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Stocking up Centre for Policy Development's first report in its Sustainable Economy research program. The report looks at the real value of conserving Australian marine resources.

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  • 1. Stocking Up:Securing our marineeconomyBy Laura Eadie and CarolineHoisingtonSeptember 2011

2. Our marine economyvaluable but not fullyvisible? Fish nurseries,Carbon storage? pest and disease $15.8 billioncontrol?$6.2 billionEconomically visibleCommercial fishing $2.2 bnBoat/ship building $6.4 bnMarine tourism $11.1 bnOffshore oil & gas $24.2 bn Recreation & fishing? $1.9 billion 3. The worlds oceans are atrisk of crashing63 % of 65 80 % ofstocks over-large predatorfishedfish gone29 % ofseagrass lost 61 % of coralssince 1879have gone6 % drop in oceanproductivity since 1990 4. We need to secure ourmarine asset base 1 in 5 Australians are 9,000 commercial $11 billion marine recreational fishers fishing jobs tourism industry Worlds highest diversity42 % Commonwealth15 % decline in with over 4,000 fish fisheries over-fished or growth rate of speciesunknownlong-lived corals in Great Barrier Reef1Half CommonwealthWorlds largestfisheries struggling toseagrass beds,cope with economic carbon storagepressure 10 40 times forests1 The decline since 1990 is unprecedented in 400 years of records 5. Established MPAs showeconomic benefits Larger, more fertile fish Resistance to pollution, predatorsand disease Immediate benefits for tourism Better catch for recreationalfishers within a few years Higher and more stable long-termcommercial fishing returns, ifcombined with good fisheriesmanagement 6. The South-west MPA could protect afurther $1.1 billion per year Scientific blueprint $1.5 billion per year in ecosystem services Proposed highly protected areas $0.4 billion per year in ecosystem services Coastal shelf Existing and proposed oil and gas leases 7. Sustainably managed fisheriescould VALUE worth billionsPROJECTED be OF PRODUCTION FROM ALL AUSTRALIANFISHERIES IN 20 YEARS$ Billions per annum Gross Value of Production1 (2011 terms)Current production2.242 % increase Most likely baseline scenario2.4International ecological collapse 3.11This includes fish products from aquaculture, for which prices are also expected to riseSource: CPD analysis using Delgado 2003 8. Some simple measures cansecure our economic future1. Invest in marine protected areas that meet scientific recommendations for coastal shelf, seagrass and coral reefs2. Rebuild fish stocks with a view to raising target stock levels to 50 75 per cent of un-fished biomass3. Ensure sustainable management for all commercial fisheries4. Establish baseline data for recreational catch levels and un- fished biomass 9. For more information... Copies of Stocking Up are avail