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SVMS Counseling

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Transcript of SVMS Counseling - Sierra Vista Middle School⊷Stop by my office ⊶C Conference Room ⊷Leave a...

  • SVMS Counseling

  • Pre-Test 2

  • Hello! My name is Ms. Alexander Your 7th Grade Counselor!


  • Today’s Objectives

    What I want you to take away from today :)


  • Objectives ⊷ I can identify who my school

    counselor is, why to get help, when I can get help, and how to see your counselor

    ⊷ I can define what stress is ⊷ I can identify three healthy

    ways/strategies to manage stress


  • What is a school counselor?

    Why would you come see me? Academic

    ⊷ Study skills ⊷ Goal setting ⊷ Organization/ Time management


    ⊷ Conflicts ⊷ Issues with family, friends, etc. ⊷ Wellbeing

    College/Career Exploration

    ⊷ Future Planning ⊷ Exploring careers ⊷ Questions about colleges/careers


  • When do you see me? ⊷ Guidance lessons ⊷ Small Groups ⊷ Individual

    meetings ⊷ Parent meetings ⊷ At lunch/break :)


  • ⊷ Ask your teacher ⊷ Stop by my office

    ⊶ C Conference Room ⊷ Leave a note ⊷ Parents email ⊷ You email

    How can you see me?


  • My job is to support you here at school

  • “ Let’s talk about STRESS


  • What is Stress?!


    ⊷ A physical, mental or emotional strain

    ⊷ A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances

  • Place your screenshot here


    Let’s take a look…..

  • Defining stress ⊷ Defined differently depending on the person ⊷ 3 areas of stress

    ⊶ Emotional, physical or cognitive

    Words to define stress in EMOTIONAL terms

    ⊶ Apprehensive, overwhelmed, unhappy, anxious, worried, out of control, freaked out, overcommitted

    Words to define stress in PHYSICAL terms

    ⊶ Tension, headaches, panic, stomach aches, no appetite, sleep troubles, trouble breathing, chest pains, dizziness

    Words to define stress in terms of THOUGHTS

    ⊷ Overthinking, blanking out, being in a negative state of mind, having bad thoughts, not being able to concentrate, being unable to focus


  • Is all stress bad?


    There are times when stress can help you!

    Andrew plays soccer. He tends to get really nervous before a game and his stomach often feels a little queasy. At the same time, his adrenaline increases and helps him perform better.

    But if you go beyond the perfect point, the balance tips; the stress gets too great. It begins to decrease your ability to do well and starts to hurt you.

    Samantha tends to put school assignments off until the last minute. Sometimes waiting close to the deadline works in her favor and she gets the work done, and the pressure helps her do it well. At other times she waits too long and the stress is so great that she can’t finish her work and she gives up altogether.

  • Stress Cont.


    ⊷ Dealing with stress as an adolescent can be tough

    ⊷ Stress is an normal part of life ⊶ Remember good vs. bad stress

    ⊷ Often people are stressed and don’t know what to do about it

    ⊷ It’s important to learn the tools that are right for you to manage and deal with stress

  • What stressors do you have?


    ⊷ Parents financial issues

    ⊷ Rules ⊷ Siblings ⊷ Illness ⊷ Responsibilities


    ⊷ Peer pressure ⊷ Appearance ⊷ Relationships ⊷ Fitting in ⊷ Competition ⊷ Drama


    ⊷ Social media ⊷ Religious issues ⊷ Fears ⊷ Finding out who

    you are ⊷ Health and

    fitness ⊷ Future ⊷ Self-confidence



    ⊷ Homework ⊷ Pressure to

    do well ⊷ Teachers ⊷ Friendship

    issues ⊷ Grades ⊷ College/Goals

  • Stressors


  • Ways to manage stress

    Focus on the positives ⊷ Look for what's going right! ⊷ Think about the language you use

    ⊶ “I can’t do this” vs. “I feel stressed, but I can handle this!”

    ⊷ Make a plan and seek support ⊶ Family & friends ⊶ School- Teachers & Counselors

    ⊷ Self-care ⊷ Self-reflection

    ⊶ What can I learn from this experience? ⊶ How have I overcome challenges in

    the past? ⊷ GET ENOUGH SLEEP!


  • What is self-care?


    The term self-care refers to activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health and well-being. Self-care is also necessary for you to be effective and successful in school and personal commitments!

  • Self-Care


    ⊷ Eating healthy food ⊷ Exercising ⊷ Writing in journal ⊷ Talking to your counselor, friend or family

    about what is bothering you ⊷ Saying kind things to yourself ⊷ Setting realistic goals for yourself ⊷ Getting enough sleep ⊷ Not worrying about other people’s problems ⊷ Asking for help! ⊷ Doing things you enjoy

    ⊶ What do you do when you need a pick-me-up?

    Self-care is NOT the same as being selfish!

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  • Post Test 22

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    Smiling Minds

  • Other Resources The Stress Reduction Workbook for


    by Gina Biegel, LMFT



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    Thanks! ANY QUESTIONS? Please come ask me! ⊷ [email protected]