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Transcript of Supporting Partnerships All LAs Need To Know About CMAs ¢â‚¬› ......

  • Supporting Partnerships – All LAs Need To Know About CMAs

    Sarah Read, Early Years Manager

    Action for Children

    6 November, 2017

  • –Offer support to Local Authorities interested in setting up as a CMA or wishing to work with CMAs in their local area

    –Offer support to those considering setting up as an agency, either now or in the future

    –Share experiences and best practices of existing childminder agencies

    –Access to the most up-to-date information on childminder agencies

    Aims of the session

  • • 10 Childminder Agencies registered with Ofsted

    • Up to 36 childminders registered with each agency

    • More going through the registration process

    • 30 hours – childminders vital to this agenda

    • Partnerships are key

    The current picture

  • St Bede Childminder Agency

    The Northumberland Church of England Academy

    Trio Childcare Connections Ltd

    Daryel Care

    Leap Ahead – Achieving for Children

    City Childcare Childminding Agency

    Rutland Early Years Agency Limited

    @Home Childcare

    Suffolk Childcare Agency

    Dandelions – Northfleet Nursery School

    The 10 Childminder Agencies

  • Local Authorities establishing a CMA

  • –As an ‘in-house model’

    –Working with other organisations to set up a CMA in a local area:


    Maintained Nursery Schools

    Training providers


    Other early years provision/organisations


  • –Trading Arm

    –Business plan, SWOT analysis


    –Application / registration

    –Consultation with childminders

    –Events for childminders

    –Provision for Ofsted registered childminders

    Considerations for Local Authorities

  • How Local Authorities

    can work with

    Childminder Agencies

    in their area

  • –Quality of provision



    –Funded places

    Working with Agencies in your Local Authority

  • –Mechanisms to provide checks for prospective childminders registering with an agency

    –Systems to find out which childminders are registering with the agency and in which areas

    –Regular dialogue to ensure that a two-way sharing of information is maintained

    –Looking ahead – regular dialogue to establish how an agency in your area could support delivery of the 30 hours

    What do you need to have in place?

  • –What are the benefits and challenges for Local Authorities when working in partnership with Childminder Agencies?

    –What are the benefits and challenges for Local Authorities when establishing themselves as a Childminder Agency?


  • How CMAs currently work with Local Authorities

    Rutland Early Years

  • @Home Childcare Childminder Agency: Partnership working

    with LAs

  • Background

    • Registered as a CMA nearly 2 years ago

    • Flexible home childcare provision since 2005

    • Quality home-based childcare for all families

    • Training provision

    • Social enterprise

    • Cover Notts, Derby, Sheffield & Leicestershire areas

  • Working in partnership with


    • Increase the number of childminders able to provide funded


    • Regular quality improvement and assurance of childminders

    to help improve outcomes for children and close the gap

    • Register more childminders to improve sufficiency in target


    • Key partner in early innovator bid for the 30 hours – local

    focus is flexibility and parental engagement

  • How do we add value to Local Authorities

  • What are we doing as

    a CMA?

    • Start-up support with the registration process from

    start to finish – all under one-roof approach

    • Robust procedure for registering childminders

    • Sharing of information strengthens safeguarding

    • Provide regular quality improvement support to help

    preserve the high standards of childcare within the


  • What are we doing

    as a CMA?

    • Regular quality assurance inspections

    • Increasing the number of childminders available to

    provide funded places

    • Increasing the number of Good and, eventually,

    Outstanding childminders

  • What are we doing

    as a CMA?

    • Equipping CMs with the knowledge and skills

    • Regular CPD training

    • Funded Level 2/3 qualification training

    • Mentoring: each CM has a dedicated SAM (Support,

    Advice & Mentoring)

  • What are we doing

    as a CMA?

    • Become a childminder recruitment campaigns in hot

    spot areas

    • Beginning to join-up with schools

    • Marketing and advertising to help fill CMs’ vacancies

    • Business support e.g. employing assistants

  • Partnership

    • At the top table with the LA:

    – Attend strategic meetings

    – Share information

    – Analyse data

    – Invited to be on interview panels

    Feel valued: Genuine Partnership

  • Achievements

    • Registered 38 childminders

    • Can now register some childminders in 2 – 3 months start to finish

    • Effective judgement from our Ofsted inspection

    • Proving and refining our CMA model for effectiveness, quality and


    • Beginning to be able to afford to employ staff

    • Beginning to offer career progression opportunities for


    • Authentic partnership with some LAs

  • Challenges

    • Being a pioneer

    • Lack of funding

    • Conditions are not in place to incentivise childminders to join


    • Some LAs are still not signposting us

    • Lack of understanding amongst existing Ofsted registered


    • Admin intensive

    • Cannot be our sole focus as a business

  • What’s next?

    • Continue to review and refine our model

    • Diversify

  • Q & A

  • Developing a Statement of Purpose

  • When setting up a Childminder Agency your statement of purpose should contain: –Aims and objectives –Organisational structure –Arrangements for registering providers –Training and monitoring providers –Ensuring provision is of a sufficient


    Setting up a CMA

  • –Communication


    –Enforcement action

    –Alternative arrangements for when one of it’s registered providers is unable to provide childcare

    –Additional services or facilities offered

    Setting up a CMA

  • Action for Children are continuing to support CMAs

    • Information events

    • Bespoke visits

    • Registration support

    • Telephone and email support

    • Toolkit

    Support Available

  • • Supporting new organisations to become ready to register with Ofsted

    • Supporting existing CMAs:

    o Forum

    o Regular meetings

    o Marketing toolkit

    o Ongoing telephone and email support

    Support Available

  • Toolkit

  • Contact Us:


    D: 07734 165642


    Further Information

  • Childminder/CMA and school partnerships:

    –Roadshow type events across the country

    –Bespoke visits to schools

    –Bespoke visits to childminder groups

    –Production of a ‘wrap-around toolkit’

    –Advisory board

    –2 national ‘partnership working’ events – October/November – London and York

    Additional Partnership Working

  • –Working with existing Hubs to extend and develop partnership working with childminders

    –Re-work of the Hubs toolkit

    Continued Learning from Hubs