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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Designing a 3D Ball

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    3D Ball In Swish: In this tutorial you'll learn how to design a simple 3D ball in Swish.

    1.) Open a new Swish movie. File->New

    2.) Click on the 'Ellipse' tool located to the left of the Swish Movie Stage.

    3.) Having the Ellipse tool selected move your mouse to the Swish Stage and

    click and hold on the Left Mouse button while holding the 'Shift' key anddrag to make your circle the size you would like and let go of the left

    mouse button before the Shift button when you have the circle the size you

    want it at. (Holding the Shift key will ensure that your circle is a

    complete sphere.

    4.) With your circle selected, open your 'Shapes' panel. It should

    automaticly be shown after you make the circle.

    5.) When you have it open, go to were the 'Line' box is and click the little

    arrow located beside the straight line. Choose 'None' from the menu thatcomes down.

    6.) Now you'll want to add the 'Radial Gradient' to your circle. To do so,

    still staying in your Shapes tab, go down to were the 'Fill' section is andclick were it says 'Solid' on the menu that comes up, go down to 'Radial


    7.) You will notice that your circle now will most likly be a Black dot in

    the middle that is fading out. That is ok you'll just need to change the

    colors. You will notice that there is now a Gradient bar below in the fillsection, there will also be 2 little triangles sticling out along the Grey

    part of the gradient bar. You will use these you change your color, (See

    Next Step To Change Color)

    8.) The left triange that is sticking out will change the color of the

    little dot located in the center of your circle. The Right triangle will

    change the outer color of the circle. For now we will change the circle

    colors to the following:

    Left Triangel-> WhiteRight Triangel-> Grey

    9.) You should now have a circle with a faded white dot in the middle andgrey along the outsides. Were now going to move the little white dot in the

    middle to the top left corner of the circle to give it more of a 3d effect.

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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    10.) Your now going to want to click the 'Fill Transform' button located to

    the left of the Swish Movie Stage. The button has a small sq with a gradientin it, and a Semi Circle arrow around it. Click that, and you will notice a

    circle goes around the 3d circle your creating, there should also be blue

    sq's around the new circle.

    11.) Now that you've got the Fill Transform tool clicked, go inside of the

    new circle and drag it slowly to the top left corner of your circle. Drag itto your liking so it looks like a 3d ball, and your now complete.

    12.) You may also change the colors to anything you like now!

    Adding Sound To A Button In Swish

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    Adding Sound To A Button: If your looking for some sound to happen when someoneclicks on a

    button? This is your tutorial if you would like that.

    1.) Create a new Swish Movie. File->New

    2.) We will first start off by designing a new button for the sound to be

    added into, we will only make a basic text button though. If you would liketo make a better button, please use the 'Button' Swish tutorial.

    3.) Click your text tool, Insert->Text and add the text 'Sound' into it.

    4.) With your text still selected, open the 'Actions' panel. If you cannot

    see it go to Panels->Actions. When in there, click 'Add Event' and go to 'On

    Release' Now click 'Add Action' which is located in the same spot that AddEvent was and go to 'Play Sound'

    5.) Using the box located to your bottom right, click onthe 'Import...' button and search for the sound you would

    like when the user clicks the button.

    6.) Your now complete, to test this out, go to File->Test-

    >In Browser

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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Creating Buttons Using Swish v 2.0

    By: CivicCX

    Swish v2.0 is a great program to make flash buttons in. This tutorial

    is designed to teach you how to design these buttons in Swish.

    1) Make a new document in Swish by going to File and New.

    2) When a new blank document is displayed move your cursor to the top of thescreen and click the little hand over top of a blue square.

    3) When clicking on the hand as shown above you will see a window appear inthe work area below the screen. There are four states which you can edit.These states are are

    - Up State - Over State - Down State - Hit State

    4) Click on each state and draw with the drawing tools a different coloror object for each state.

    5) Once you have a different shape or color for each state press the

    play button on the main toolbar of swish and click you button. You willexperience a great a unique flash button.

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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    An example of a button made on Swish is shown Below:


    Layering Animated Text on Swish 2.0


    Objective: This is a more advanced tutorial which will teach you how to create more

    appealing effects using Swish v2.0. Swish limits the effects they install with the

    software. This tutorial will teach you how to use there effects to create entire new effects

    that are more appealing.

    1) Create a new document on Swish.

    2) Move your cursor to the top of your screen and click the "T" on the toolbar. This will

    insert a place where you can enter your text.

    3) Type in whatever text you are going to want to say. For the

    purposes of this tutorial we are using "Developing Webs".

