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    By Sumit Kumar Page 1

    TITLE OF THE PROJECT A Web Based Job Search with Career Grooming


    By Sumit Kumar Page 2

    IntroductionThis project is aimed at developing an online search portal for the

    placement details for job seekers. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. This system can be used as an Online Job Portal for job seekers. Job Seekers logging should be able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Visitors/Companyrepresentatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Job aspirants.The job seekers simply can login with their email id & password & then apply to the specific jobs to which their requirements suit. By registering through the job portals, the job seekers receive notifications for the vacancies available in companies & thereby they can apply to the job. Job portals send immediate alerts to the registered job seekers whenever a job opportunity suiting their requirements comes up. Getting quick updates give you the advantage of approaching the recruiter sooner than others.Besides all this in the near of Internet technology where almost all the work is done through Internet, one can easily find the right job instead of roaming here & there in search of job. Job portals even can be helpful for those who want to make a career in foreign countries as the data available is worldwide. So job portals are a very good source for candidates seeking job & for recruiters as well.

    Need of The System:-We need job portals now day because of their easiness & moreover the benefits we get from these portals. Job Portals provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees. The job portal presents the employers with options to post online questionnaires and latest news to the employees. The portal has the tips to build admirable


    By Sumit Kumar Page 3

    resume and information on dos and donts for the interview. Easy data collection and storage feature of the portal helps in finishing the tasks comfortably and quickly. The employers can get quick returns for their investment as the portal incorporates a simple and quick recruitment method.

    Features As On Offer In Job Portal:-

    Job Catalogue from every sector and industry.

    Job Search Options (Expertise, Location, Keyword search, remuneration


    Resume Services.

    Professional Guidance for making resumes.

    Job Alert Services.

    Job Application Details and Interview Schedules.

    24*7 Support and Assistance.

    Multiple Resumes upload.

    Help and Guidance whenever required.

    Group Apply for multiple jobs.


    By Sumit Kumar Page 4

    Problem DefinitionTo find the relevant job according to the profile is not an easy task for the candidates. If someone is in need to find an urgent job then he has no such platform to find the right job for his profile. And if someone goes direct to company and tell them that he needs a job, think how odd it looks and if a company is looking for candidates for their vacant positions then how can they find out who is looking for job. If anyhow they find some candidates after putting too much efforts and call them for interview, may be some candidates will not attend interview for some reasons or they are not interested to join. If company fails to find the right one candidate then again too much effort is to be put to find out the candidates again. So there should be such a platform that provides all the facilities for the Candidates, Employers, and Consultants from where candidate can find relevant job according to their profile and Companies and Consultants can also find good candidates easily and call them for walk-ins. This kind of platform provides an efficient way to find right job and right candidate in few days with much less effort. The proposed system provides the best industry services in Job Portal Industry. It has many good quality features that provide best services to the industry. Candidates can easily search jobs from anywhere where they have internet facility. Job is very important for the Job Seeker. If s/he does not get good or relevant job according to his/her profile then the candidate will be in trouble because salaried persons have limited savings so management without job will be very hard for employee. So this system helps this kind of persons well. On other side, companies and consultants are also looking for good candidates but fail to find right candidate. With the help of this system, they can easily find the right one candidate. This platform is the need of every industry and for every jobseeker.


    By Sumit Kumar Page 5

    Aims & Objectives

    My Aim Is To design an automated system which let the fresher and experienced job seekers search job using the power of www on internet and provide some useful data to the companies looking for good resources for their organization.

    Various Objectives Identified So Far:-

    To use the power of Internet to increase employment opportunities.

    To use the technology to get the things done in paperless and effortless manner.

    Being Online this application will make a bridge between the resource pool & resource users which will ultimately enhance the productivity of skill set.

    To provide best and efficient Job Search for candidates.

    Employers can easily search best filtered candidates.

    Consultants can easily search best candidates for their clients.

    Easy Registration and Resume Uploading.


    By Sumit Kumar Page 6

    Project Category(OOPS)OOP: Programming Paradigm means organizing principle of a program. It is an approach to programming. The Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that is a programming approach to the solution of problems in which all computations are performed in the context of objects. OOP is basically a design philosophy to design the solutions of problems, applications and computer programs through the object-oriented approach.


    Object: It is an identifiable entity with some characteristics and behavior. It consists of data fields and methods together with their interactions. Thus, it can store data and has its interface through methods. An object is an abstraction of some real-world object.

    OOP stands on the three core principles, namely,

    Abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism

    These are often referred to as three pillars of OOP.

    Abstraction: Abstraction refers to the act of representing essential features without including the background details or explanations. It is the concept of simplifying a real world concept into its essential elements. It is used to help make software less complex. Abstraction is of two types: Procedural Abstraction and Data Abstraction.

    Procedural Abstraction: It is a situation (process) in which a programmer when using a certain procedure, does not need to worryabout all the details of how it performs its computations. Rather s/he


    By Sumit Kumar Page 7

    only needs to know how to call it and what it computes. It makes the programmers view of the system simpler.

    Data Abstraction: Data abstraction is a named collection of data that describes a data object. It allows handling data bits in meaningful ways. The idea is to group together the pieces of data that describe some entity, so that programmers can manipulate that data as a unit.

    There are many abstractions in an object-oriented program. Objects and classes are the two of those abstractions.

    Class: A class is simply a representation of a type of object. It is the blueprint/ plan/ template that describes the details of an object and from which the individual objects are created. In other words, a class is an abstraction of a set of objects that share common properties and relationships.

    Encapsulation: The wrapping up of data and operations/methods (that operate on the data) into a single unit (called class) is known as Encapsulation. It is the most fundamental concept of OOP. The concept of encaps