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Supply Chain to Value Chain. Supply Chain Design. New Product Introduction. Component Suppliers. Channel Partner. Customer Experience. Customer. Historical Focus (pre-2003). E2E Supply Chain ( 2008–2010 ). M x Supply Chain (2003–2007). Customer Value. Innovation. PCBA Factory. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supply Chain to Value ChainHistoricalFocus(pre-2003)Mx Supply Chain(20032007)


E2E Supply Chain(20082010)

InnovationCustomer ValueCustomer

End of animation#11Another way to understand our strategy is to look at the way we have expanded our focus.During the Mx phase, we realized that we needed to take a more integrated, holistic approach to managing the entire supply chain.We expanded our organization and our charter to collaborate with a larger number of stakeholders across the supply chainfrom Cisco colleagues involved in product design to our distributor channel Many of our key initiatives reflect this cross-functional, collaborative approach to supply chain management.Today, we continue to broaden our focus and work with an even wider spectrum of stakeholders across the supply chain.