Sublimation Transfer Paper &Amp; Dye Ink For Digital Printing

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Transcript of Sublimation Transfer Paper &Amp; Dye Ink For Digital Printing

  • Sublimation Transfer Paper & Dye Ink For Digital Printing

  • Dye-sublimation is an effective choice, whether the tech accessory is soft or hard. It can take the wear and tear of daily use. Dye-sublimation offers outstanding durability because during the sublimation process, the inks actually become part of the polyester or polymer coating,Hunter explains. What that means is the sublimated inks will not rub or wash off.

  • Roland offers its new Texart RT-640 dye-sublimation printer, which can be used to sublimate onto poly-coated hard-shell phone cases or polyester products, like cleaning cloths and smart-pad sleeves.

  • The RT-640 is a transfer sublimation printer,Hunter adds, so regardless of what your end product is (hard substrate or soft polyester fabric), you start off with the same process printing onto a transfer paper. The sublimation or transferring of inks from paper to a Polyester/polymer-coated substrate occurs during the heat press.?

  • When it comes to the functionality of tech accessories, decoration definitely becomes an important consideration. Gloves are a good example. The printing method and materials utilized by Pop! Promos allow for the gloves imprint to move and stretch with the glove, ensuring its longevity.

  • The tips, which can also be Pantone-matched, are woven with a microfilament that creates the touchscreen sensitivity,says Kelly Shermer, marketing assistant at Pop! Promos. We choose the best imprint method based on the product, a logo and its complexity to make sure a quality promotion. For example, a tech wallet can be outfitted with a full bleed digital imprint, ensuring that just about any image can be put on the wallet.??

  • The sublimation printing process consists of a dye ink that is commonly notated as a CMYO ink (cyan-magenta-yellow-overprint) as opposed to standard inkjet printing ink which is the standard CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow-black).

  • The dye is printed to a paper, commonly known as sublimation transfer paper or dye sublimation transfer paper, then transferred via heat and pressure to mugs, coasters, mouse pads, polyester fabrics that are used in clothing and advertising displays and banners, and many other items.?