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1. BUSINESS EFFICIENCY & BEYOND 2. We are a consortium of Engineers, Architects, Assessors and Management Consultants who are united by and dedicated to the application to the Principles of Design. In form and function, this Practice Group stand unified, and while they represent diverse delivery level expertise, experience and foci area, they conjoin and collude to offer holistic Design Solutions to all needy of such- whether they belong to Public, Private, Corporate, Developmental, Governmental, Para- Statal or any other Industry or Sector. We are a firm promoted by two charitable trusts, STAR FOUNDATION and the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN RESEARCH CONSORTIUM operating in the areas of General Efficiency Optimisation, Quality of Life Research, Business Process Engineering & Business Excellence, helping organisations, people and businesses capture value through business Process Re-engineering & Planning, Optimization, Risk Analytics & Management Sciences. We can offer you one of best solutions packages to help you avoid and eliminate inefficiencies in processes and plans. 3. STRATEGY CONSULTING: Balanced Scorecard Design, Deployment & Audits, end-to-end PROCESS CONSULTING: TPM, CBM, 5S, Autonomous Maintenance, Productivity Optimisation, BPR, Six Sigma, Lean A.E.C.: All services in the Architecture and Construction Design sector, including Green & Sustainable Architecture FINANCIAL REPORTING: IFRS Reporting, Financial Risk Management SUSTAINABILITY ASSURANCE: Following ISO26000:2010, AA1000 and GRI, your complete Corporate Responsibility portfolio management solution CSR CONSULTING: We offer end-to-end CSR design, deployment, training and assessment of system HRD / LEGAL CONSULTING: OD, Change Management, Organisational Communication Design, Recruitment System Design, HR ROI Optimistion;Commercial Arbitration 4. Our Strategy Consulting Services give clients the greatest chance of affecting organizational change, aligning vision, strategy, and operations, and achieving higher organizational performance. Our experienced facilitator/consultants train the client's team, facilitate all workshops, and help develop the scorecard system in a short time, typically 6 12 weeks. The consulting option is the most effective at taking advantage of our collective experience and lessons learned, and having a system built and operational in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of difficulty and burden. 5. Our Process Health Check is for companies which: Wish to receive in-depth feedback on positive and negative aspects of their program. Would like to use a PHC diagnosis as a milestone achievement to increase morale and motivation amongst personnel. Want to receive clear and workable improvement recommendations to condition their program for TPM Awards . Factories who are implementing TPM without our consulting support who wish to have their program compared against true and original TPM criteria and methods. Over the years, we have encountered numerous consultants and consulting companies from all over the world who claim to be experts in CBM, RCM, Six Sigma, Lean and TPM. The fact is, not one can match the skill and expertise of our industrial consultants who range from ex-Tata Senior Managers to CII Master Trainers and JIPM Facilitators. Each of our consultants come from manufacturing and TPM backgrounds, having undergone intensive training hands- on. Our senior consultants, who have twenty to thirty years consulting experience are second to none. We provide you with a personal level of support that will take your Productivity Optimisation program to unprecedented levels of success through the building of a solid corporate culture and maximization of profitability. 6. We are partnered with ARK (Architectur e & Research Kinetics), the leading Green Building Architects in Eastern India for our Architecture, Engineering & Construction Projects. At ARK, how all elements of a buildings design work together to meet the needs of its owners, occupants and environment is always the principle consideratio n. ARK believes that it is only by considering the total building design can any designer create buildings that are efficient with resources, affordable to build and operate, good to inhabit and appropriate to their context. A leader in green buildings, ARK has long promoted sustainable solutions through integrated thinking by bringing together all the building designers and technical specialists needed to shape a new building or retrofit an existing building. 7. A typical IFRS implementation project can take months or years, span many locations, and impact many departments. It requires a team with diverse skills and adequate time to devote to the project. You have part of your team assembled already - we can bring the remaining skills and resources to complete it. Working alongside your team members, our knowledge is transferred naturally back to your team for ongoing financial reporting. 8. The environmental challenges that the world and India, especially as a developing economy, face are depleting natural resources, environmental degradation, sky rocketing GHG emissions and consequently, climate change. The combination of these economic, social and environmental challenges could prove to be detrimental to the future growth of India as a country and as a sustainable economy. We work to mitigate these problems and engender a transformation in the way business is conducted. In order to do so and achieve sustainable, equitable and inclusive growth, we seek to bring transformation through a complete programme of policy advocacy, knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and 'on- ground' model projects. We work with businesses and the government to bring about this transformation and address the various issues of sustainability, environmental degradation, climate change, inclusion etc. The training and consulting services we provide facilitate companies in their sustainability efforts. Sustainability Performance Assessment is a dynamic way for any company to know the extent to which sustainability aspects are incorporated in its business strategies, policies, processes and performance. The Centre organises special open awareness programmes on Sustainability Performance Assessment and Awards for the benefit of businesses in India to: Improve their understanding of Corporate Sustainability Enable them to assess their Sustainability Performance Learn about the Awards and how they improve brand value and public perception of organisations. We also organise half-day or full-day customised in-house awareness-cum-training sessions on the subject for heads- of-Departments and senior management. Many companies have benefitted from these programmes and have found it instrumental in improving their sustainability profile. 9. CSR Strategy: We craft strategies that refocus compliance-based CSR policies on sustainable value generation. Non-Financial Reporting: We ensure credible and transparent communication through targeted reporting that meets or exceeds legal requirements. Sustainability Measurement and Reporting : Our unique reporting systems are tailored to your needs and provide detailed metrics to support efficiency and risk management. Corporate Governance: With decades of experience in the business world, our team is familiar with the practical demands of corporate governance. We frequently work with senior management to ensure that corporate policies generate the desired results. 10. Our HRD Consulting consists of the following portfolio: 1) Assessment & Development Centre Set-Up 2) LnD Design & ToT 3) OD Consulting 4) Strategic HRD Consulting 5) Organisational Health Checks 6) Internal Change Management 7) Organisational Design Our experts are from IITs, IIMs and international varsities, with former roles like GM, ITC; GM,Exide; AGM,SBI; Deputy Director,CII; Divisional Head, ICC and VP, SREI. 11. To offer the best ADR Services to be found in Eastern India, we have empanelled Legal Experts who were serving in profiles like Chief Justice, Allahabad High Court, and Alternate Dispute Resolvers who belong to Arbitration Boards of organisations like the Indian Council for Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commmerce and the Indian Chamber of Commerce, offering institutional arbitration services for settlement of domestic as well as commercial disputes. Over the years, our experts have gained recognition as membrs of some of the renowned arbitral institutions in the country. We have framed rules for disposing disputes within a fixed time frame and improved its infrastructure facilities to international standards to provide the best services to the business community at large. This apart, we have a panel of competent arbitrators experienced in different lines of trades and profession,and also provide administration and secretarial services to arbitration cases under the Rules of Arbitration of the Indian Council of Arbitration. 12. 1. Initial KPNA/Business Needs Survey 2. Proposal Submission to Client 3. Engagement upto first milestone as per Proposal 4. Collusive assessment of projections predicted 5. Engagement upto next milestone(s) 6. Second audit of projected results 7. Final Engagement 8. Final audit 9. Determination of Action Plans 10. Reliability Matrix submission to Client 13. TO ENGAGE US FOR ANY KIND OF PROJECT, PLEASE CONTACT US AT: SUSTAINABLE DESIGN SOLUTIONS 172/3, A.J.C.Bose Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata 14 Phone: 9051068578/9830651384 Landline: 033 40648082 Emails: Web: