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  • Food Center


    Super Pesach Specials

    Erev Pesach Hours: Open daily till 10pm Open Motzei Shabbos & Motzei Pesach

    Nuts Galore Ground Walnuts 6 Oz.


    Lieber’s Cocoa 16 Oz.


    Mishpacha Olive Oil 34 Oz.


    12 Oz.

    Soup Bowls 100 Ct.


    Liebers Sugar 4 Lb


    Alprose Chocolate Bars All Varieties 3.5 Oz.

    $1.99 Sleek Bbay Wipes Good for Pesach 80 Ct.

    Luvs Family Size Box

    Glick’s Cottonseed Oil 96 Oz.

    $4.99 Fresh & Tasty Cream Cheese 8 Oz.


    A&B Gefilte Fish 20 Oz.

    Limit 4


    Haolam American Cheese 108 Slices

    $11.99 Ner Mitzvah Neronim 72 Ct.

    Palisades Parchment Paper 12”

    $.89 $16.99$5.99 $3.99

    Kedem Sparkling

    Grape Juice 25.4 Oz.


  • 109 Lawrence Ave • Brooklyn, NY 11230Low Prices • Top Service Ehrenfeld's

    Come check out our Daily

    Unadvertised specials

    Submit your Pesach order By March 19

    and receive a

    FREE GIFT we’ll keep your order and deliver it

    at your convenient time

    AS LONG AS I LIVE Rabbi Aharon Margalit

    RAV ELYASHIV Rabbi Yehuda Heimowitz , Malky Heimowitz

    . 1 . with min

    purchace of $500

    . 2 . with min

    purchace of $500

    . 3 . with min

    purchace of $500

    . 4 . with min

    purchace of $300


    A. Unger


    Leah Schapira, Victoria Dwek

    Lieber’s Apple Juice Case of 8


    Nature’s Own Grape Juice case of 8 64 Oz


    Eggs 15 Dozen

    limit 2 cases

    $16.99 Plastica 9” Plastic

    Plates 100 Ct. Case of 4


    Cutlery 400 Ct.


    Silk Touch Tissues 144 Ct. Case Of 30

    $14.99 Oberlander’s Bulk

    Lady Fingers Regular & Chocolate



    Aluminum Pans Case Of 100



    Aluminum Covers Case Of 100

    $13.99 7 Oz

    Plastic Cups Case of 12


    Glick's Potato Chips Case of 48 Reg, O&G, & BBQ


    Mayim Chaim Seltzer Case of 12

    $5.99 Sunkist Oranges Case

    Size 113


    Size 88


    Red Grape- fruit

    Size 40


    Size 56


    Case Potatoes Size 70


    Juice Oranges Size 100


    Case Extra Fancy

    Rome Apples Excellent for Cooking



  •  ITEM Produce

    Bananas Apples: Rome, Cortland, Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious Pears: Bosk/Bartlet Lemons Sunkist Oranges Size 72, Size 90 Juice Oranges Grapefruit Size 36, Size 56 Cantaloupe Watermelon Pineapple Honeydew Mango Kiwi Avocado Potatoes White Potatoes Loose Potatoes Case 90/80 Potatoes Bag 5 Lb Spanish Onion Loose Spanish Onions 10 Lb Bag Loose Onions Bag Onions 3 Lb Red Onion Carrots In A Bag Loose Carrots Beets: Reg. or Bunch Parsnip Turnip Petrishke Knob Celery Celery Colorabi Sweet Potatoe/Yams Eggplant Tomatoes Curbies Cucumbers Hot House Cucumbers Persian Peppers Red/Green/Yellow/Orange Squash Garlic Dill Checked Dill & Parsley Horseradish (מרור) Parsley Radishes (כרפס) Ginger Belgian Endives Lettuce For Mooror

    Unwashed Vegetables Horseradish Parsnip Petrishke /Parsley Root Carrots Bunch Of Carrots Colorabi Beets

