farts.

    803. *o need to get defensive ;hen !ou can get offensive insteadisses 'e Fff+

    B11. Recovering nal Retentive

    B12. Cons"irac! Theorist

    B13. Fnce t Brat Cam" ...

    B14. Right! Tight!$ 9eft! 9oose! ;hich is true in oth

    mechanics and "oliticsoor Blood

    B34. lah$ lah$ lah$ lah$ lah

    B36. 8air 5t!list

    B30. Hust ecause it takes the Has of 9ife to get m! allet o"en doesn&t

    mean I&m chea"+

    B3. 5lo Thinkers Aee" Right.

    B3. It&s not hat others think of !ou that counts$ it&s hat !ou think

    others think of !ou that counts.

    B3=. I fart$ therefore I am

    B4/. 8emorrhoid

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    B41. I ite the hand that feeds me.

    B42. '! kid is a "regant honor student

    B43. Too 'uch Realit! T

    B44. 5lo 5ervice ith 5mile

    B46. re e There$ (et%

    B40. I m The Cold 5hiver Running on (our 5"ine

    B4. Itch!$ Titch! E Bitch!

    B4. RationaliDe 5omething Toda!+

    B4=. 'e 5o Corn!

    B6/. 8umans come in all different states of disre"air

    B61. If !ou can&t eat &em$ anno! &em+

    B62. ro ro ro !our oat

    gentl! don the stream

    merril! merril! merril! merril!

    I 7ust have to scream

    B63. ,uns don&t kill "eo"le$ I kill "eo"le.

    B64. oke u" from the merican ream

    B66. I&m a good hait to get into

    B60. aseline lle!

    B6. I like m! >icasso&s on lack velvet.

    B6. oing more harm than good

    B6=. >rogrammer *eeds Ho. illing To o indos.

    B0/. Intolerance ill not e Tolerated+

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    B01. I&m *ot 6/. I&m 4=.=6+

    B02. I&m &ogs >la!ing >oker& Aind Ff ,u!.

    B03. California: here even the illegal aliens have cell "hones.

    B04. arren Terror

    B06. huked on fonics reel! urked fer mee

    B00. I&m a 9ocal and if !ou&re not - ,F (+

    B0. >aris 8ilton 8ead

    B0. 5ometimes I im To >lease$ Fther Times I 5hoot To Aill

    B0=. >rincess

    B/. The Rules on&t ""l! To 'e

    B1. The orld Fes 'e 9iving

    B2. ,et a life% here can I donload one%

    B3. I >ee In The >ool

    B4. *ot ,uilt! B! Reason Ff Celerit!

    B6. F(+

    B0. on @*a""! 8eaded@ 8o Receives 8aaiian >unch

    5omeod! needs to ru m! ell! and tell me I&m "rett!.

    2. 8oosier add!

    3. '! 5earch ngine is making a funn! noise.

    4. sk me for directions$ I&ll tell !ou here to go.

    6. Bad 8air a!$ Can&t Think 5traight

    0. on&t 8ate 'e Because (ou in&t 'e

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    . '! al"haet sou" is hooked on "honi#.

    . California: here even the illegal aliens have cell "hones.

    =. 5ir ats--9ot

    1/. 9ose the 9osers+

    11. I&m such a Baaaad Boooo!+

    12. on&t sGueeDe the 5haman+

    13. '! dee" s"iritual cleansing ent don the drain

    14. I&ve gron tolerant to "e""er s"ra!

    16. It as a dark E storm! Anight

    10. sked me aout m! JKELed )" "ersonal life.

    1. 9ast *ight I ,ot runk and 5ta"led '! 5crotum to a og.

    1. I like to smell m! on farts.

    1=. on&t make me "ull this thing over.

    2/. It&s ala!s aout !ou isn&t it%

    21. 4M6 of the "eo"le have a "rolem ith fractions. The other 6/K don&t.

    22. I&m in *F 58> to e#ercise "atience.

    23. on&t interru"t me hile I&m talking cra".

    24. R*I*,...ll stressed out E no one to choke.

    26. F8 CR>+ (ou&re going to s"eak to me aren&t !ou%

    20. If at first !ou don&t succeed$ choose a"ath!$ dumass.

    2. >uh-9eeeeeDe+++

    2. h! do all of m! friends seem to e clingers and floaters%

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    2=. I&m 7ust a nood! ho can e a someod! hen I ant to e.

    3/. on&t give me that lank e#"ression or I&ll tatoo it+

    31. I&m smiling ecause I&ve farted.

    32. The! sa! that 'one! Talks ut mine 7ust aves @,ood!e@

    33. (our dreams are !our future. *o go to slee"+

    34. I&m ,etting In Touch ith '! !sfunctional 5ide

    36. 8air Toda!$ ,one Tomorro

    30. ,u!s: e&ll i"e our utts on the same "iece of "a"er

    that e lo our noses on.

    3. >eo"le ho live in glass houses had etter do indos.

    3. *ostalgia isn&t hat it used to e.

    3=. sadist is someone ho refuses to e mean to a masochist.

    4/. I ottle things u". (ou got a "rolem ith that+

    41. There is no "rolem so ig or com"licated that it can&t e run aa!


    42. h! don&t horses have under-ites%

    43. Hustif!. RationaliDe. 'inimiDe. ho needs realit! an!a!%

    44. Ffficer$ I kno m! rights.

    46. I lost m! tem"er$ B)T IT C' BCA+

    40. Hack 5hit. o !ou kno me%

    4. >la!s ell ith Fthers

    4. ver! man should marr!. 8a""iness isn&t ever!thing.

    4=. Clean )" on isle 2

  • 8/12/2019 t Shirt Slogans


    6/. 5ometimes$ the light at the end of the tunnel is accom"anied !


    61. >eo"le like (F) are the reason "eo"le like ' hate >F>9+

    62. It&s onl! funn! until someone gets hurt...then it&s an merica&sunniest ideo+

    63. 9ike ird atching% 8o aout I fli" !ou one+

    64. I live in m! on little orld ut I&m running out of o#!gen.

    66. I gre u" a 9ittle >rincess and I ended u" a >orn ?ueen.

    60. I like 5>FF*I*, ut m! favorite is FRAI*,.

    6. *es lash: )ranus >roe iscovers steroids

    6. Bo!s 9ie

    6=. untie m$ hate !ou$ hate Aansas$ took the dog. - oroth!

    0/. 5to" 'e Before I 5tart 'aking 5ense+

    01. eni$ edi$ isa: I came. I 5a. I id a 9ittle 5ho""ing.

    02. I fought the lan and the lan on.

    03. Fld ge Comes at a Bad Time

    04. irst Things irst$ ut *ot *ecessaril! in That Frder.

    06. I Tried )sing Invisile Ink But I re Blank.

    00. 333 - I&m Fnl! 1M2 vil

    0. vailale for Rent

    0. hat ha""ens at m! "lace$ sta!s at m! "lace.