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A brief summary of mobile apps available for health and fitness apps for the DoD USDA Family Resilience Conference.

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  • 1.Summary of Fitness and Health Mobile Applications Kelly Adrian, Carolina Aquatics Swim Coach, Deborah Zippel, University of South Carolina, Student Health Services, Campus Wellness Anne Mims Adrian, Auburn University-eXtension

2. State of mobile computing Do you use wireless notebooks, netbooks, iTouch, or smart phones? Do you have a cell phone? Do you text? Do you access the Internet on your phone? Do you have a smartphone? How many applications do you use? Which fitness applications have you tried? 3. State of mobile computing 60%of Americans go online wirelessly. 38%of US adults access the Internet with cell phones. 65%of18-29 year olds access the Internet on mobile devices. African-Americansand18-29 year oldslead the way in the use of cell phone applications. Pew Internet Research The State of Mobile Apps | Nielsen Wire 4. State of mobile computing

  • By 2014, number of mobile computing devices will pass the number of desktop computers.
  • Average number of applications installed on smartphones is 22.
  • From Pew Internet
  • The State of Mobile Apps | Nielsen Wire

5. Why use mobile fitness apps?

  • Individuals who set goals and record activities and monitor progress are more likely will achieve their goals.
  • Food recalls (after the fact) tend to be unreliable.
  • Mobile apps can integrate individual records with a buddy or social system to help motivate yourself and others, with the possibility of anytime, anywhere.

6. List of Fitness Apps

  • A compiled list of iPhone and Android fitness and health applications:
  • Or

7. iPhone Apps--Free

  • Lose It! : To help in losing weight. Calorie counts for hundreds of foods, including popular restaurant choices. Enter physical activities and see how many calories you are burning. Helps you set weight loss goals, and then track your progress. Cost: Free

8. iPhone Apps--Free

  • MyFitnessPal : To help lose weight and track fitness goals. MyFitnessPal is a community-oriented site with the ability to track food intake and exercise. MyFitnessPal provides a progress screen as a graphical representation of how well--or poorly--you're doing.

(Credit: MyFitnessPal) 9. iPhone Apps--Free

  • GoodFoodNearYou : To find places with something healthy to eat. It uses GPS to help you find good restaurants no matter where you are. Cost: Free

10. iPhone Apps--Fee

  • iBody : To keep track of health and fitness factors for your body. Trackblood pressure and weight loss goals. Record your pulse rate so that you are working out in an area of maximum effectiveness. Cost: $9.99
  • deftFitness : To work specific body parts with different exercises for all areas of the body. Learn how to work different muscle groups and pictures provide demonstration of exercises. Cost: $0.99

11. iPhone Apps--Fee

  • 100 Pushups : To improve, track, and motivate doing push ups.
  • Cost: $1.99

12. iPhone Apps-Fee

  • iFitness : To get in and stay in shape. More than 160 exercises that help keep up with routines. Create customized workouts and track your progress. Cost: $1.99
  • iStayFit : To design workout program. Animated images demonstrate how to perform different exercises, Cost: $9.99
  • Gym Buddy : To keep track of gym workouts. Set specific goals and put together a plan to follow for the gym. Cost: $2.99

13. iPhone Apps-Fee

  • iTreadmill : To keep track of your steps, speed and calories burned. It also includes your strike rate. Keep track of your fitness and more with this portable treadmill. Cost: $0.99
  • Nutrition Menu: To access nutrition information on more than 79,000 items. Cost: $2.99
  • EatRight 90 : To create a health diet with a nutrition log for optimal health and fitness. Cost: $1.99

14. Android Apps-Free

    • Endomondo Sports Tracker : To help keep track of distance and speed and helps map out a route. Various activities are included such as skating, cycling, jogging or walking. Also syncs with playlists to match routes. Cost: Free
    • Food & Nutrition : To provide information on different foods and diet to learn to make better eating decisions for better health. Get information and more about thousands of food options. Educational and easy to use. Cost: Free.

15. Android Apps-Free

    • Sleep Music : To help with relaxing and falling asleep. This app provides soothing music. Cost: Free

16. Android Apps-Fee

    • AllSport GPS : To help you keep track of calories burned, speed, time and more. Download routes, and use GPS to keep track of outdoor fitness routines. Share workouts with friends and family. Cost: $9.99
    • FitSync : To track fitness progress and get workout ideas. Schedule workouts and create customized exercises. Cost: $2.99
    • Beer Gut Fitness :To help figure out how to burn off alcohol. Provides how many calories are in different drinks and then tells what types of exercise you can do to burn off those calories. Cost: $0.99

17. Android Apps-Fee

    • Racing for CardioTrainer : To provide motivation to beat the last running time. Cost: $2.99
    • Absolute Fitness : To help set fitness goals and track of calorie intake and progress with levels of cholesterol, sodium, protein and more. Includes nutrition data for a number of different foods and drinks. Cost: $4.99

18. Android Apps

    • Fast Food Calorie Counter : Want to improve your health by eating better away from home? This app helps you see exactly what you are eating when you go out, and provides you with information that can help you mitigate some of the dangerous calorie counts associated with fast food. Cost: $1.99
    • Soleil Organics : To help in buying organic. Describes food labeling, analyzes shopping choices. Cost: $0.99

19. Specialized Apps

  • HandyLogs Sugar : To track, monitor, and analyze Blood Glucose, Insulin & A1C tracker for Diabetics. Allows sharing diabetes data with doctors, friends & family to regularly check up on your health. Or the reverse, check up on loved ones when they use this glucose app. Allows one to analyze the data in various ways. Cost: Free

20. Abstract

  • We will also describe some specific applications that are used to monitor and track progress, vital signs, and activities relevant to diseases, such as diabetes. Also, our goal is that participants learn how some mobile applications are tied to online groups which can help foster encouragement and support. We hope that participants will begin to develop ideas of using these applications in their educational programs.
  • Another objective of this workshop is to provide information and ideas in a way that they can be referenced and improved on after the workshop. We will publish our compiled list and any ideas and suggestions from the workshop participants to a collaborative online document (such as, Google Doc or a wiki).

21. Questions? Discussions? Try one? Anne Mims Adrian, Auburn University-eXtension[email_address]