Student Achievement and Language for ELL/Multilingual Learners Hawaii

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Transcript of Student Achievement and Language for ELL/Multilingual Learners Hawaii

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  • Student Achievement and Language for ELL/Multilingual Learners Hawaii
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  • Agenda Demographics ELL/Multilingual language learner Student Achievement Data Best practices
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  • What is the % of ELL/MLL in HI DOE schools?
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  • Where are these ELL/MLL students distributed ethnically and geographically?
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  • What are the languages spoken in the HI DOE? Which languages are spoken the most?
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  • Total: 13027
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  • 3950/ 13027 Filipino languages makes up 30% of languages spoken in DOE 3753/13027 Micronesian languages make up 29%
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  • What is the academic achievement data on ELL/MLL students?
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  • Achievement Data
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  • Critically examine the next data. What do you see happening? How do you explain the data?
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  • Discussion Summarize the article Education, Multilingualism and Translanguaging in the 21 st Century and Dr. Garcias presentation. Provide your opinion on Dr. Garcias thoughts and ideas and its application to Hawaii. Guided questions: Define multilingualism and translanguaging in your own words? What experience might you have with multilingualism and using translanguaging? What are the benefits and challenges of using multilingualism and translanguaging? What do you think are the most effective ways to teach multilingual learners?
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  • Upcoming Events Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - BOE Language Meeting with presentation by Dr. Ofelia Garcia 8:30 AM 10 AM, Testimonials welcome Wed, January 21, 2015 Daeufer Lecture Presentation by Dr. Ofelia Garcia with panel co-sponsored COE& HSTA 6:00 PM 8:00 PM Art Auditorium Thursday, January 22, 2015 Translanguaging Talk-Story 5:00 PM 7:00 PM COE Collaboration Center
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  • Ofelia Garcia Professor of Urban Education and of Hispanic and Luso- Brazilian Literatures and Languages at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Former Professor of Bilingual Education at Columbia Universitys Teachers College, Dean of the School of Education at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University, and Professor of Education at The City College of New York. Recent books: Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective; Educating Emergent Bilinguals, Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity, Negotiating Language Policies in Schools: Educators as Policymakers, Imagining Multilingual Schools, and A Reader in Bilingual Education. She is the Associate General Editor of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Garca was the recipient of the 2008 NYSABE Gladys Correa Award, is a Fellow of the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) in South Africa, and has been a Fulbright Scholar, and a Spencer Fellow of the U.S.National Academy of Education.