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Inspiration. Ideas. Illumination.

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  • The right lighting scheme is at the heart of every stylish home. Wherever you live and whatever your taste, lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to instantly add atmosphere and make your house feel like a home.

    Lighting technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and LEDs are leading the way in offering on-trend and affordable home illumination. The best choice for quality, longevity and energy saving, they come in a huge range of colours and fittings so its easy to find an LED option thats right for you.

    Not sure where to start? StyLED is here to help you make LED lighting choices that will get the best out of your space, whatever your budget. With room-by-room ideas, tips, advice and product recommendations, we hope it inspires you to create your own personal LED look at home.

    Dont forget to share your images with us using the #StyLEDlighting hashtag on Pinterest you could even win 500 to spend at!

    Happy lighting!

    Keith Scott, Marketing Director at LED Hut

    Inspirational lighting ideas for your home...

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    4. Getting the lighting rightYour ultimate guideto home lighting

    StyLED in your home: Tips, ideas & inspiration

    6. KitchenStylish & practical

    8. Living roomCosy & chic

    10. Dining roomWarm & welcoming

    12. BedroomRelaxed & tranquil

    6 12



    14. BathroomFresh & functional

    16. Feature lightingAccentuating & illuminating

    Need to know: Products, trends & expert advice

    18. Product directoryThe LED lowdown

    20. Bulb selector Making the right choicefor your home

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  • LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes work differently to other bulbs. Instead of using a filament (like old-fashioned bulbs) or a gas (like typical energy-saving bulbs, or CFLs), they contain microchips that produce light when an electrical current passes through. This is what makes them the most energy-efficient lighting option available today.

    WHY LEDs? LEDs are quickly becoming THE lighting choice for UK homes because theyre:

    Top quality: LEDs produce the highest levels of light quality and give out all their light instantly at the flick of a switch (unlike other energy-saving bulbs, which take time to warm up)

    Versatile & stylish: LEDs can be used with any typical light fitting and are available in all variants, so its easy to switch on the style in any room

    Super efficient: Unlike traditional bulbs, which lose most of their energy through heat, LEDs are extremely efficient using up to 90%1 less energy

    Long lasting: LEDs last around 25 times longer2 than standard bulbs, making boring bulb changing virtually a thing of the past!

    Eco friendly: By switching to LEDs, not only will you make staggering savings, youll also cut your energy use and carbon footprint

    1) Energy Saving Trust: Lit up: An LED Lighting field trial, December 20112) Energy Saving Trust: Light bulb lifespan calculations, 20153) Calculation based on typical LED Hut bulb prices and monthly savings for a home with x24 bulbs



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  • Why is light important?Good lighting can transform a space, create atmosphere, set a mood, direct attention and stir emotion so it pays to get it right. Most rooms will require a variety of lighting layers to achieve that desired effect:

    GENERAL LIGHTING: provides overall illumination

    FEATURE LIGHTING: highlights key focal points and special features

    TASK LIGHTING: assists with close-up work (e.g. cooking, reading)

    DECORATIVE LIGHTING: adds the perfect finishing touches

    Lighting is a vital tool when it comes to adding style, ambience and functionality to your home, and theres never been a greater choice available.

    Get the look!Whether youre improving or moving, renting or owning, a traditionalist or a fan of all things modern theres an LED lighting solution for you.

    LEDs come in all shapes & sizes from typical bulbs and spots, to strip lights, exterior lights and decorative ranges. They also come in a variety of colours, from cool white to warm white, daylight or even multi-coloured mood lighting.

    Whatever you choose, nows the time to give your home a StyLED makeover.


  • THE KITCHEN is the heart of the home: a sociable space for preparing meals, relaxed dining, entertaining friends and spending time with family. Such a versatile and lived-in room calls for a lighting scheme thats fresh, functional and homely and with the right attention to detail, its easy to achieve just that with LEDs.

    Inspired ideaLight up dingy drawers and cupboards with intuitive LUMiLife sensor lights. They come

    on exactly when you need them to, and automatically switch off when you close the door or drawer so no energy goes to waste.

    TIP Think about what you use your kitchen for cooking, eating, working, playing, studying, relaxing or all of the above! and then base the tone of your lighting

    around that. With LUMiLife, you can choose between natural daylight, welcoming warm white or clean cool white spots for a super-bright, practical and stylish finish.

    DaylightCool white Warm white


    Featured products: Ceiling spots: LUMiLife GU10 LED spotlights; Under-cabinet: LUMiLife LED RGB strip lighting kits; Drawer: LUMiLife LED sensor lights; Hanging crystal light: LUMiLife GU10 LED spotlights.


    Click here to see the kitchen range


    STYLE STEALAn eye-catching feature light gives your kitchen real character. As well as providing a touch of glamour, crystal fixtures like this one cast pretty reflections around the room making that all-important light go even further. Use our bulb selector (p.20) to find the right LEDs to match.

    TIP! Create a bright, modern feel with LED strip lighting (available on handy adhesive rolls just cut down to size to suit your space). Easy to fit and available in a range of colours, LUMiLife strips are great for illuminating work surfaces or as under-cabinet feature lighting.

  • Trend alertThe traditional exposed look is back! Our vintage-

    style LUMiLife bulbs feature a visible filament, but are super-efficient and give out bright light instantly

    so you get a retro feel in a modern setting.


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    LIVING ROOM LIGHTING is all about creating a relaxed and welcoming space for you, your family and guests to unwind and with the right products itseasy for your own personality and style to shine through.

    TIP Opting for warm white lighting

    in the living room will help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. The living room is also the ideal

    setting for dimmable LEDs, so you can set the right mood

    at the touch of a button.

    Featured products: Chandeliers: LUMiLife E14 filament LED candle bulbs; Wall lights: LUMiLife E14 filament LED flame-tipped candle bulbs; Lamps: LUMiLife B22 standard-shape LED bulbs; Fireplace: LUMiLife LED indoor decorative branch lights (brown); Coffee table: LUMiLife real wax LED candles. All bulbs are warm white.



    Click here to see the living room range

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    TIP! Popping a bundle of LED branch lights in your favourite vase is an affordable way to add some rustic charm.

    FINISHING TOUCHESFor a quick, easy and seasonal update, go for simple lighting accessories. Real wax LED candles give an ambient glow without the worry of open flames or wax spillages. Try putting a few in an empty fireplace to create a cosy focal point. See more on feature lighting on p. 16.

  • Featured products: Ceiling lights: LUMiLife GU10 LED spotlights; Crystal hanging light: LUMiLife G9 LED bulbs; Wall lights: LUMiLife G4 LED bulbs; Lamp (left): LUMiLife B22 LED Filament standard shape bulb; Lamp (right): LUMiLife B22 LED golf-ball shape bulb; Table: LUMiLife real wax LED candle (in hurricane). All bulbs are warm white.

    THE DINING ROOM is where guests often spend most of their time so its important to make the right impression with an inviting atmosphere. Whether youre hosting a romantic candle-lit meal, or a big family lunch the right lighting scheme will help set the mood.

    Finishing touchesWant to create the perfect dinner party setting, but worried about naked flames and wax spillages? Try our LUMiLife real wax LED candles. The range even includes remote-controlled models so you can set the mood at a touch of a button. See more on featur