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In this presentation, I told her about strategies for successful blogging in Russia. I think that some elements of this presentation will be useful for other countries.

Transcript of Strategies For Successful Blogging in Russia (English version)

  • 1. Strategies for successful blogging in Russia Dmitry Grebenyuk , Blogger Russia ,march2010

2. How t o start?

  • Determine the purpose of the blog
  • Understand how much you are willing to pay for achieving the goal (time, money)
  • Choose strategy blog
  • Follow the chosen strategy
  • Analyze feedback

3. The purpose of the blog

  • Raising status ( self-b rending)
  • Tool earning money
  • Education / experience exchange
  • Entertainment
  • Reflection* (if this is your choice, then more can not read)

*Wikipedia: Reflection -treatment of the subject on himself, his personality (values, interests, motives, emotions, behavior), to his knowledge or to their own state. 4. Price blog: time or money

  • Quick result is worth the money
  • Simply the result worth the time
  • In today's world, time is more valuable than money
  • Best choice: to combine the time and money to achieve the goal of the blog

5. Strategies blog

  • Entertainment(80%copy-paste content ), high frequency of posts
  • Scandalous-economic-political(80% of the author's content is based on top-news), the average frequency of posts
  • Specialized(60% of the author's content, 40% kcopy-paste content ), the average frequency of posts
  • Transformational(if you're a prominent politician, businessman, actor, etc., content is not so important, the main thing on a regular basis to write)
  • Mixed(combination of the above strategies)

6. Based on the strategy chosen contentENTERTAINMENT INFORMATION Education Sharing experiences News Opinions Rumors Humor Erotic Scandals / conflicts Photos / Pictures Video / Music 7. Examples(Russia) :

  • Key success factors:
  • 80% of entertainmentcopypastecontent
  • High frequency of posts (20-30 weekdays, 2-6 weekends)
  • No content overload paid advertisements (1-2 paid posts per day)
  • Neutral positive image
  • Crossposting
  • SEO and SMO promotion

8. Examples(Russia) :

  • Economic-political blog -rusanalit
  • Key success factors:
  • 70% of the thematic content on the basis of top-News
  • The average frequency of posts (2-6 per day)
  • The lack of paid advertisements (explicit)
  • Mixed image (there are fans and haters)
  • Offline promotion (he was last seen on RBC-TVRussia , etc.)

9. Examples(Russia) :

  • Personal blog businessman -olegtinkov
  • Key success factors:
  • 60% of the thematic content (the secrets of success, business notes, etc.)
  • Low frequency of posts (3-6 per week)
  • Non-aggressive advertising your business
  • Mixed image (there are fans and haters)
  • A strong integrated promotion across all media channels

10. Examples(Russia) :

  • Specialized Blog -shakin
  • Key success factors:
  • 80% treated with topical content (SEO, SMO, etc.), 20% entertainmentcopypaste content
  • Low frequency of posts (2-4 per week)
  • A lot of advertising (a blog as a means of earnings)
  • The positive image within the SEO-Party
  • Crossposting
  • SEO and SMO promotion

11. "Holy Grail" blogger


12. Thank you for your attention!

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SELECTED CITATIONS: If you're not online, then you do not exist. (Bill Gates)All we heard about that a million monkeys, banging on the keys million typewriters could write the complete works of Shakespeare. Thanks to the Internet we know now that this is not true.(Robert Vilenski)God created idiots, and the Internet has made them equal.(Unknown)No, I understand what is virtual reality, but I can anyone explain what is reality?(Unknown)