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Stream Companies Paid Search Process & Improvements

North Hills Toyota Pittsburgh, PA

BackgroundNorth Hills Toyota of Pittsburgh approached Stream Companies regarding their current paid search strategy.

At the time, they were experience less than ideal clickthrough rates (CTR) and unable to meet their monthly allotted budget for current geographic targets.

Stream analyzed their Google AdWords account to first and foremost, provide them insight on areas of improvement.

Original AdWords Account ReviewAnalytics & Conversions

Upon first inspection, Stream Companies immediately found that North Hills Toyota was not utilizing conversion/goal tracking and had not linked their account to Google Analytics.

Stream stressed the importance of ROI within digital marketing and how creating and linking a Google Analytics account could help offer insights on incoming lead data, resulting in better decision making when it came to advertising budgets.

Original AdWords Account ReviewAd Copy & A/B Testing

Stream also found that each ad group was only serving one piece of ad copy. One of the top ways to increase CTR and Quality Scores is to be producing highly relevant ad copy for your ad group theme.

Streams PPC team recommended testing out more incentive-driven, keyword insertion, and promotion-related ad copy. This should be an ongoing, monthly process moving forward.

Original AdWords Account ReviewNegative Keywords

Stream Companies also noticed that CTRs across the account were somewhat low. Upon inspection, the PPC team found that there was little utilization of negative keyword insertion, another way to help increase relevant ad impressions.

The team recommended regular reviews of the Search Query Report to find keyword phrases that were driving unintended ad impressions, and add them as Negative keywords.

Original AdWords Account ReviewKeyword Expansion

Lastly, along with the aforementioned recommendations, Streams PPC team recommended an increase in targeted keyword phrases. This would help increase impressions and clicks, as well help them fulfill their monthly un-used budget.

Account Takeover & Subsequent FindingsAfter submitting the proposal and account review, North Hills Toyota was excited to move forward with Stream Companies as their PPC account management partner. The team got to work in late August to drive conversions, increase clicks and meet budget requirements.

Account Takeover & Subsequent FindingsWithin a few months, Stream started to see some immediate improvements. Spend and clicks started to increase, while maintaining a relative 3 month decrease in CPCs.Account Takeover & Subsequent FindingsNot only did overall clicks improve, but their search network CTR increase by nearly 170% comparing pre-account takeover in May to November.Account Takeover & Subsequent FindingsWhile analyzing search trends, Stream also found that Toyota-related searches in the Pittsburgh area decreased in Q4 of 2012 compared to subsequent quarters.

Stream helped to not only keep clicks and impressions steady, but actually increase them over this same time period.