Stinson Star Tracker - November 2010

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A monthly publication of the Stinson Elementary School PTA

Transcript of Stinson Star Tracker - November 2010

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    The Star Tracker

    A publication of Stinson Elementary School PTA

    Volume X, Issue 2

    November 2010

    Community Partners 12

    From the desk of 2

    Grade Level News 7-9

    Junior Investor 15

    Literacy Corner 11

    Plano ISD News 13

    Treasurers Report 10

    What does the PTA do? I think many of our parents have that question. There are two key indi-

    ces to show how we use our resources. Money and time. Both are indicators of the passion for

    education this community has. This month I will show how your PTA spends its money.

    Seventy-five percent of our funds are spent directly on Stinson Elementary, the teachers, and

    students. This includes money given to Stinson to purchase items for the school (such as Cur-

    riculum enhancements, landscaping, white boards), Family Events (such as Science Night and

    the Back to School Picnic), Kid Fun Events (like class parties and field day), Teacher Appreciation,

    Programs (including Watchdogs and support of Destination Imagination), and Arts in Education

    (2 performance assemblies per year and Reflections program).

    The remaining 25% of the money is spent on items that less directly benefit the Stinson popula-

    tion such as Training, Communication (copies for Tracker, website, flyers, the Student Directory),

    Community (donations to new PTAs, Stinson Cares, etc), Volunteers (volunteer recognition, etc),

    Administration (such as printer ink, workroom supplies, software). A breakout is shown below.

    I am very proud of the work our PTA does at Stinson, and I hope you are, too. We are supporting

    over 40 different programs. The PTA board spends a lot of time working on the budget each

    year. We have lots of new possibilities for income and expenses each year; the number one

    question is, how does it further the education and welfare of the children and their families? If

    you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me.


    Julie Richard

    Stinson PTA President

    Stinson PTA Expenditures (%)







    6%5% 1% Stinson

    Family Events



    Kid fun Events

    Teacher Appreciation



    The Arts


    "What lies behind us and

    what lies before us are

    tiny matters compared

    to what lies within us."

    Walt Emerson

    How is our PTA money spent?

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    From the



    Mrs. Sala


    The Star tracker

    A Monthly Newsletter of the Stinson Parent Teacher


    Principal Barbara Salamone

    Assistant Principal Tricia Lancaster

    PTA President Julie Richard

    Newsletter Editor Jennifer Neves

    Stinson Elementary School 4201 Greenfield Drive Richardson, TX 75082

    School Office 469-752-3400

    School Website

    Stinson PTA Website

    PISD Website

    All correspondence should be directed to the PTA Newsletter Editor at the school

    address or

    Dear Parents,

    We would like to thank Sheeba Rohini, chairman, and the parents, community

    members, and staff who volunteered their time to make our Family Science Night a suc-

    cessful and exciting one! It was a great feeling to see hundreds of children and their par-

    ents enjoying themselves while watching demonstrations, experimenting, or creating. We

    hope that these opportunities encourage students to explore the sciences.

    I hope that you were able to meet with your child's teacher for a conference this

    month for a "snapshot" of progress the first eight weeks. Do not hesitate at any time to

    contact staff with questions or comments. A strong parent-teacher partnership means

    greater success for children.

    Each year parents purchase special items at our silent auction. Two of these items

    are a saved place in the front parking lot and the front of the line pick up spot at dis-

    missal. When you see the same car move to the front every afternoon, please know it is

    the winner of the auction item and not someone cutting in line!

    A couple of reminders -- please do not bring dogs on school grounds. Also, there is

    no after school car pool pick up at the west door, nor parking in the fire lane. You may have

    noticed that the Richardson police are often here ticketing or giving citations. Please follow

    speed zones and parking signs. Safety first!

    The week-end of November 6 begins daylight savings time. We will turn our clocks

    back an hour. This means it will be darker in the mornings. If your child walks or rides a

    bike to school, you will want to review safety tips for walking or riding in the dark.

    November moves us into a season of reflection and thanksgiving. It is a time to

    count our blessings for all that is good in our lives and to appreciate the freedoms that we

    have as Americans.

    See you soon at a school event!

    Barbara Salamone




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    You may be amazed to know how diverse the population at Stinson really is.

    Following is a list of the languages currently spoken by the families that attend Stinson:

    English Malayalam French

    Korean Kannada (Kanarese) Russian

    Hindi Hiligaynon/Llonggo Vietnamese

    Cantonese Farsi (Persian) Romanian

    Cambodian Chinese/Mandarin Spanish

    Amharic Arabic Shanghai

    Telugu Bengali Tamil

    Hainanese Gujarati Chaochow/Teochiu

    Marathi Tuluau Urdu

    Orlia Japanese Indian

    What a privilege for the Stinson community to experience such diversity!

    The ESL Team

    CONGRATULATIONS!CONGRATULATIONS!CONGRATULATIONS!CONGRATULATIONS! We would like to thank all of our participants in the first essay and drawing contest in support of SUN (multicultural) events! The team enjoyed reading each of your essays and looking at the beautiful pictures that

    were drawn. They were very creative and we could see a lot of work went into them. Thank you!

    Winners will be contacted and photographed for the yearbook. Two of our winners will read their essay on

    the evening of February 18, 2011. The winners are.

    The Pictures

    Samuel Jacob; Sam Tucker; Srihan Sundar; Anjali Thomas

    The Essays

    Keshav Vasanth; Serena Lin; Akshada Kulkarni; Tanaz Muhamed; Shreya Palivela;

    Nolan Dickey;Bilaal Qureshi; Bria Stephens; Sriya T ; Zarney Zin; Emmu Yu; Kara Gotcher; Haley

    Stephens; Geetha Thomas; Yasmin Palmer; Justin Yu; Kavin Sitsabeshon;

    Fara Vasanth; Cinque Stephens; Lee Ann Lee; Julian Palmer; Daniel Parks; Brianna Huynh; Ryan Luo; Courtney


    Once again CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!

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    If you are interested in performing at the SUN Circle of Friends multicultural performance night, February 18, 2011

    please read on.

    We are currently planning our evening affair, which will consist of student performances from various regions, a parade of

    nations and a Taste of The World food sampling. Historically we have had 10 STUDENT groups perform skits, songs and dances

    from the various cultures represented at Stinson. This year in order to grant everyone an opportunity, we have limited the per-

    formances to a requirement of 10 or more people in each act/group. If you would like to participate but are not part of a group

    that has 10 participants we will assist you in finding additional students to complete your group or assign you with an alternate


    This event is not about showcasing a childs individual talent, as all children are talented in their own way, but it is to

    demonstrate the collective work of a team.

    We are very excited about the event and hope you are too! Please complete the form and have your child return it to

    school or you may contact the following members to advise them of your interest and your group.

    Note: Last years attendance was 650+, due to this, it is necessary to move the event to a larger facility. Woodcreek

    Church on Renner Rd. graciously offered its facility for our use for this even on Friday, February 18.

    Carol Stephens & Michelle Carty: Africa/Caribbean/ East Asia

    Shalin Muhamed: West Asia

    Leslie Scott & Kelley Thomas:Europe/North America

    Dee Dee McGee & Itza Betts: Mexico/South America

    Diana Middle Eastern Regions

    Name: Grade: Teacher :

    Cultural Region: Performance Leader:

    Telephone: Parents Permission/Signature:

    Please note that if your child is participating in this event