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The narrative report of BSEd students for the story telling extension program.

Transcript of Story Sharing Narrative Report

Republic of the PhilippinesLaguna State Polytechnic UniversitySan Pablo City CampusSan Pablo CityCollege Of Teacher Education

VisionThe Laguna State Polytechnic University is a Center of Development transforming lives and communities.MissionLSPU provides quality education through responsive instruction, distinctive research, sustainable extension and production services for improved quality of life towards nation building.GoalsThe Laguna State Polytechnic University san Pablo City Campus, College of Teacher Education commits itself to produce highly skilled, academically excellent and morally upright teachers in Elementary, Secondary and Industrial Education who will build a portfolio of discipline and responsible citizenry in accordance with the national and regional goalsObjectiveThe Industrial Education program of the College of Teacher Education aims to support the university in the fulfilment of its vision, mission, goals and objectives, hence the formulation of the following specific objectives: 1. Provide the pre-service teacher with exploratory experience in various areas if industrial education for productive living as well as for successful

DedicationTo those who helped us in our everyday life: Our family, friends, teachers, and especially to God. Without them we wouldnt be able to finish this activity.

To our family who gave us their support ever since we were born. We love you.

To our friends and church family who have supported us throughout the process. We will always appreciate all they have done. To our classmates for their help and support, they have been our best cheer leaders.

And most especially we wanted to dedicate this work to our almighty God, for the life, strength, and blessings he had given.

This activity will be impossible without them


We are so fortunate to have been welcomed to join his kind of activity. This activity wouldnt be possible without the help of many significant people and they deserved to be mention, the one who made this activity something meaningful. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lucido, He is also the one who gave us some of his own insights, knowledge and suggestions regarding to this activity. Thank you for being with us all throughout the activity.We also want to acknowledge Mrs. Madrideo for her generously contributing her ideas on how this activity could be more informative and interesting to the students. We thank you maam for your kindness.We also wish to thank Sir Mike and Ms. Lenie our observers from Vietnam for their cooperation with it comes to our activities. Mrs. Reden, of Grade 5 section A, thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge to us. You are one of the reasons why we enjoy this activity so much, we also hope that you had a great time.To our friends for their moral support and encouraging words this whole activity. Finally, eternal thanks to all our group mates. We all have done our parts. We did a great job, guys. We are surely grateful to experience this activity together. Thank you again, good luck and more power.Table of ContentsI. IntroductionPage 4

II. PrayerPage 5

III. Motivation/Energizer

IV. Pre-Test

V. Story (With Photos)

VI. Post-Test

VII. Evaluation

IntroductionExperience, this is where we get most of our knowledge from. We can say that it is inevitable not to learn from experience. As future educators, we were asked to have an activity which is Story Sharing where we can obtain some teaching experiences.The purpose of this report is to let the reader see our first-hand experience in this paper. We have conducted a story sharing class at Sta. Filomena Integrated School for grade 5 student. Weve also included some pictures of the activities we gave before, during and after each stories.Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters, and narrative point of view.Storytelling predates writing, with the earliest forms of storytelling usually oral combined with gestures and expressions. In addition to being part of religious ritual,rock artmayhave served as a form of storytelling for many ancient cultures. TheAustralian aboriginalpeople painted symbols from stories on cave walls as a means of helping the storyteller remember the story. The story was then told using a combination of oral narrative, music, rock art, and dance, which bring understanding and meaning of human existence through remembrance and enactment of stories.[1]People have used the carved trunks of living trees and ephemeral media (such as sand and leaves) to record stories in pictures or with writing. Complex forms of tattooing may also represent stories, with information about genealogy, affiliation, and social status.With the advent ofwritingand the use of stable, portablemedia, stories were recorded, transcribed, and shared over wide regions of the world. Stories have been carved, scratched, painted, printed or inked onto wood or bamboo, ivory and other bones,pottery, clay tablets, stone,palm-leaf books, skins (parchment),bark cloth,paper, silk,canvas, and other textiles, recorded onfilm, and stored electronically in digital form. Oral stories continue to be committed to memory and passed from generation to generation, despite the increasing popularity of written and televised media in much of the world.Modern storytelling has a broad purview. In addition to its traditional forms (fairytales,folktales,mythology,legends,fablesetc.), it has extended itself to representing history, personal narrative, political commentary, and evolving cultural norms. Contemporary storytelling is also widely used to address educational objectives.New forms of media are creating new ways for people to record, express, and consume stories. Tools for asynchronous group communication can provide an environment for individuals to reframe or recast individual stories into group stories.]Games and other digital platforms, such as those used ininteractive fictionorinteractive storytelling, may be used to position the user as a character within a bigger world.Documentaries, including interactiveweb documentaries, employ storytelling narrative techniques to communicate information about their topic.

