Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day

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Transcript of Sunnah on Eid ul-Fitr Day

Get up early from bad

is not for only on Eid

day also every day. To

get up early in the

morning is the lots of

benefits for human


Sunnah of Bath

• Wash both hands up

• Wash wrists.

• Wash the private parts.

Perform Wudhu

• Wash up mouth and

nostrils are thoroughly

rinsed thrice.

• Now pour water over

entire body and rub.

Try to dress up new

cloth. If you not have

new cloth then try to

dress your old one but

washed it cleanly.

Attar is a specific type of

fragrance product. Use

attar is a Sunnah.

Take a break fast before

going to prayer ground.

Eat an odd number of


Every adult self-

supporting Muslim must

pay before the end of

the month of Ramadan.

He must pay for himself

and He can also pay on

behalf of his dependents

if he unable to pay.

Offer Eid salat at prayer

grond is Sunnah.

Hazrat Muhammad (ملسو هيلع هللا ىلص)

use to offer salat at


Listen Khutba which

is after the Eid Salah.

Use two different

paths to go prayer

ground and return

back from ground.