Stop Beach Littering

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Stop Beach Littering. Created by News Crew. Why Should I Help?. Kills innocent animals Destroys plant life 30,000 Northern Fur Seals die each year!.     How Do Oceans Get Polluted?       . Main Sources Are: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stop Beach Littering Created by News Crew

Why ShouldI Help?Kills innocent animalsDestroys plant life30,000 Northern Fur Seals die each year!

How Do Oceans Get Polluted?Main Sources Are:Careless beach visitorsOverflowed sewers!i=178497702&k=MtWoB

Conclusion:Litter has increased by 135%Thats the highest the litter population has been since records beganSO STOP LITTERING AND SAVE OUR WILDLIFE FRIENDS!

Penguins affected because of water pollution

Lewis & Clark Explorer News Crew2011-2012Reporter/NarratorEditorCamera/PhotoDirectorSupervisors

Intro SceneRiley MarksIvy Gaelrun-SowellAJ JenningsJessica ClarkMs. Williams, Miss Glenn-BarhamBrett Williams, Mrs. Clift, Canoe Camera Crew