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  • SUCCESS SECRETSFROM TOP COSSMAN STUDENTSIn this e-book marketing guru E. Joseph Cossman shows you the

    same 10 steps he used time and time again to sell over 20 millionCossman products ... and, three Cossman students show you how

    they applied these 10 steps to starting and building their ownbusinesses, selling three completely different kinds of products.



    E. Joseph Cossman and his son Howard bring a combined

    experience of 75 years in manufacturing and marketing to

    Cossman International, Incorporated. This exper ience is

    based upon the national and international sales of 20 million

    Cossman products ... ranging from toys ... to household items

    ... to art prints ... to insecticides ... to sporting goods.

    Cossman International was built using entrepreneurial

    methods. This enabled us to make each dollar spent do the

    work of 50. It minimized our r isk and allowed us to enjoy

    extreme profit margins. And, although we never had more than

    a handful of employees at any given time, we were able to

    take a substantial market share from companies hundreds of

    times our size. Over the years, we sold over 20 million Cossman

    products. And, no matter what type of product we were sell-

    ing, we always followed the same 10 steps, which are presented

    to you in this e-book. This e-book also shows you how three

    different people, Bob Hall, Debbie Young and Dr. Murray

    Davidson, used our 10 steps to start and build their own

    successful business.




    Welcome to this special E-Book of E. Joseph Cossmans 10 Steps to

    Success. By reading this e-book, you're taking your first step to

    success because in this E-Book Mr. Cossman is going to show you

    how you can start and build your own business, doing something you

    really enjoy. Mr. Cossman's 10 Steps are not business theories or

    economic guess work, they are based on proven practical steps

    that produce success. They produce financial independence,

    wealth, personal freedom and security for people all over the world.

    In this E-Book, youll see that you dont need education or special

    skills to be successful. You dont need business experience or

    contacts, and you dont need a lot of money. All you need is to know

    what to do and how to do it, step by step, and thats exactly what

    Mr. Cossman will show you in this E-Book. The 10 steps you'll be

    reading worked for Mr. Cossman and they're working for countless

    other people, people from all walks of life and all around the world,

    and by the end of this E-Book you will know beyond a shadow of a

    doubt that they will work just as well for you.


  • but by the end of this book, you will know 3

    things ... You will know how we did it, you will know how our students

    did it, and most important of all, you will know how you can do it. In

    addition to those rewards, you will get something else by reading this

    E-Book, if you are Locked into a 9 to 5 job this book will show you how

    to break out of that mold and start an enterprise on your own,

    without quitting your job. If you are in your own business, this book will

    show you how to increase your business without increasing your

    overhead. And if you are starting in your own business for the very

    first time, regardless of your age, or color, education, financial

    condition, this book will show you how to take your abilities and turn

    them into an enterprise that will support you in style for the rest of

    your life. I came out of the Army after World War II, I had no money,

    maybe $200 to $300 dollars, I was married and had a baby girl, and

    I felt very lucky in finding a job for $35 dollars a week. $35 dollars a

    week, and I felt lucky getting that job, it was back in the 1940s. And

    with my first pay check I put a down payment on a typewriter, and

    I began writing letters to people that I met overseas, asking if they

    had any need for American merchandise. Id work at my job for 8

    hours and Id come home and on my kitchen table, peck out these

    Hello, my name is E. Joseph Cossman and in this

    E-Book, Im going to show you some little known

    secrets that enabled us to sell over 20 million Cossman

    products. I know that sounds like an amazing state-



  • letters. I did this for one year, I went down dozens of dead ends, I

    could never connect. Then, at the end of the year, only using

    postage and stationary, mind you and a very limited budget (how

    much can you spend on $35 dollars a week with keeping a family),

    a very limited budget at the end of the year, I found 30,000 cases of

    soap, being advertised by someone in New York City, I found it in a

    little classified ad in the New York Times. And, Working off my kitchen

    table, I got the rights to that soap and using postage and stationary,

    I sold that soap. And, while Im holding down a $35 dollar a week job,

    I made $30,000 on that order. And that was the first revelation in my

    life, not that I could make $30,000, but for the first time in my life I

    realized I didnt have to work for other people. You take the average

    person, they think the only way you can go through life is to work for

    others. But here I was 28 years old, no money, no education, and no

    contacts, no connections and yet only using the American postage

    stamp and an envelope I took in 30 grand. What would $30,000 be

    today?...that would be a half a million dollars today. So, if you ask

    me, does it take any skill, does it take education, does it take know-

    how does it take contacts, I say no, because I speak from experi-

    ence. All it takes, believe me, is direction. You can have the best

    product in the world, you can have the best motivation in the world,

    you can have best education in the world, you can have all the

    money in the world, but if you dont have direction, youll never go

    anywhere. And thats what I teach, I teach direction.



    Well first let me define exclusive rights. When you have the exclusive

    rights to another person's product or service you literally own that

    product or service even though youre not manufacturing it, or you

    dont own the tooling, but every time that product or service is sold

    anywhere in the world part of the profit comes back to you, because

    any sale has to go through you. So, you literately control the

    product. And this is the basis of what I teach, how to get exclusive

    rights. You never pay for exclusive rights, some people may try to

    charge you for the rights, walk away, because there are more

    products looking for people like you believe me, than people like

    you looking for products. Dont get loaded with an inventory. If

    someone tries to load you up with 15 to 20,000 of his widgets, walk

    away. You dont have to pay for exclusive rights, you dont have to

    buy inventory. What you are doing is making a contribution of your

    time, effort and experience. Let me put the shoe on the other foot,

    lets assume that you are a manufacturer and lets assume that you

    are manufacturing a new unusual neck tie (this is an example), and

    you're selling the neck tie to stores all over the country and selling it

    to wholesalers all over the country, I call you and I ask you , are you

    selling your neck ties to mail order houses? ... and youll say no. Are

    you selling your tie to consumers by direct mail? ... youll say no. Are

    you selling your tie to military commissaries? ... youll say no. Are you

    selling your tie overseas, outside of the country? ... 96% chance


  • youll say no, because only 4 companies out of 100 sell to foreign

    markets. Now you go down the 22 ways I teach you how to sell a

    product and you query that manufacture and the chances are in

    your favor He will say no Im not hitting these other markets. Now,

    what if I come back to you and Say Can I have the exclusive rights

    to your neck tie in fields you're not covering, non-competitive fields?

    And the minute you sign the agreement with that manufacturer, and

    incidentally in our marketing program we have a 2 page agreement

    which is the exact agreement we made with the people who make

    Fly Cake and you're welcome to copy it if you want, but once you

    sign that agreement with the manufacturer, you own his factory. You

    can call the product Cossman Product, you dont have to call it his

    name. Now there are many ways of getting the Exclusive Rights,

    aside from contacting a manufacturer. I want to quickly go through

    ways we got Exclusive Rights, and you can apply them to your own

    needs. As an example, how did we get Exclusive Rights to a product

    called Fly Cake, which was a fly killer, an insecticide. One of the

    things I stress in our program is not to touch a product or service

    unless every time its sold part of the profit has to come back to you.

    And to get to this stage it means t