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  • 1. HippieSubcultureAnna Skelding

2. What is a hippie? The youth subculture of hippies was established inthe 1960s. Appearance: Long hair, wearing beads, baggy andcolourful clothes They favour universal love and peace They are associated with taking soft andhallucinogenic drugs 3. Pictures 4. Values.. They are known for rejecting conventional values of society. Theyre values are based around peace, love and respect for the environment Their values have influenced film, literature, music and the arts They dressed in a way to express rebellion and commonly accepted notions andsocial norms.Music..Hippies are interested in Rock n Roll/ classic rock musicFamous artists are: The Who, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and The StonesHippies used to access their music mainly by attending music festivals, however now it is easy to buy most genres of music online.Interests..Hippies were interested in peace and love around the world and caring for the environmentThey were interested in taking soft, hallucinogenic drugs such as magic mushrooms, cannabis and LSD 5. Fashion/Appearance.. Flowers in their hair Tattoos/body art Body piercings They support the free look which focused on not what others thought oftheir self-expression through their clothes, but believing in equality for alland protesting against social evils. The Hippie fashion statement in the 1960s was more of a rage with the youthInfluences..Hippies have influenced the art of the worldThey have influenced freedom and self-expressionTo an extent they have influenced taking drugsThe Hippie movement was influenced by postmodernism and the end of the war, supporting non-violenceThey have also influenced the music industry by promoting festivals