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  • 1.HARNESSING THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIALisa Tate, CEO, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease Robert Schumm,Marketing Director, Bayer Consumer Care ePatient ConferenceOctober 26, 2009


  • A womens advocacy campaign that encourages increased self-awareness of heart disease and advocates for active risk-reduction strategies optimizing aspirin utilization

is 2 3.

  • The nations only patient-centered advocacy organization serving the 41 million American women living with, or at risk of, heart disease
  • Goals:
    • Educate
    • Advocate
    • Support
  • WomenHeart: real women
  • living with heart disease the boots on the ground

3 WomenHeart is 4.

  • 27,000 members and electronic newsletter subscribers
  • 450+WomenHeart Champions , heart disease survivors trained as community educators/spokespersons at the WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium at Mayo Clinic
  • 60+ local Support Networks meeting monthly (and growing)
  • Website with 100,000 unique visitors monthly
  • Active online patient community with 2,600+ registered members
  • Founding partner of National Heart, Lung & Blood InstitutesThe Heart Truth /Red Dress campaign

4 WomenHeart Today 5.

  • Empower women to be their own best advocate for heart health
  • Collaborate with a high-quality sponsor in the social media arena to educate women about heart disease
  • Expand our reach and visibility among target audiences
  • Continue to develop on-line educational materials and content for women

WomenHeart Joined This Initiative to 6.

  • Aligned missions and goals
  • Tools in place to promote program and Facebook page/increase fan acquisition
  • Relevant, desirable and meaningful premium
  • Compelling messengers
    • Including strong professional and patient advocates
  • Strong media call-to-action

A Meaningful Partnership 7. Our First Forayinto Social Media 8. 2 Program Goals Program Goals Messengers Compel women to identify their risk , advocate for their own heart health and, as appropriate, reduce their risk by using aspirin as directed by a doctor Raise awareness of aspirin as a lifesaver and springboard for a discussion around itsrange and relevance of benefits forwomen, including heart attack, prevention and protection Sandra Revill Tremulis:WomenHeart Championand patient advocate Kathy Berra, MSN, ANP: WomenHeart Scientific Advisory Council; clinician, Cardiovascular Medicine & Coronary Interventions, Redwood City, CA and Stanford Prevention Research Center 9.

  • The target is online
  • We need to continue the conversation
    • Social media success = ongoing consumer/patient involvement and engagement
  • Heart Month

Why Social Media for? 7 10.

  • Created online community of women with an interest in CV health

Facebook Page 8 11. Marketing Mix 9 Bayer Newsletter WomenHeart Newsletter eNewsletters HeartSAFE Dramatic Difference Media Outreach RNR Video Podcast Online Community 12. SHOULD YOU TAKE ASPIRIN DAILY? Fan Highlights: Spikes & Success 10 13. Social Media Traditional Media Dont forget on Facebook,WomenHeart Strong @Heart ! doctors said theaspirinprobably saved her life. TheBayer Aspirin Brandhas replicated [Sandras aspirin] holder called theStrong @Heart HeartSAFEthat can easily attach to a key chain or purse and should be carried by anyone at risk of a heart attack. What Success Looks Like:Advancing Education & Inspiring Advocacy 11 14. Viral Marketing Patient Resources I have passed this along to my Central Maryland Support Group. WomenHeart SupportGroup Leader It's a strong and simple message--I'll definitely [share it with] my friends. What Success Looks Like:Advancing Education & Inspiring Advocacy 11 15. Proven Partnerships Yield Strong Potential for Future Success 12