    Nuts & Dried Fruits big variety from

    Kleins Natruals & Gold Nut

     ITEM Walnuts Ground/Shelled/Whole Almonds Ground/Shelled/Whole Filbers Ground/Shelled/Whole

    Beverages Case Of Water Case Of Seltzer Case Apple juice Soda Mayim Chaim: 1 Liter/ 2 Liter Coke/Diet Coke 2 Liter Israeli Coke (Rav Landau) 1.5 Liter Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/ Fanta Grape Juice: Reg./Sparkling Water Bottles Borcht

    Baking Sugar Crc/Gefen/Lleber’s/Mishpacha 5 Lb/Domino Potatoe Starch Gefen/Lieber’s/CRC/Mishpachah Tapioca Starch Vanilla Sugar Sweet’n’low Splenda Salt CRC/Gefen Kosher Salt Baking Chocolate Cocoa For Baking Baking Soda Baking Powder Chocolate Chips/Mini Chocolate Chips

    Grocery Items Gefilte Fish In Jar Kedem or Noam Prune Juice Cranberry Juice Lemon Juice Coffee/Decaffinated Tea Bags Honey Ketchup Mayonnaise Egg Matzah Matzah Meal Crackers Lieber’s Applesauce Lrg. Regular/6 Pack. Regular And Natural Chocolate Syrup Hot Cocoa Mix Chestnuts Gefen Pudding Choc/Vanilla Reg./Instant Canned Fruits or Vegatables Can Tuna Hazelnut Oil Walnut Oil Olive Oil Vegetable Oil Cottonseed Oil Grapeseed Oil Vinegar

    We Have A Full Line Of Baked Cakes And Cookies From Schicks, Oberlander’s, Hagaddah, Bake

    Master, Muffins & More, Ostreichers. Rainbow Cookies Ladyfingers Bulk Chocolate/ Reg. Lady Fingers Regular/Chocolate

     ITEM Lace Cookies Chocolate Brownies Black And Whites Coconut Macaroon Chocolate Dip Obelander’s Kneidel And Crumbs Soup Mandlen Oberlander’s / Yellow Lieber’s Sugar Kichel Kichel/Fingers/Sandwich Cookies Sugar Free Choco Chip Cookies/Mini Leaf Cookies Macaroons Choc/Almonds/Coconut/Choc Chip/Vanilla Sandwich Cookies Assorted Cookies Egg Kichel Marble Cake Sponge Cake Cheese Cake/Cheese Muffins Fancy Round Cakes Zemer Passover Cakes Ostreichers Passover Cakes & Cookies

    Containers Half Pound 1 Pound 2 Pound 4 Pound 5 Pound 8 Pound Empty Milk Bottles For Your Juices Bekelech All Sizes Loose/Badatz Disposable Pots Med/Large

    Baby Israeli Baby Jar Badatz Formula Pampers Luvs Baby Wipes Disposable Diaper Bag Baby Bottles Big/ Small Pacifiers/Pacifier Holder Bottle Brushes Baby Spoons Sipping Cups

    Kitchen Items Dishwashing Soap Pink/Yellow/Green/Blue Gefen Cleanser Gefen Soap Pads Gefen Bar Soap Pink/Blue Steel Wall Scotch Brite Disposable Gloves Small/Med/Large Rubber Gloves Small/Med /Large Silver Polish

    Health & Beauty Q Tips Cotton Ball Refills For Easy Filter Nail Cutter Hand And Foot Nail Scissors Nail Clipper Pony Rubbers Ouchless And Regular Bobby Pins Clips Gel Vaseline

    Parkville Pesach order list Fax, Email or drop it in and we will deliver it at your convenience. Name__________________________ Address____________________________ Phone (_____) _______________ Date of Delivery______/______/______ Morning Afternoon Evening • Please send me gift#_____

