Sublimation,Sublimation Paper,Tacky Sublimation Paper And High Release

Sublimation,Sublimat ion Paper,Tacky Sublimation Paper and High Release Sublimation Paper

Transcript of Sublimation,Sublimation Paper,Tacky Sublimation Paper And High Release

Sublimation,Sublimation Paper,Tacky Sublimation Paper and High ReleaseSublimation Paper

Sublimation is a printing process that uses a chemical reaction to transfer an image from paper to fabric or another medium.

 To begin the process, the reverse of the image to be transferred has to be printed on special coated paper using sublimation ink. (The name "sublimation" is applied because the dye transitions between a solid and gaseous stage without going through a liquid phase.)

Sublimation Paper is suggested for hard substrates on Large Format sublimation printers. All TexPrint papers “can” be used for hard sublimation substrates, but they do shrink when pressed which can cause blurring or other issues with the sublimated image. TexPrint papers are high release papers which give a great image on sublimatable fabrics.

Tacky Sublimation Paper is meant for fabrics, and when it is pressed, it tacks to the fabric. This helps, as the paper will not shift when the heat press is opened, therefore you will be less apt to have ghosting of the image.  

  High Release Sublimation Paper is engineered to achieve very high percentage of sublimation dye release from the paper into your substrate. This paper is ok for hard substrates, but works really well for fabrics, and allows you to achieve a very vibrant image quality on fabric substrates such as sublimation apparel and fabric covered blank sublimation products such as mousepads.

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