Strategic PR - Internal Communication: An Phuoc

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This is an hypothetical campaign.

Transcript of Strategic PR - Internal Communication: An Phuoc

  • 1. Group members: Tran Nguyen Ly (s3309992) Trieu Vi Xung (s3312602)Pham Thi Huong Tra (s331598)

2. About An Phuoc An Phuoc is a well-known clothing line in Vietnam. The company is expanding its operation (retail stores and customer services) in Germany. Client Goal: to encourage the employees of An Phuocs new branch in Germany to buy in the companys missions and values build a mutually beneficial relationship. 3. Problem/OpportunityStatementThe major obstacle:German employees are not comfortable with major changes. internal communication is the right tool help them understand the changes and make sure it is also beneficial to their own interests stronger relationship between An Phuoc and its employees. 4. Target Publics Primary Target Public (100 employees sales and customer services) Urban young adults Have basic knowledge of fashion and experience in communicating. Looking for stable jobs. leave for better jobs if their needs are unfulfilled Communicated through interpersonal media and via the Internet 5. Target PublicsSecondary Target Public(15 coporate managers) Urban adults In-depth knowledge of team management and communication Looking for recognition, prefer to work without external interference Communicated through interpersonal media and via the Internet 6. ObjectivesGerman employees To raise awareness of An Phuocs full support for its employees byproviding secure jobs among 100% of the target public by the firstthree weeks of the campaign. To gain positive attitudes towards An Phuoc with a sense of being safein the company among 70% of the target public by the next sevenweeks of the campaign. To encourage participation and consultation with An Phuoc regardingits values among 50% of the target public by the last two weeks of thecampaign. 7. ObjectivesCorporate managers To raise awareness of An Phuocs respect and appreciation of itsmanagers among 100% of the target public by the first three weeks ofthe campaign. To gain positive attitudes towards An Phuoc with a sense of beingrecognized in the company among 60% of the target public by thenext seven weeks of the campaign. To encourage participation and consultation with An Phuoc regardingits values among 50% of the target public by the last two weeks of thecampaign. 8. Key messages Umbrella messageAn Phuoc is an organization that places its employeesinterests as the primary concern. The company listensto your opinions and would develop together to buildmutually beneficial relationships. 9. Key messagesFor 1st PublicAn Phuoc values every single employee no matter what their backgrounds are. You will always have full support from the company.For 2nd PublicAn Phuoc is the place where the managers give their bestperformance and have the recognition they deserve. You can always count on us as a team. 10. Strategy StatmentThe Big Idea..!! 11. TacticsOrientationWhat: 5 sessions in total: organizational orientationgoal orientation, role orientation, executive orientationand functional orientation.Why: to imprint the companys philosophy in theemployees consciousness 12. NewslettersWhat: includes external and internalnews, key information about theindustry, fun stories.Why: to improve performance andto generate positive feelings 13. Employee ConferenceWhat: CEO announcement, admission forms.Why: to re-emphasize the employees importanceand to re-assure the companys support 14. Interpersonal MeetingsWhat: employees can request to meet the managersdirectly in private for work discussion or consultations.Why: to put them on top of their priorities and to helpthe two publics connect. 15. IntranetWhat: company announcements, jingle, pop-up quizzes,idea sharing, surveys and feedback with real-time updatesWhy: to generate their interests and participation 16. Ice Hockey DayWhat: mini ice hockey tournament. CEO of An Phuocwill give a short speechWhy: to blur the gap between the employees andmanagers increase work performance as a team 17. Christmas PartyWhat: a free for all party to celebrate the holidayspirit, traditional food & drinks, good luck charmsWhy: to boost employee engagement and to show thecompanys generosity and goodwill 18. The employees are the bestWhat: upgraded version of employee of the monthWhy: everyone has a chance to shine 19. Uniform PersonalizationWhat: employees can customize their own uniforms,the leaders give them complimentsWhy: to make them feel morewelcome in An Phuoc, sharethe companys ownership. 20. Letters To StaffWhat: 100 letters to 100employees, each will have differentanglesWhy: to make them feel secure withthe working environment show how much AP valuestheir employees 21. Team MeetingsWhat: weekly meetings withthe managers.Why: to make sure theyre on theright track and to give themanagers the credit they deserve. 22. Conclusion The problem: employees fear of major changes The solution: focus on employees needs Who: employees and managers How: 11 tactics throughout a 12-week period. 23. 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