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How do 10 of the biggest superstores stack up against local specialty stores?

Transcript of Superstores vs. Specialty Stores

  • Dario Smagata

  • Superstores are stores which stock a huge variety of products. They offer low prices and the convenience of doing all of your shopping in one store. However, most of the products sold there can also be found in specialty stores, which may offer a better selection of a particular type of product. Here are 10 examples of products found in superstores which can also be purchased in specialty stores.

  • Specialty Store: Welland Farmers MarketThough it is not like most stores, the market is still a place where one type of goods are for sale. Vendors sell fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, baked goods, and more. The foods found there are fresher and generally higher quality than those you would find at a superstore. However, you may have to pay more at the market.Superstore: Real Canadian SuperstoreReal Canadian Superstores slogan is Big on fresh, low on price. They offer a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, fish, and other unpackaged food products. However, their foods are not as fresh as those found in a specialty store, because they operate on a different business model.

  • Specialty Store: EB GamesEB Games offers a much wider selection of video games. In addition to new releases, they also stock older titles. They have a better variety of accessories available as well. EB Games also has many used games available at lower prices than new ones at any superstore.Superstore: TargetTarget is a department store which offers many different products, including a selection of current video games and consoles. Their selection is usually small and includes only the most popular releases. Their games rarely go on sale, even when they do become outdated. They are more popular for housewares and groceries.

  • Specialty Store: BentleyBentley is a specialized luggage and bag store. They offer a much more diverse selection of suitcases, knapsacks, purses, wallets, and other products. Their stores have a wide range of price points and styles, and generally offer a variety of name brands.Superstore: SearsSears has a relatively small selection of luggage and associated products, like wallets and purses. They rarely offer name brands for these products, instead stocking generic labels. Their selection is based on low prices without much variety in terms of appearance or quality.

  • Specialty Store: HMVHMV offers a specialized selection of DVDs and CDs. They have a more diverse range of genres and a much larger selection of artists, labels, studios, etc. Their prices may be slightly higher in some cases, but most of the time, the product will not be available in superstores at all.Superstore: Wal-MartWal-Mart is possibly the most well-known superstore in the world. They offer a huge variety of all types of products. They generally have a large selection of DVDs and CDs, however, specialized items are rarely found. Their stock consists mostly of the most current, popular movies and music.

  • Specialty Store: BucknersBuckners is a well-known local store which specializes in sporting goods. They generally offer a better variety of brands and styles of a product than what a superstore might have available. They are also better for repairs and service than superstores. Prices may be higher, but you are paying for a more personal experience.Superstore: Canadian TireCanadian Tire stocks a variety of sporting goods and equipment, for both children and adults. They have almost any sports item you might need but within product types, the selection may be extremely limited. For example, you may find only one type of hockey helmet, tennis racquet, etc.

  • Specialty Store: DuluxDulux is a brand-oriented store, stocking only one brand of paint. Therefore, their selection in terms of name is more limited but as a stand-alone paint store, they can offer more varieties of paint for different uses.Superstore: Home DepotThe Home Depot is a home improvement and renovation superstore. They offer a selection of interior and exterior paint, including many different brands and types. Prices are generally low.

  • Specialty Store: Rice Road GreenhouseRice Road Greenhouse is Wellands most popular greenhouse (Vermeers is another.) They have a huge selection of indoor and outdoor plants, as well as garden tools, seeds, soil, and much more. Their plants are generally in better condition, as they are raised and maintained in a better environment, and most are grown on site.Superstore: RonaRona is best known as a renovation superstore, similar to the Home Depot. However, they also have a garden centre, which stocks a variety of plants, seeds, fertilizers, and soils. They also sell gardening accessories and tools. Their prices are usually quite low. It can be difficult to find good quality plants there, as many have been shipped in and are worse for wear.

  • Specialty Store: WintronicWintronic is a local chain of specialized computer stores, with 7 locations in Niagara and Mississauga. Their main focus is computer and accessories, though they do offer some other electronic products. Their prices are extremely low, often lower than any superstore, and they have a better selection of individual products (such as types of cables.)Superstore: Future ShopFuture Shop is an electronics superstore. They sell a variety of products including computers, TVs, video games, cameras, and much more. Their prices are generally low to medium when compared to other retailers. They are also known for their good service and excellent return / repair policies. Their selection is diverse, but can include a limited number of brands.

  • Specialty Store: Turtle PondTurtle Pond is a dedicated toy store, with locations in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Dundas. They offer a wide variety of toys for kids of all ages. Their prices may be higher in some cases, but they make up for this by offering a better selection as well as a more unique shopping experience.Superstore: CostcoCostco is best known as a wholesale store, which sells large quantities of products like food and toiletries at low prices. However, they also offer single products in some cases. They are well-known among parents for their low prices on toys. They often release exclusive toys during the Christmas season.

  • Specialty Store: Lincoln InteriorsLincoln Interiors is a locally-owned furniture store in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Their prices and selection cannot compete with superstores but they provide a more personal shopping experience. They also offer repair and refinishing services, and even have design consultants who will visit your home to help you plan out your purchase which IKEA does not do.Superstore: IKEAIKEA is a furniture and housewares superstore with many locations around the world. They are known for their compact packaging and huge, warehouse-like stores. They have extremely low prices and unique, functionally designed products. In addition to furniture, they are also popular for their in-store restaurants. IKEA is a unique business concept in its field.

  • October 16th, 2015