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  • 1. By: JakeLedermanInstructor:Dr. EileenOConner

2. ObjectiveI will be using a survival themed narrative to help meteach/review different Earth Science concepts andskills, that the students will need for their regentstest.My goal is to use my narrative to engage andmotivate my students while showing them the thereal life applications of their scientific knowledge. 3. Unit OverviewI will be using this unit towards the end of the year as areview.The students willhave already beenexposedto themajority oftheconceptsandmaterials we will beusing for our end ofunit activity.They will now learntoapply those conceptsand figure out how tosurvive in an end ofthe world or natural 4. Inquiry & EngagementThe students will be required to collaborate in small groupsto come to their own conclusions, independent of others,then discuss as a class.In full-class discussions, they will figure out the conceptsand applications on their own, as I will not be supplyingthose; only the questions to lead them there.Practical and important real life applications that willinterest students.Popular, and educational T.V. shows, will help to interestand motivate students.Prior behavior, participation, and grades will determinetheir eligibility for the amazingly awesome final unit activity. 5. Incorporated Concepts and Materials Geography, topography and climate Reading topographic maps Regions, climates, and their expected topography Latitude & Longitude (GPS) Data recording and graphing Insulation and absorption Erosion, weathering, and deposition 6. Overview of The Beginning ofmy Survival UnitStudents will be expected to: Watch survival shows, both in and out of class, and participate in a general survival knowledge lesson and test. Participating in on topic discussions with the class Completing work sheets and activities that will revisit the necessary concepts and knowledge Meeting in smaller groups to discuss and research their assigned climate and topography. Then, creating a Power Point presentation, which will explain their survival tactics, based on the terrain and what they think they will find (weather reports, topography, climateetc.). Combining knowledge from different topics to figure out the most effective options/outcomes. 7. The culmination of this unit is the activity that I will be presenting tonight. 8. 9. PragmatismI am extremely aware that my school will need to allow me totake my students on a weekend field trip. In addition, if myschool is not able to fund the trip, and my students are unableto fund it themselves, then I will seek grants or other fundingoptions.In the case that my school will not allow this trip to take place,they might be alright with a single day field trip. If they still willnot let me do that, I will adapt the lesson into something wecould do on the school grounds.I also realize that there is an immense amount of informationand ideas in this topic. I will have to meticulously plan tosuccessfully complete my unit objectives smoothly andeffectively. 10. Survival SchoolPrior to attending, I would have personallyparticipated in one of their adventures, to make surethey are reputable and responsible.I would have also already talked to the instructorbefore hand to create a weekend that would includeboth his knowledge, and ours.Special activities will have already been designed toinvolve topographic mapping, data gathering, higher-order planning, hands on learning, and much more. 11. Possible Weekend Organization DAY 1 DAY 2Orientation Topographic map reviewSurvival skills & how we can use and orientation. Map Earth science to assist us.assisted hike and datagathering.Climate & location study relating to making fire & building a Survival hygene shelter. Materials natural tendency to absorb heat. Compass scavenger hunt.Terrain study as it relates to survival (i.e.potential water Hands on fire & shelter locations, highest points, natural building competition availabilities) BBQDiscussion Final discussion & reflection 12. ConclusionBy using an interesting, and possibly necessarytheme, I will succeed in engaging the students. Inaddition, their engagement and interest will solidifycertain scientific knowledge and concepts that theywill need for their state-wide tests and future lives.My own passion for this theme will certainly beevident in all aspects from body language tomaterial.