Surah momin ghafir

SURAH GHAFIR ر ف ا غ ورة س

Transcript of Surah momin ghafir

Page 1: Surah momin  ghafir


غافر سورة

Page 2: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 1

Six beautiful attributes of Allah;

ي� ز� ع� ي� زا – All Mighty.

ز م ي� ز ع� ي� .All Knower -ا

ز� ز� ع�ا – Most Forgiving.

ب� ا ع�� �� ع � ا - Acceptor of Repentance.

ز�  ع�ا ز� ل� ا ب� ز�ي ع� - Severe in Retribution.

�لز ي� �ع� ا� ز ى - Owner of Abundance.

Page 3: Surah momin  ghafir

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Dua of angels for believers (Ayat 7-8).

Forgive those who repent and follow Your Way.

Save them from the punishment of the blazing fire.

Admit them to the everlasting gardens.

Bless them the righteous among their fathers, their wives and their descendants.

Protect them from all evil.

Page 4: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 2

The disbelievers appeal in despair.

Allah’s disgust towards disbelievers.

Allah knows their stealthy glance of the eyes and all the secrets that hearts conceal.

Allah instructs the believers to be “sincerely devoted” to Allah’s cause.

Page 5: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 3

Reference to history.

Great cultures and civilization that left great traces were destroyed by Allah.

Pharaoh, Haman, Qarun.

Use of brute force against Messengers – terrorize, and plots to kill.

Egypt Mohenjodaro

Aztec, Mexico

Page 6: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 4

The Believer among the people of Pharaoh – he becomes Allah’s true servant.

Confirms the validity of the Messengers by pointing out they have brought to them clear signs.

Allah’s torment may befall on the people, if they reject the Message and continue their evil ways.

No one can avail anyone except Allah.

Learn from history of people destroyed before.

Everyone has to return to Allah, so believe in the Hereafter.

Page 7: Surah momin  ghafir

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Pharaoh’s attitude towards the da’ee.

Turns in arrogance and seeks to deceive the other audience – “I only point you to the right path”.

Turn to ridicule and trickery against the arguments presented – “build me a high tower, so I may see

Musa’s God”.

Page 8: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 5Dawah points learned from the Believer among the people of Pharaoh.

He shows earnest intentions towards his people when calling towards Allah.

He presents logical arguments about belief in Hereafter.

Explains the rule of reward and punishment in the Hereafter.

Shows concern over the arrogant attitude of his people.

Declares his faith openly even though his life might be at risk.

Page 9: Surah momin  ghafir

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Allah protects the Believer from the evil plots.

Arguments between mighty and weak disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection.

Blame game!!.

The sarcastic questions from the angels of Hell.

Page 10: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 6

Allah’s promise – He helps His Messengers & the believers in this world's life & will help them in

the life hereafter.

Directive to the Prophet (SAWS) and believers who face hardship.

Remain patient in adversity.

Tools for patience;

Ask for forgiveness.

Praise and glorify Allah morning and evening.

Page 11: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 7

Allah’s blessings testify to His Greatness.

The blessings of night and day.

The blessings of earth and sky – sustenance from both.

The embryonic journey and the journey of life.

Therefore none has the right to be worshipped except Allah.

Page 12: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 8Punishment for those who reject the Message.

Chains and shackles around their necks – dragged like animals and beasts.

Dragged through scalding water and then burned in fire.

Rebuked and embarrassed – asked to call upon those they worshipped, but to no avail.

Believers are reminded again – “Be patient”.

Inculcate high levels of discipline in believers.

Keep strong feelings and wishes in check.

Page 13: Surah momin  ghafir

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Ruku 9

Learn from the signs all around.

Creation of livestock and its uses.

Knowledge of transportation.

Ancient civilizations and Allah’s blessings over them..

Without faith, knowledge and power becomes a test.