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Transcript of Sydney¢â‚¬â„¢s Premium Pub & Club Comedy Shows 10...

  • 2017 PROGRAM

    10 COMEDIANS FOR $20 Sydney’s Premium Pub & Club Comedy Shows


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    10 Comedians

    Welcome to our ‘10 Comedians’ show!

    We put together the first ‘10 Comedians’ shows for the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival. The response was astonishing: shows sold out online days before they opened. Dozens of people hoping to get tickets at the door were turned away. Audience members came up to the comedians individually after the show to thank them for such a great show – some offering to buy comedians drinks as an extra ‘thank you’! Lots of audience members left positive comments on our website, tweeted and/or posted on Facebook about the show.

    So in 2016 we decided to grow the roster of comedians and take this show on the road. Every ‘10 Comedians’ show is different – we currently have a roster of over 30 comedians who all have multiple sets, so even if you see the same comedian twice occasionally, you will see him/her doing different material. No two ‘10 Comedians’ shows are the same.

    Please help us continue to make the shows even better: ‘vote’ for your favourite comedians by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter and Instagram.

    We really hope you enjoy laughing with us tonight and at more of our shows in the near future!

    Sean Morahan Producer 10 Comedians Shows

    Great value! Better than the comedy store! -Amy, Paddington

    Great show, loved the political references, finale was phenomenal, my favourite act for sure… Overall, a great show. -Suraj, Redfern

    I’ve been to four 10 Comedians shows and always find them to be a laugh out loud kind of night and a great variety of talent every time! The shows are at good venues with great food and drink options. Always an awesome night out!

    -Joanne, Quakers Hill

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    Sally Kimpton

    Sally Kimpton delights with stand-up that’s clever, edgy and hilarious!

    Sally has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in ‘Extreme Blonde’, followed by her one woman show ‘Sally Kimpton - MyStar’ at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

    She has appeared on and written material for national radio programmes, including on Triple J and Triple M.

    Sally’s TV appearances include The Comedy Channel’s ‘Headliners’ and ‘Stand-up Australia’. She was a quarter finalist in NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’ filmed at the Miami Improv in 2008. She has also been spotted on Network TEN’s ‘Thursday Night Live’ and Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’ (don’t ask!)

    In June 2012 Sally was invited to perform with Rove McManus and Wil Anderson in an Aussie comedy showcase in Los Angeles.

    Sally specialises as a Master of Ceremonies, Acts in Television and Film Productions and is finalising details for her first comedy book.

    A popular Headliner and a skilled MC, She has been making them laugh at fine, and not so fine comedy venues nationally and internationally for over 15 years!

    Website: Facebook: Youtube:

    For show updates, invitations and special offers: Text COMEDY to 0422 177 000

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    Sean Morahan

    Sean is a comedian and writer, physically based in Sydney and mentally based nowhere in particular.

    Jaded by the unrelenting and excruciating highs of working as a car salesman, private investigator and builder’s labourer, Sean yearned for the sombre drudgery of making people laugh for a living, without offering them a trade-in price, showing them photos of their spouse’s new lover or falling off a building site.

    So, in 2013 he staggered onto Australia’s comedy stages and has remained there despite the persistent crowbars, baseball bats and the pleas for him to go home.

     - Cumulative star rating from 5 different reviews*

    He has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival.

    Sean is producer and co-host of 2SER FM’s Saturday talk show ‘The Vultures’ Nest’.

    Website: Twitter: Facebook:

    *rounded up to the nearest 5 stars

    Te Rina Taite

    Young (sort of), funny (hopefully) Te Rina Taite returns from a stint across the ditch where she has reclaimed the Nu Zelund accent and an interesting theory on why they make the best neighbours.

    Energetic and apologetic, Te will reveal why an ex-elite swimmer has found comedy to be the best way of washing away the sins of the past, and has no problem sharing them with you (generally).

    Te recently conceived, co-wrote and produced the live comedy quiz show ‘Big Poppa Sean’s Comedy Quiz’ and is busy promoting it around town.

    Te is also a regular guest and presenter on 2SER FM’s Saturday talk show ‘The Vultures’ Nest’.


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    Ruven Govender

    No stranger to the stage, Ruven Govender was picked up by the NZ Comedy Festival at the age of 16. Initially starting out as a comedian, he quickly progressed, developing a taste for producing and directing shows.

    By the age of 21 Ruven had written, produced and directed over 5 shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival. In addition to comedy, Ruven has had regular TV appearances.

    Currently, Ruven runs several comedy rooms in Sydney alongside his comedic colleagues in their comedy promotions business Laugh Mob.

    Ruven recently accepted an invitation to present at TEDx at Macquarie University.

    Website: Instagram: @ruvengram

    TEDx Presentation:

    Ray Cashman

    Ray Cashman has been performing his brand of charming observational comedy for the past 9 years.

    Ray has performed internationally, interstate and even in a public toilet. Please don’t take that last venue as an indication of the quality of his comedy.

    His wife thinks he has a fat head but that’s where he stores all his funny.

    You can find him at:

    Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @rcashy Snapchat: @ray_cashman

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    Thao Thanh Cao

    Originally from a theatre background having studied a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Theory and Practice) Thao originally wanted to be an actress but was disheartened because she didn’t see many Asians on TV and the few Asians she did see on TV appeared on Border Security.

    Most people would agree that Thao’s comedy is dry, self deprecating and often politically incorrect. Well, they would if they weren’t so busy laughing.

    In 2015, Thao won three comedy awards. and she has been touring the country with her first Solo show, Appropriately Inappropriate.

    As well as performing all over Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra, Thao has also performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

    Utilising her acting skills and her public speaking skills she has quickly become a refreshing new voice hitting the comedy scene taking the PC out of stand-uP Comedy!

    Facebook: Twitter:

    Ben Willshaw

    Ben Willshaw is a Western Sydney comedian who has grown up on the sunny streets of Penny Bay or, as pronounced by the locals in their native tongue, Penriff! Ben has been performing comedy for over 4 years and has made a big impact performing at Sydney’s leading comedy venues.

    In 2015 Ben wrote and performed his first solo show ‘Sticks & Stones’ and in a great indicator of the appeal of his comedy, the show sold out during its run at the Sydney Fringe Festival.

    Ben’s humour consists of self-deprecating comedy (and sometimes a bit of audience-deprecating comedy) along with over-the-top stories about events and experiences in his day to day life. Ben also likes to add a touch of crude humour to his material to cater to the inner westie in all of us, resulting in audience members laughing at topics that would normally be left unsaid.

    When not performing at Sydney’s premier comedy venues, Ben also performs at charity events and weddings as an MC.

    Facebook: Twitter:

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    David Tieck

    David Tieck is an author and a comedian. He has been performing stand-up/ improv and sketch comedy around the world for the past seven years.

    He has performed in countless shows all over North America, he appeared on Jay Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’ and in Australia David has performed solo Improv shows at the Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Fringe.

    David now splits his time between Sydney and Melbourne and no matter which city you catch him in, he’ll be doing all sorts of improvised experimental weirdness.

    He can be found on all the social media platforms under David Tieck, at, or in random people’s front yards playing with their cats.

    Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @ok_intriguing

    Justin Jones

    Justin Jones is a Sydney-based stand-up comedian.

    Born in Perth, raised in Queensland and matured in Melbourne, Justin is an outcast no matter where he goes, which underpins his hilariously skewed perspective on the world around