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Indias First Online Solar MarketplacePowered by

Co-Founder and handling Marketing and Business Development, Samarth is an Electronics engineer from NSIT, Delhi University and a PGDM from IIM Kozhikode. His interest in Sun-Bazaar stems from his family business in Solar Energy for the past 28 years. Having quit his job at a leading Indian Conglomerate, Samarth is now fully devoted to Sun-Bazaar. Co-Founder and responsible for Operations along with Business Development, Kumar is an Electronics Engineer from IET, Lucknow and a PGDM from IIM Kozhikode. He is the man behind trying to set up a service par excellence and ensuring seamless integration of technology and logistics. Kumar quit his job at a leading Indian IT company to join Sun-Bazaar full time. Ashutosh, a Computer Science engineer from NIT Durgapur brings his expertise in IT to handle the IT backend and development of Sun-Bazaars portal. Being the only tech geek amidst what he feels good-for-nothing MBA grads has its own benefits, wherein, he usually goes ahead with what he feels is best. Ashutosh is the founding core team member of Sun-Bazaar.Core Team and Advisory BoardSOLARBIZ brings to the table a remedy to conquer various pain points of discovery, accessibility, convenience and end-to-end service currently existing in the solar industry. SOLARBIZ offers a myriad of services to make the entire chain of buying and selling a much more efficient and convenient process.

We provide a cloud based trading platform for companies in the B2B segment and through that we aim to standardize and optimize certain business processes. This is how we intend to achieve that:

DEDICATED PLATFORM FOR DISCOVERY AND TRADEb. RFQCREATION AND MANAGEMENTc. RELEVANT INSIGHTS AND COMMAND CENTERd. TARGETED MARKETING AND PROMOTIONSSOLARBIZ: Indias First Online Solar MarketplaceThe B2B trading is currently driven with lot of inefficiencies and lack of transparency owing to abundance of players in the industry and lack of standardization prevalent in the market. This has increased the grievances of the solar users and prohibits many from going solar

Mushrooming of B2B players and unorganized market creates discovery issuesLack of standardization in the market is the major hurdle in improving conversionsIndividuals trying to calculate their own solar requirement end up being confused Choosing a random yellow pages service provider, fails to meet expectations Looking up an online product listing provider is lacking authenticityAll these three factors show the lack of Accessibility, Reliability and convenience to people in choosing a solar providerInefficient business processes of companies prohibits standardized business transactionsLack of AwarenessOffline Platform for high costsTrust IssuesPriceIm not really aware of the solutions available. Im not very environmentally aware, I have to be toldIf its not very expensive, I would not mind switchingIm not comfortable in investing such huge amount online, How do I trust the sellers?Initial setup cost for solar panel would be high, Id not be comfortable making such a transaction in an online platform

Concerns about serviceService is my major concern in buying online, Id better buy offline to get an ensured service laterConsumer EducationSufficiencyIm not sure if it can light my entire house. It may be good enough for a bulb and a fanI can do basic repairs, fitting bulbs etc. myself currently. Would it be the same in solar powered products?What Customers Feel!DEDICATED PLATFORM FOR DISCOVERY AND TRADEAn online platform exclusively for solar industry: This platform shall provide its users the convenience of knowing and discovering each other by allowing them to be a part of a single platform. The exclusivity of the platform for the solar industry provides greater propensity for the solar companies to be a part of this online marketplaceEasy discovery and online trading: With the power of internet and SOLARBIZ combined companies/end users can discover the most relevant solar companies according to their needs and hence can kick start their endeavor to find that perfect match for the buying and selling needs.Profile creation and rendition: With the provision of creating and editing profile anytime and anywhere, SOLARBIZ allows companies to keep their profile up to date and make changes whenever they wish toService Offerings: Optimizing Business Processes

RFQ CREATION AND MANAGEMENTStandardized buying and selling platform: Through this service we aim to create a standard procedure of buying and selling which benefits both the buyer as well as the seller. Competitive ecosystem to promote quality and price standardization: The competitive platform shall enable all those involved in attaining a win-win situation. The buyers can get the optimized quality and price and sellers gain new avenues and markets to address.Escrow Services for payment security: To address the issue of payment insecurity SOLARBIZ provides escrow service to take care of all the hassles and skepticism involve in the process. Service Offerings: Creating Market OpportunitiesRELEVANT INSIGHTS AND COMMAND CENTERReporting and Visualizations: With the aid of analytics represented on the dashboard companies would be allowed to gain valuable insights into whats working and whats not. It enables them with the power of logical decision making to gain the right traction and address the commensurate market.Competitor Analysis: This section of analytics tells companies about how competitors are doing and where is it that they have been lacking. This information keeps them on their toes and alerts them for any significant change taking place in the industry.3. Lead Generation: The stronghold of analytics lets companies know who has visited their profile and what is it that they were looking for. This gives them an upper hand in understanding the needs of the customer even before they have done their first interaction

TARGETED MARKETING AND PROMOTIONSCustomer Segmentation and product positioning: The exclusivity of the platform for the solar industry allows companies to position and promote their products to those who are their target segment. The detailed analytics allows them to segment customers and promote products accordingly on through the ad-space provided on the portal itself.Converting leads into sales: The analytics quotient allows companies to get the data about the leads generated. It also provides a better comprehension of companies customers needs. Coupling this information with their marketing effort will definitely enhance the leads to sales conversions.CONNECTING COMPANIES WITH INVESTORS FOR SOLAR PROJECTS

We have collaborated with the German Company Milk the Sun to provide additional features to the PV marketplace by allowing companies and individuals to get access to investors from the west for the solar projects.

A company/individual seeking investment can access this widget and then they can list their projects to establish connection with the investors. Service Offerings: Empowering the Customers

Benefits for the End UsersWe aim to empower the end users by giving them genuine options of buying solar product/solutions and facilitate it by: Providing genuine suppliers/dealers in their preferred regionsBlog sharing and doubt clarification to enable them to overcome the ambiguity related to their buying requirementConnect to other people who have gone solar online and ask for relevant suggestionsGet feedback about products from other customers and display it as a part of the company profileAllowing them to state their requirements, getting quotes from dealers, comparing them and making the best deal

Coverage on InsideIIM, YourStory, Readstartups, Milk the Sun blog as well as NDTV Prime has provided the much needed impetus to extend the awareness part. The media coverage has expanded our reach not only in the minds of the people but also their hearts.

Media Coverage

SOLARBIZ: Version Launched (Screenshots 1/2)

SOLARBIZ: Version Launched (Screenshots2/2)

O: B-177, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New DelhiM: 9582795529E: care@sun-bazaar.comTHANK YOU!