SUNY New Paltz October 15

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Enjoy SUNY New Paltz's October '15 issue of Soaring High with New Paltz, published by Editor DeYan McCarthy!

Transcript of SUNY New Paltz October 15

  • Soaring High with New Palt z

    October 2015 Edited by DeYan McCarthy

    Make a Difference Day (M.A.D.D) CKI Weekly Meetings

    For the Nationwide Annual Make a Difference Day, the NPCKI team woke up early ready to do service. They were split up into two groups and did service in two different locations.

    One group went to Stop and Shop and Shop Rite and tabled for donations for Awareness. They were raising awareness about substance abuse by teen and young adults. The other group went to Clearwater Marina Museum and helped the staff there prepare the museum for the next season. They stored the sails and masts for the incoming ship. They also did some painting and carpentry work for the museum itself. This month members did a

    leadership activity where they learned more about themselves by taking the Multiple Intelligence quiz. They also did service by creating bookmarks for children and Para cord bracelets plus cards for veterans. They also are in the process of collecting donations for the Eliminate Project with the Trick or Treat boxes. For fellowship, they played twister.

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    Happy Halloween!!!

    Member of the Month

    Circle K Pride

    New Windsor Country Inn

    Congratulations Committee Chairs!

    Some of our members went to an assisted living home in New Windsor and hung out with the residents. They played BINGO, watched TV and chatted.

    Events and Programming: Maryanna Cocchiara and Michelle Fasano Fundraising: Anthony Echevers and Thomas McCarthy In-House: Kristen Kocaj Scrapbook: Tiffany-Ann Saulon Sunshine: Amalia Pineiro You guys will do great!!

    Ashley Murdock

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