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Created by Dr. Ed Stewart, Dr. Judith Briggs, Dr. Colleen Brennan

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  • 1. SUPERVISINGSTUDENT TEACHERSDr. Ed StewartDr. Judith BriggsDr. Colleen BrennanIllinois State University

2. Ed TPA On the Horizon 3. Roles & Relationships 4. Two Very Different Experiences Micromanaging Coaching Abandonment Conversation Controlling Collaboration 5. The 3 Cs = Ideal+ Coaching+ Conversation+ Collaboration-----------------------------= Symbiotic Relationship 6. Lesson Planning = mapquesting Student teachersare novices They need to thinkit through Develop their good habits & second nature Shake out the bugs Expect to see plans3-4 days in advanceof teaching 7. Modeling One of the most helpful practices Builds confidence Alleviates performanceanxiety Grade out loud Uncovers the mysteries Helps studentsunderstandrationales/thoughtsbehind decisions 8. CT Communication & Feedback Good feedback is: Record of natural conversations Documentation of studentsabilities to meet standards Uses similar language asassessment rubric Very helpful for completingassessments Highly valuable for studentsdevelopment & teachingportfolio 9. What do you expectfrom a student teacher?What do you strugglewith or worry aboutmost as a mentor orwhen thinking ofbecoming a mentor? 10. THANK YOU!Dr. Ed Stewarteostewa@ilstu.eduDr. Judith Briggs jabrigg@ilstu.eduDr. Colleen Brennan