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    Summer 2007–2008

    ISSUE 43

    Courtyard ideas

    Climbing plants


    Indoor plants

    Mini gardens

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  • Issue 43 Summer 2007–2008

    About this issue... Features Social climbers 4 A touch of Mexico with capsicums 6 Snap shot! — digital photography 9 Indoor plant problem solvers 10 Gardening with disabilities 16 Create a potted mini garden 18 Crazy for courtyards! 19 Winning gardeners! 21 Ashley’s pest watch — ant control 22

    Special interest Plants from Redlands 8 Take a garden tour... 9 The perfect party animal! 20

    Regulars Subscribe to About the Garden 7 Summer handy hints & tips 12 Summer 2007–2008 Garden Diary 14

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    In the morning, prayer is the key that opens to us the treasures of God’s mercies and blessings; in the evening, it is the key that shuts us up under his protection and safeguard. — Anonymous

    Once again summer is upon us, the hot weather is here, everyone is full of festive cheer and the magazine is jam packed with great advice. Learn how to create a cool summer haven with our favourite climbing plants on page 4 or fire up the

    barbie for our great barbecue fajita recipe on page 6! Have a wonderful holiday season and God bless, Con Searle

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    Featured on our front cover, the garden of Kay and Allen Schultz of Tannum Sands is a rich and tranquil tropical- style retreat. Brightly coloured Balinese flags at the entrance signal the exotic oasis that awaits

    visitors. The naturally sloping block has been transformed into a multi-layered garden with several, privately sectioned- off courtyard settings with linking passageways. Lush foliage, tall palms and the sound of running water are key features of this lovely garden — it really is a feast for the eyes. The Schultzs’ use of hand- made art works by local artists give the garden a warm and personal touch. For more of our prize winning gardens, turn to page 21.

    About the Garden is proud to introduce the winners of our ‘About the Garden Turns 10 — Celebrate with us!’ competition...

    Winning gardeners!

    Allen & Kay

  • Of course it would be unfair not to include the rose in this short list of summer climbers. Roses come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are still the world’s most loved flower. Although sometimes considered high maintenance, they make up for this with romantic beauty, fragrance and charm that many believe unmatched by any other plant. Being greedy feeders, they respond well to regular applications of Searles Kickalong Rose & Flower Food and plenty of organic manure and compost such as Searles 5IN1 Plus and Searles Cow Manure prior to planting. Be sure to add a generous handful of either dolomite or gypsum as all roses enjoy a slightly alkaline soil with extra calcium. Some good repeat flowering forms include ‘Crepuscule’ (apricot), ‘Climbing Pinkie’ (pink), ‘Climbing Iceberg’ (white), ‘Dublin Bay’ (scarlet) and ‘Climbing Cecile Brunner’ (miniature shell pink). Roses can be planted at any time of the year if bought already growing in pots, although a larger and more varied selection is usually found throughout the winter as bare rooted specimens.

    If you’re looking for a climber that provides shade but also bears fruit, consider passionfruit. This vigorous evergreen plant will grow at a great pace if given optimum growing conditions and provide luscious fruit in the autumn and into early winter. Passionfruit require a strong support with good drainage and plenty of organic material incorporated into the soil. Plant them over a pergola near

    Other highly successful evergreen climbers to use around the home include the Allamanda schottii with its golden, peach or cherry coloured blooms. Pyrostegia venusta orange trumpet vine flowers profusely throughout the winter and into spring and literally drips with burnt orange clusters of flowers. Mandevilla ‘White fantasy’ flowers non-stop from mid spring through to the following winter with large, pure white blousy blooms. All three stand up well to the heat, providing abundant shade and colour.

    Summer is upon us and the hot, heavy days call for languid hours spent relaxing in the shade of a leafy garden. Lets face it, most of us would prefer to think that the garden can fend for itself over the coming few months, but a few strategically placed shade plants can make relaxing or entertaining outdoors so much more appealing for years to come. No matter which you choose, climbing plants help protect our living environments from intense summer heat and at the same time add beauty and value to our homes.

    Although well past its spring flowering by now, the leafy summer foliage of wisteria can create a beautiful and effective cover over even the simplest of structures. Wisteria creates interest in the garden at any time of year, bearing an abundance of fragrant racemes in all shades of purple and white in spring. This is followed by lush foliage throughout the summer. In autumn its leaves turn soft shades of gold and amber before fully disrobing to reveal its magical winter tracery of gnarled and twisted branches. Many gardeners shy away from wisteria in the fear that it will take over their homes, but with a little care it can be one of the most useful and drought hardy of climbers. It is best grown over strong supports such as pergolas or across the front of the home. Apply Searles 5IN1 Plus and super phosphate to send them off to a terrific start in life and encourage a strong root system.

    Another strong growing plant is the cardinal creeper (Ipomoea horsfalliae). This semi-deciduous climber will flower from early summer until early July and its large, glossy foliage is the perfect foil for its satiny, carmine coloured blooms. Its hardiness comes from its ability to store moisture within its tuberous

    Trees and shrubs are an obvious choice for turning the garden into a shady haven, but a great alternative are the climbing plants. Planting a vigorous climber over an arbour, pergola or simple archway can create the shade you need as well as bring a new level of interest, beauty and charm.

    Social climbers

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    root system. It can be easily grown in large pots — use a good potting mix such as Searles Peat 80 Plus which will feed it for many months. Cardinal creepers are useful over archways or on ballasts near balconies or anywhere their eye- catching clusters of trumpet shaped flowers can be appreciated.

    The vibrant and hardy bougainvillea is a great choice for its vigour and low water needs. These star performers require discipline to keep them tamed to the confines of pergolas, arbours and gazebos but when this is achieved they will flower from month to month with little assistance. Their magnificently coloured blooms can bring a sense of excitement to any garden. Some of the best are ‘Raspberry ice’, ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ and ‘Singapore pink’. Bougainvilleas require regular applications of Searles Liquid Potash to enable them to produce plenty of flowering bracts throughout the growing season. Good drainage is essential as they detest water logged conditions.

    entertainment areas for leafy shade and easy access to the delicious fruit. The best forms for growing in and around Brisbane are ‘Panama Red’ and ‘Panama Gold’. Both produce large, egg-shaped fruit in abundance. Hang Searles fruit fly traps in and around the plants to protect from the dreaded fruit fly. For cooler regions, try the black passionfruit as it is more tolerant of lower temperatures.

    More climbers...




    Cardinal creeper


    Mandevilla ‘White Fantasy’

    Allamanda schotti i

    Orange trumpet vine

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    ‘Dublin Bay’ rose



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