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Transcript of Sunday-Plus-25-03-2012


March 25, 2012


| Rendezvous |


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waziRistan Build BetteR than BeFoRehoaRding| inteRview |


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inside this weekMarch 25, 2012

08. Fashion 14. music

The King of Couture HSY talks about his craftsmanship and his lawn collection

In conversation with the band members of XXI (21)

spot on!18. interviewMeet the hoarding artist who have evolved from painting billboards


Editors notEWe are back with another exciting issue of your very own Sunday Plus. This week we are in conversation with king of couture HSY about his craftsmenship and his lawn line that is all the rage among women. Uth Records programme is creating ripples in the music industry. This week meet members of underground band XXI (21) Moheetul Islam and Mohammad Taimoor and Yahya Farid. Art of paintings billboards has been lost. Learn how hoarding artists have evolved that art to paint portraits and landscapes. Waziristan is propagated by western media as the most dangerous place on earth. In our special report find out the reality about the situation wherein peace has returned and now it is being rebuilt better than before. And dont forget to read the blog of top beautician Ruby Hassan, who gives beauty tips exclusively for you. On our style pages see the latest collection of popular brand Chinyere. Also dont forget to check your astrological forecast and the best picks of the season. Send us your comments and feedback at



50 things you want to know about HSY


music Cheering young musicians

26. special report 34. style


We discover the dawn and revival of Waziristan

Chinyere unveils its Spring/Summer collection 2012

40. societyTheNation

Report on the happenings and events in your metropolis


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Beautician Ruby Hassan gives you beauty tips

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Read reviews of the latest books to hit the stands

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08 Fashion

By Bishakha kunwar

50W20 Sunday PluS March 25, 2012

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just a Y is not day, HS To e. existenc l, HSY, to s labe onymou ht his ep broug


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awards in dus Style ons year by In p 20 Fashion Ic f the le Guru o magazines to ople and Sty 100 pe in 2009 as also one of I.Q gst Ahlans Hot the He w amon ar line of and nswe rds. 2007. in 2009 y, the me 0 Lux Style Awa orld centl of the w SY . Most re nt of the 201 of the H d 2010 2009 an e was the recipie year anniversary rld of HSY nth hous e Wo Th g the te design ith a ban wn brand r to mark Last yea uced his debut la ar, HSY is back w ws ra e introd ws last y Nation, which d s from label, he ixed revie Y ley . After m n collection, HS an Empire, pais Prints Ottom 12 law ca to the eri 20 the outh Am with his ns from x inspiratio vana, Ikat from S featuring unise w a esthetic a from H Luckno orals fs of tions. Persia, fl ideries and moti colour op able ns in two , HSYs unstopp us and al embro reg desig press ons in 14 couture or lawn to im print opti dal, pret, manever fail ections n ations and crafts Be it bri gant coll v ible inno y, extrava creativit s loves his incred Plu Sunday ship.

March 25, 2012 Sunday PluS 09

ns are rea rides d every b ms.

1. What is your creative process like? HSY: The creative process is very fluid


You are perceived as having a strong signature. What are the signature HSY design elements that define your collections? HSY: Glamorous, linear, timeless elegant and clean 3. Do you design with any particular woman in mind? Who is the ideal HSY woman? HSY: The ideal woman is a free thinking, strong and independent woman 4. What were the main highlights of last year in both your pret and bridal collections and what should we be looking forward for this year? HSY: Every single time we do a show, I like the elements of surprise and I wouldnt want to ruin it now. 5. What made you focus on lawn last year and how was the response like? Tell us about the expansion of your prints into three annual collections. HSY: We wanted to branch out to a larger audience and the response was amazing. We are incredibly excited to be expanding our design and retail to three distinct collection of prints this year, all launching one after the other, marking a complete HSY lawn journey the season. I am particularly pleased to launch our new brand HSY Nation through which we are now able to cater to a wider audience allowing us to be one of the first designer lawns to respond to so many different audiences. All of our prints are being heavily quality tested internationally as well, so be it a World of HSY Print or something from our HSY Nation line, we will give our clients quality products. With a focus on design and quality, the summer 2012 collection from The World of HSY Prints has been certified and tested by the international SGS group to certify that the lawn is fully compliant with local and international standards of colour fastness and quality. 6. Your lawn collection has varying moods and feel. HSY: Even though the moods are different, the aesthetic is undeniably HSY 7. How is lawn different? HSY: Last year we introduced fabric for men and this year we are the first to offer two outfit options in one line. 8. Lawns rule our lives as a summer casual staple, but will people also accept lawn in their formal collections? HSY: They already have 9. Your must-haves from this lawn collection HSY: Everything 10. Can you tell about your limited edition prints collection HSY: The World of HSY Prints Summer 2012 will be followed by a limited edition prints collection later in the summer, specifically in celebration of Eid. The House of HSY also announced earlier the launch of a brand new collection this year, HSY Nation a range of prints that has been designed, printed and priced to cater to a wider diversity of people, thereby bringing the fashion houses coveted aesthetic to a larger audience of women in Pakistan. 11. What are the best aspects of working in fashion? Flip side. What are the worst aspects of working in fashion? HSY: I dont believe in focusing on the worst and the best is I get to do what I love everyday

10 Sunday PluS March 25, 2012

Fashion12. How do you deal with criticism when you find yourself at the receiving end? HSY: My focus is on what my clients think not what my critics think 13. Designers you would like to collaborate with? HSY: Cant think of any right now 14. Do you follow what younger designers are doing? HSY: I dont follow any one but I wish them all the best 15. As a fashion designer yourself, do you find it harder to buy clothes designed by other people? HSY: Not necessarily 16. Most difficult but necessary skill to acquire before you embarks on a fashion career? HSY: An education in fashion 17. Fill in the blank: fashion designers make good clothes 18. Most common misconceptions about working in fashion? HSY: Its bitchy 19. You get to stay on top of all the latest trends! Can you name some reigning winter trends for 2012 and SS 2012, as far as what's hot in colours, fabrics and cuts we should be looking out for? HSY: We create our own trends and our next collection will highlight the trends this season. 20. Is there one trend that is really big right now that you cannot stand? HSY: Nope 21. Whe