Street Safe 29 June 2011 BASW Child Sexual Abuse Conference

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Transcript of Street Safe 29 June 2011 BASW Child Sexual Abuse Conference

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Street Safe 29 June 2011 BASW Child Sexual Abuse Conference Slide 2 Introduction Street Safe June 2011 Context of service Focus on the experience of young person Professional engagement The future and challenges ahead Slide 3 Context The Childrens Society so far Service developed from Lancashire Young Runaways Project Recognised nationally for its practice 2010/11: 575 new cases (25% frequent missing from home) Street Safe June 2011 Slide 4 Street Safe Street Safe June 2011 The Childrens Society in Lancashire Established in 2003 changed focus in 2007 Strong partnership focus Take account of Lancashires geography Lancashires six police divisions: Breakthrough, Cherish, Deter, Freedom Slide 5 Service Model Street Safe June 2011 1-1 customised direct support Schools and groupwork Awareness-raising and training for professionals, parents/carers and general public Slide 6 Intensive Support Worker The role is as follows: Engage and agree to undertake direct work. Undertake direct 1:1 work. Signpost and support young people to relevant services. Act as advocate ensuring views are shared, listened to and acted upon. Work with other colleagues to plan appropriate interventions, being mindful of the views of the young person they are working with. Support police investigations where appropriate. Offer advice and guidance to colleagues. Street Safe June 2011 Slide 7 Definition A young persons view: Someone taking advantage of you sexually, for their own benefit. Through threats, bribes, violence, humiliation, or by telling you that they love you, they will have the power to get you to do sexual things for their own, or other peoples benefit or enjoyment. Ref: New Horizons Group 2008 Street Safe June 2011 Slide 8 Young persons experience (1) Street Safe June 2011 Gemma aged 15 Seeking part-time work Relationship with parents Befriended by owner Access to drugs Slide 9 Young persons experience (2) Romeo & Juliet The rule of optimism Good drugs Nobody tells me anything Help of others Outcome Street Safe June 2011 Slide 10 Models of exploitation 1. Inappropriate relationships: 2. Boyfriend model of exploitation 3. Organised network of sexual exploitation or trafficking Street Safe June 2011 Slide 11 Statistics In 2010/11: 575 new cases 25% frequently missing from home (+40%) 90% lived with own family 254 offenders being investigated 116 arrests plus 90 sentenced under Section 2 80% white British; 16% BME Street Safe June 2011 Slide 12 Ethos and Values Honesty Holistic approach Independence Persistence Street Safe June 2011 Slide 13 Challenges and Opportunities Street Safe June 2011 Young persons perspective Personalities matter Collaborative working Lancashire Again Crime Partnership Comic Relief and Children in Need Develop work with boys and young men Slide 14 Young persons perspective Street Safe June 2011 When you are 14 and decide youre gay you cant go and get a boyfriend in school. If they find out, they bully you and beat you up. Thats why your only choice is to go with older men. (14 year old) Slide 15 Discussion points Attitudinal change Diversity of experiences of young people Links to running away and other issues Lack of contact between young people and agencies Street Safe June 2011 Slide 16 The future Safe Choices Lobbying and advocacy DfE developing an action plan over the summer. The Office for Childrens Commissioner are setting up a 2 year inquiry on CSE (Sept). CEOP thematic assessment on CSE in June. Street Safe June 2011 Slide 17 In summary People, places and procedures Email: [email protected] Street Safe June 2011