    109 Lawrence Ave • Brooklyn, NY 11230Low Prices • Top Service Ehrenfeld's

  • Food Center


    109 Lawrence Ave • Brooklyn, NY 11230

    ORDERS Phone 718.854.3820

    Fax 718.854.3857 E-mail

    Easy ‘N’ Quick

    Low Prices • Top Service



    Open Till 1 Hr Before


    WeeklySpecials  ITEM

    Toothbrushes Toothpaste Mouthwash Deodorant Body Soap Dove Shampoo

    Paper Goods Tablecloths: 60x54/72/90/108/120/140/160 66x54/72/90/108/120/140/160 Regular/Heavy Duty

    Hot Cups Soup Spoons Box/Bag Tea Spoons Box/Bag Forks Box/Bag Knives Box/Bags Silver Foil Cut Silver Foil Clear Plates All Sizes Square Elegant Plates Clear Cutlery Tumblers Plates: 9” / 6" / 7" Soup Plates Dessert Plates Water Pot Plastic Cups Kiddush Cups/Trays (Color Silver)Looks Like A Real Becher! Whiskey Cups Scotch Tape Regular Roll Tpe Straws Garbage Bags Black/ White Storage Bags Recycling Bags Sandwich Bags Parchment Paper 12”/18” Toilet Paper Toothpicks Kitchen Clothes Cut Toilet Paper Tissues Aspen/Kleenex/Silktouch Paper Towel Bounty/Flag With Hechsher Napkins Dinner Napkins Masking Tape Silver Paper Extra Heavy/ Heavy Duty/ Regular/Cut Shelf Paper Large/Small Refrigerator Liners Special Tape For Counter Easy Filter Big/Small Batteries Shoe Laces

    Candles Mah Nishtanoo Licht Yartzeit Candles Regular Candles 4 Hours/5 Hours European Candles 4/5/6/7 Hours Havdalah Candles/Holder For HaVdallah

     ITEM Candle Holders Neironim 4/5/6 Hours Travel Candles/Tea Lights 12/50/250/500 Wicks Yakenhoozel Candle

    Dairy Dept. Eggs Sour Cream Cottage Chese Yogurts Fitnfree Yogurts Mehadrin/J&J Lebens Choc/Vanilla/Strawberry Family Size Yogurt Margarine Cheese Snack Regular/Cappuchino American Cheese 108/24/12 Pudding Farmer Cheese Cream Cheese Shredded Cheese Muenster Cheese Milk Whole or 99 Orange Juice

    Poultry Chicken Chicken Cutlets Reg. or Thinly Sliced Chicken Bones

    Shmurah Matzah Regular & Whole Wheat Pupa Tzehlim Boro Park Cheirus Weissmandel Chasam Sofer Benei Berak Matzah Meal Pupa Tzehlim Shvoorim Matzohs Matzah Tashen Big And Small for Kids

    Refrigerated Dept. Line Of Dips Tuv Taam/ Golden Taste Horseradish (Chrein) Sour Pickles Tuna Salad Cold Cuts

    Adwe Dr Fisher Hand Cream Toothpaste Regular/Children Mouthwash Shampoo For Children Tums Tylenol Adult/Children Lip Balm Moisturizing Soap Botanic Shampoo Lavender/Aloa Vera Allergy Relief Baby Wash Deodorant Roll On Silver Polish Shabbos Toothbrush/Toothpaste Motrin

     ITEM Frozen

    Gefilte Fish A&B/Freund's/Zevis/Shindlers Tuv Taam Cheese/Potato Blintzes Baked Ziti Eggplant Parmisan Coffee Whitener Strawberries French Fries Topping Frozen Vegetables Broccoli, Cauliflower, Garlic Cubes, Herb, Carrots, Fish Fillets Bodek Blueberries

    Newspapers Hamodia Binah Mishpacha Ami Yated Zman Jewish Presss Der Blat Di Tzitung

    Nosh Snack Family Packs And Small Potato Chips Regular/ Ripples/Onion & Garlic/BBQ Potato Fries Hot Fries/Reg/BBQ/Onion & Garlic Bamba Bissli Super Snack Potato Stix Paskesz Diddles Kettle