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  1. 1. Presenting to all THE DUKHI AATMA of IIMB
  2. 2. When Suryaansh was trolled in IIMB Interview.. You dont win the silver, you miss out on gold Then why the hell did you go to IIT Roorkee and not IIT Bombay?
  3. 3. Term 1 Mom!! Bro Internship!! End of PGP1 CoolnessQuotient!!!
  4. 4. Who I think I look like Who I actually look like
  5. 5. Most Eligible Bachelor in IIMB All do everything shell ask me to even if it means having the shittiest look
  6. 6. What others did After getting placed in IITR What Suryaansh did I cry when I am SadI cry when I am happy
  7. 7. The lamest collection of TV Series ever Suryasnshs hard drive: Acads- 496 GB SRK Topless pics- 34 GB Me in SRK pose- 12 GB CID- 21 GB and counting. Yes Boss- 16 GB Tarak Mehta- 19 GB Me and Swati- 200 MB
  8. 8. Induced breakup of 3 couples, all involving Ayush, because of his immature comments Lowest level of Undergrad. Books he needs to readBooks he reads
  9. 9. pants 3/4 pants 0.83333. Because he has his own fashion statement
  10. 10. Kanjoosi ki bhi had hoti hai Earns INR 10 lakhs on internships Maintains an account for such large amounts Eats only at Night Canteen Steals clothes that were meant to be donated to VikasanaAsks for Coke on the Rocksin the bar For party- be like
  11. 11. The Anil Kapoor of IIMB #YoSuryaanshSoHairy
  12. 12. Hoosh me whenever and wherever you see me Happy Bday to me