    4) Once your text is typed in and your size and font are adjusted

    click on the text once to make it active. Then go up to the top of

    the screen and click edit and move down to copy object. This willduplicate the object or in this case making it a second layer.

    5) Now select one of the texts (You should have two) to make it


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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    6) Now go up to the top of your Swish screen again and click insert, and scroll over to

    effect, and choose Transform.

    7) Now select the other text which you did not select before. Go once again to the top of

    your Swish screen and click Insert and scroll down to effect and over to Fade Out.

  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    8) At this point you should have to of the same texts, with a different effect for both of

    them. You can view there effects by looking on the movie timeline above yourworkspace. Once you have this timeline active make the effects look similar to the ones

    show here.

    9) Now after your timeline looks like the one shown here, you can view your effect byclicking your play button.

    A simple finished product of combining Swish Text effects is show below:

    Creating Radial N' Linear Gradients with Swish

    by [email protected]

    Step1 - You'll want to start off by creating your 2 objects. A Circle and aSquare/Rectangle

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  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Step 2 - Click on your first object, in my case i choose the circle. Once clicked, go to

    your 'Shapes' tab. (it might already be there) and click on the button called Solid. Choose

    Radial Gradient(Radial gradient is for round objects and Linear is for straight object)

  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Step 3 - Since you've chosen radial gradient its time to change the colors to your liking

    and take off your outline, as u can see being done in the shapes tab. Once your outline

    and colors are done, you want to move your radial gradient slightly to the top left to giveit a 3d look. You can do this by clicking on your 'Fill Transform' button. Doing so will

    give u a round outline with blue squares. You are now able to move it.

  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Step 4 - Now choose your rectangle. In your shapes tab click the solid button once again

    and choose Linear gradient. You will then noticed that your colors that you used from thecircle are the same colors used here. That's fine, you can change that if you would like


    Step 5 - Click your 'Fill Transform' button once again and move your gradient to the right

    slightly if you want. You can go ahead and play with the positioning of your gradient.And the outline on the rectangle is optional. To take your outline off, click the rectangle

    and go to the shapes tab and click on the line drop down and choose none.

  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Finished - This is your final product. U now know how to make a radial and linear

    gradient in circles and rectangles.

    Using The "Mailto" Function in Swish


    [email protected]

    Mailto Function: In this Swish tutorial, your going to learn how to use the "Mailto" functionIn Swish. This function is great if you would like the users of your website(s) to send you


    1.) Create a new Swish Movie.File->New

    2.) Add some text into your movie. Insert->Text or click the (T) iconlocated near the top of your Swish Program. Add the text "Email Me" into it

    and choose a color, font and size if you'd like.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    3.) The text you've now added will be the text that people can click on for

    there default email program to come up.

    4.) Click on the text you made in the swish movie screen so that 8 small

    white boxes will appear around it.

    5.) Next, you'll want to open the "Actions" tab so you can add the Mailto

    function in. To do so, click the actions tab located to the right side ofyour screen. If you cannot find it there, make sure that you have the panel

    visible by going to, Panels->Actions. If it is selected already, the Actions

    panel will be located in your swish program already, you'll just need to

    find it.

    6.) Once you've got it, and your text is still selected, click on 'Add

    Event' in the Actions tab and go to 'On Release'

    7.) Now click on 'Add Action' which is also located in the actions tab right

    were the add events button was. Click it and scroll down in the little tabthat goes down until you get to 'Mailto' located at the very bottom. Click


    8.) Now you will notice at the bottom right side there is 4 fields for youto add your email information in, (To/CC/Subject & the content area at the

    bottom) You will not need to worry about the 'CC' field.

    9.) In the 'To:' field place the email address that you want the email from

    the users sent to. Most likely your main email address or the address for

    your website/business.

    10.) Skip the 'CC' field and go to 'Subject.' In this field your going to

    want to add the subject you want for the email. So if your looking forfeedback from your site, you would add the word 'Feedback' into the subject


    11.) You may now skip the next big field below Subject.

    12.) You'll want to now test your movie to ensure that the mailto function

    is working. Click File->Test->In browser and click on the text you madeearlier. If your default email program comes up you've got it complete. Just

    check the 'To:' & 'Subject' field to ensure the information in them is ok.

    If not, go back into your movie and change the info until its correct.

  • 8/9/2019 Swish Traning


    Swish Movie Properties

    This tutorial will show you the movie properties

    1. Create a new document by clicking on File and New.


    When you create a new document on the right next to layout you should see 4 tabs.


    2. Define yourMovie Properties