Streamlining Development Regulation: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral & Fort Myers

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Streamlining Development Regulation: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral & Fort Myers Fort Myers City Hall March 15, 2013

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Streamlining Development Regulation: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral & Fort Myers. Fort Myers City Hall March 15, 2013. Streamlining Development Regulations. Streamlining Goals. Offer the most competitive services in the region Reduce the regulatory review times - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Streamlining Development Regulation: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral & Fort Myers

  • Streamlining Development Regulation:Bonita Springs, Cape Coral & Fort Myers Fort Myers City HallMarch 15, 2013

  • *Streamlining Development Regulations

  • *Offer the most competitive services in the region

    Reduce the regulatory review times

    Simplify the rules and processes to improve submittals

    Establish consistency to remove uncertainty Streamlining Goals

  • *Streamlining EffortsExamined our processes and procedures

    Developed work flowcharts of the 12 most frequently used processes

    Conducted analysis

    Eliminated many redundant or unnecessary steps

    Found solutions and improved the system

  • *Plan Review Time ReductionSite Permits

    PERMIT TYPEBEFOREAFTERDriveway/Sidewalk217ROW Commercial217ROW Single Driveway217ROW Double Driveway217Sealing & Striping2110Site Work/Utilities2121Underground Utilities2110Utility Connection2110

  • *Plan Review Target Times Building Permits








    Before Streamlining (21 Permit Types)


    21 Day10 Day7 Day












    After Streamlining(26 Permit Types)


    21 Day14 Day10 Day7 Day




  • *Plan Review Time ReductionBuilding Permits

    COMMERCIAL PERMIT TYPEBEFOREAFTERRenovations2114Interior Build-Out2114Demolition2110Concrete Slab 2110Marine Related2110Moving a Building2110Cell Towers New/Modification2110Retaining Wall2110

  • *Streamlining BenefitsCost savings and project speed may determine if a project moves forward

    A consistent and efficient development process allows developers to know there will be no surprises

    There can be intense competition between various locations; a streamlined development process gives us a competitive edge

  • Both this volume of residential permits, and the Citys desire to be a destination for commercial development, have led the City to develop permit streamlining procedures.

  • Commercial Land Distribution

    Corridor Studies identified distribution of various types of commercial centers;

  • Current Streamlining ActionsProvide checklists of submission requirements;Review applications for completeness prior to accepting the applications;Provide pre-application advisory meeting to guide applicants;Eliminated the notary requirement for most pages of an application;Implemented an automated system of performance tracking;

  • Eight days to respond to permit (1st review), review times lessen after 1st review;Procedures in-place to require meeting with applicant if re-submittal does not meet standards; andProcedures in-place to ensure applicant/City communication to reduce turnover time between reviews.Current Streamlining Actions

  • Future StreamliningEfforts are being made to revise certain City procedures that currently require a public hearing to be reviewed administratively (certain variances, Planned Development Projects).City has recently audited its procedures with support from Zucker Planning Systems. Results are expected by March 2013.

  • Urban Land Institute Southwest Florida PresentationMarch 15, 2013

  • Created a Task Force in March 2012 to forge partnerships with:Bonita Springs Fire and Rescue DistrictBonita Springs UtilitiesSouthwest Florida Water Management District

    Instituted One-Stop permitting process with Community Partners

    Partnership with Bonita Springs/Estero EDC

    City designated Business Advocate

    Instated the Philosophy of the 3- Ps*Painless *Predictable *Profitable

  • Expedited PermittingComplimentary pre-application meetings and architectural reviews with community partners at the table

    LDC Regulatory IncentivesShared and reduced parking by Administrative Approval (saving 6 months of processing)

    Lowered parking lot ratios for selected uses thereby reducing impervious surface

  • Bonita Springs Priority Permitting Process:

    Targeted Businesses receive front of the line service for permit processing.

    Bonita Springs Utilities Aid in New Construction (ANC) Fee Credits for Economic Development:

    The City in partnership with Bonita Springs Utilities provides an Aid in New Construction (ANC) fee credits program. Projects receive a reduction in their one time connection costs for plant capacity for utilities.

  • Naples/Fort Myers Greyhound Track: Bonita Beach Road and Old 41 Road (slots, gaming and 100 acres of undeveloped land)

    Density Reduction Groundwater Recharge Area (DRGR)

    Shopping Center renovationsCenter of Bonita: US 41 and Bonita Beach Road- new Publix and reconfiguration of internal circulationPrado Shopping Center: Bernwood Parkway and US 41- Faade renovation