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Turn your P500 into P3,000 after 3 months. Gusto mo? This limited to 33 slots only per batch. First to pay will be accomodated first. Join our profit sharing group to make your money work for you. This is a profit sharing investment scheme. 1 share = P500. Multiple shares allowed. More shares you get, more profit for you. Example: kukuha ka ng 10 shares = P5,000 after 3 months or less = P30,000 approximate income(depende sa exchange rate ng euro) Refer others to join the profit sharing, you get P100 per share (matatanggap mo ito pag kumikita at naghatiaan na tayo.) Gusto mo magsolo account? Pwede din! P16500 ang kailangan na capital. Sa 16,500 ang kikitain dito ay GOLD na tunay pwede nyo itake home yan pero kukunin ninyo mismo sa pinaka opisina... kung ayaw ninyo naman pwede ibenta ng SwissGolden at cash ang makukuha ninyo... Sa 16,500 ang potential income is P110,000-113,000 in 2 to 3 mos depende sa value ng euro... Ito ang breakdown ng profit sharing: Estimated profit: P110,000 / 33 shares = P3333 per share Breakdown of expenses: P3,000 given to shareholder 100 referral fee 233 admin cost (to cover money transfer charges, loss of value due to currency exchange rates, etc.) Join our group at

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