Surface area and Volume of Twin Towers and Eiffel Tower

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Transcript of Surface area and Volume of Twin Towers and Eiffel Tower

  1. 1. The Eiffel Tower
    By: Maria Teixeira Duarte
  2. 2. Where is the Eiffel Tower found?
    The original Eiffel Tower is located in Paris (France), since its so appriciated they have made replicas all around the world, including China, USA and many more, the replicas are usually in a different scale, colours etc..
  3. 3. When was it built?
    They started building the Eiffel Tower in 1887 and finshed in 1889.
  4. 4. Who built it?
    The main person that built the Eiffel Tower was Gustave Eiffel but obviously in its production were many other people were involved.
  5. 5. What is its function?
    The Eiffel Tower is used as a place to see Paris from a good veiw, monument, raise money and is now an attraction for torrists.
  6. 6. Surface Area
  7. 7. Faces
    The Eiffel tower has 4 Trianguler faces (Face a,b,c and d), we need to find the the area of one and then times it by 4.
    We then need to calculate the base (Face e), since its a square we need to times the base of Face a and times it by its self.
  8. 8. Faces c and d
    Face a
    Face b
    Face e
  9. 9. To find the surface of a triangle we have to do bxh2=324mx100.584m2=16,294.608m

    Calculating Face a
  10. 10. Calculating Face e:
    To find the surface area of a square wehave to do WxH, since a square has equal sides we just have to times a side by its self which equals 100.584mx100.584m= 10,117.14106m
  11. 11. Adding all the faces together
    Since face a is equal to faces b,c and d we need to times face ax4=65178.43m
    Now we need to add faces a,b,c,d and e together
  12. 12. Volume
    To find the total volume we have to do the area of the base time the height dvided by 2 which is 324x10,117.14106m/2=1638976.852m
  13. 13. The Twin Towers
    By Maria Teixeira Duarte
  14. 14. Where is the Twin Towers found?
    The Twin Towers were found in New York, USA. They suffered an accident september of 2000.
  15. 15. The constructed started on 1968 and was completed on 1970
    When was it built?
  16. 16. Who built it?
    Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
    Archotect: Minoru Yamasaki & Emery Roth & Sons
    Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates
  17. 17. Surface Area
  18. 18. Faces
    Face e
    The Twin Towrs were a cuboid, this means they had 6 faces. a, b, c and d anr the same and e and f are also the same.
    Face a
  19. 19. Calculating face a:
    Surface areaof face a = WxH=64mx415m=26560m
    Face a
  20. 20. Calculating face e:
    To find the surface area if a square we need to timesone of its sides by itself. In this case 64mx64m= 4096m
  21. 21. Finding the TSA
    Adding all the faces
    Face a times 4= 16384m
    Face e times 2=53120m
    So these two together = 69504m
  22. 22. Volume
    To find the volume we have to calculate the LxWxD=64mx64mx415m=1699840m
  23. 23. I hope you enjoyed!!! Thankyou
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