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Michelle Morley

Changing The Way We Teach, The Way We Work & The Way We Learn

Finding the Right Tool ....

Changing the Way We Teach

How Can We Do That?

Embed technology in the subjects you teachResearching & using presentation tools

Improving content skills with websites

What is the Purpose: Information you want them VS research?

Create a space for students to easily access your links ie. school connect online bookmarking blog wiki

Researching make sure you teach them appropriate research skills -Everything on the internet is Not Free to Use

1 Computer Classroom

Research Centre Class Researcher

Assigned a Class Blogger or Podcaster (pairs)

Data Projector whole group

SMART Board whole group

Moving Forward

Create a Blog or WikiHelps to become more transparent

Allows for communication, collaboration

Platform to share work, learning



Share Work & Learning

Podcasts or Voki

Screen Sharing Math Casts

Video Sharing Grade 4

Picture Sharing Grade 1

Changing The Way We Work

How Can We Do That?

Participate in Online Collaboration

Create a wiki or a Google Doc to share with your school staff

Participating in the GSSD SMART Board Wiki, Math Manipulative Wiki or Start a GSSD Science Community

Participate in a Global Community 40 Interesting Ways to Wordle in your classroom

Publish Student Work VS Handing-In Student work

Google Docs Share & Collaborate

Use Slideshare to publish a Powerpoint & post on blog/wiki

Paper Math Journal VS Online Math Journal (blogging)

Food For Thought ...

Offering Students more choices in the way they submit assignments

If we can Google it does it make sense to memorize it?

24-7 Learning

Change your path to a lifelong learner problem solver

Virtual Visits

Connecting with other classrooms through blogging/email etc.

Video Conferencing - Teach us Something with an expert

Screen Sharing Problem Solving

Changing The Way We Learn

Create Personal Learning Networks

Think About ....

The way you teachThe way you workThe way you learn