PrayerAngel of GodMy Guardian dear,To whom Gods love commits me hereEver this day,Be at my sideTo light and guardTo rule and guideAmen.

PRE and POST TEST (Nilas Story)Name:Grade and Section:Encircle the letter of the correct meaning

1. Rashesa. an area of redness and spots on a person's skin, appearing especially as a result of illness.b. happinessc. lung failured. sore eyes2. Fever.a. sprainb. Abnormally high body temperature.c. a heart deseased. a cancer3.Neighborhooda. someone you just metb. The people who live near one another or in a particular district or areac. a friend d. a relative4. Pediatriciana. a doctor of animalsb. A physician who specializes in pediatricsc. a nursed. a janitor5. Governmenta. a place where people playb. A system or policy by which a political unit is governed.c. a parkd. a restaurant6. Sheepishly replieda. Embarrassed, as by consciousness of a faultb. shockedc. amazedd. puzzled7. Surlya. gentleb. patientc. kindd. bad-tempered and unfriendly.8. Cuddlea. to showb. to askc. a prolonged and affectionate hug.d. to push9. Emotionally depriveda. do not have friendsb. do not receive any kind of attention or affectionc. lovedd. do not receive financial assistance10. Caresseda. to walkb. to hatec. to eatd. touch or stroke gently or lovingly.

PRE and POST TEST (Nurses Two)Name:Grade and Section:Encircle the letter of the correct meaning

1. Hospitala. a loungeb. An institution that provides medical, surgical medicationc. a place to studyd. a labortory2. Nurserya. a hotelb. A room or area in a household set apart for the use of children.c. a playgroundd. a park3. Supervisora. a teacherb. One who supervises.c. a janitord. a lawyer4. Nursea. a bakerb. a seller in the marketc. A woman employed to take care of a childd. a fortune teller5. Curiousa. confusedb. discouragedc. Eager to learn mored. tame

6. Differencea. altogetherb. similaritiesc. A specific point or element that distinguishes one thing from another.d. combination7. Entire weeka. half weekb. The whole weekc. a dayd. everyday8. Formulasa. chocolatesb. Fruitsc. vegetablesd. A liquid food for infants, containing most of the nutrients in human milk.9. Gulpa. to catchb. To swallow greedily or rapidly in large amountsc. to tasted. to bite10. Frequentlya. seldomb. At frequent intervals; often.c. not many timesd. occasionally

Evaluation (Nilas Story)Name:Answer the following questions.1. What is the title of the story?2. Who are the characters in the story?3. What seems to be the problem with Nila?4. Why is it that the mother of Nila is not around?5. What was the suggestion of the doctor regarding Nilas condition?6. As a child, do you think that you have the same experience as Nila? In what way?

Evaluation (Nurses Two)Name:Answer the following questions.1. What is the title of the story?2. Where did the story happen?3. Who are the nurses?4. What did the nurserys supervisor notice with the babies in nurse Rubys section?5. What did the supervisor do to know the reason behind the health condition of the babies? 6. Do you think that every child deserve to be loved?

Pre-Test (Results)NamesNilas storyNurses Two

1. Jimmuel V Almario07

2. Jana Angli B Belda49

3. Renee Carmela H Belda29

4. Joy Kristine Belen16

5. Madilyne S. Belen15

6. Hannah Rae D Bristol310

7. Trisha Isabel A Bu