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Read stories from students telling about their Quarter Away adventures. Then design your own educational odyssey using the stickers in this sticker book. (Of course it is much easier if you request the actual brochure that has sticky stickers.)

Transcript of Sticker Book

  • MIAMIJeffrey Irwin, photography student interning at Mod-ern Luxury magazine

    The assignments I get are wonderful. Ive mostly been shooting portraits, which I love doing, so Im happy. Ive been shooting very in-teresting artists and oth-er people from Miami. The other day I got the oppor-tunity to meet and shoot Danny DeVito on a 157 yacht. It was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. He was a great guy and the expe-rience made me feel more comfortable shooting celeb-rities. I believe the maga-zine trusts me and feels comfortable sending me on important assignments.The school is preparing me to be a professional pho-tographer. I am already comfortable with real world situations and have been paid for many jobs as well. The school is great with making connections and networking possibilities.

    BOULDERDavid Brandorff, copywriting stu-dent interning at CP+BWere having an amazing intern experi-ence at CP+B! Sorry I havent written sooner. Erin and I just learned were having an interactive/in-store campaign produced for Burger King. Weve also come pretty close to selling some work for WD-40 and Volkswagen.Summer is the busiest time for interns at CP+B. There are over 20 creative interns here from the top schools all over the country.We were completely prepared for advertising at this level. We had a meeting with Bill Wright the associate creative director on Burger King. He was impressed at the breadth of our experience, having been to New York, Amsterdam and London. Going to these cities and being in these agencies gave us an edge. The edge we need to make sure that Miami Ad School eats the lunch of all the other schools with interns at Crispin Porter+Bogusky.Always Hungry for Advertising,David

    NEW YORKBrian Frost, copywriting student interning at Draft FCBJust wanted to give you an update on a campaign that Isaac and I sold for Aquaphor healing ointment. The campaign is currently running as outdoor here in NYC.It was a lot of fun working with tattoo artists from all over the city. Theres nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a passerby stop and look at your work.

    MANILAMing-Mei Hung, art direc-tion student interning at BBDOThank you again for setting me up with BBDO in the Philippines. It has been a fantastic internship. They have been really wonderful to me. Our Gillette Ve-nus work is being produced this week so my partners and I are flying over to Singapore for the shoot. It will be sad for me to leave. Thank you again!

    NEW YORKVanessa Luchtan, graphic de-sign graduate

    I am still very much loving my job in NYC. I cant believe how quickly ev-erything happened after graduation and how many Miami Ad School alums I have encountered in my time here. Thanks again for all of

    your help and all the job postings you continue to email.Im not sure if CMYK emailed you, but Sarah Cazee and I are having a joint project printed in the next issue. We are both in the current issue as well. We are really excited about it, and I wanted to share it with you in case you didnt know. I also just saw a promotion piece I did while at school in the current HOW international design annual. Thanks again, hope all is well!

    PARISJulie Bojorquez , art direction student on Quarter Away at the Ogilvy GreenhouseOHMIGOD PARIS IS GREAT!! Ogilvy is AWESOME! Chris Ga-rabbu is the Executive Creative Director, and he is soooo smart and amazing! Im proud to say that my team and I are kicking ass and representing the school quite well. We were given a couple of live briefs. One of them is for Dura-cell. We produced an entire 360 campaign. They loved it. They are pitching it to the client on Monday! Our idea is out there, but the CD is really pushing for ours to get picked. We were also given Grazia Mag. The agency presented two of our ideas to the client and the client picked one! Things are still being sorted out, and its not for sure that the magazine will use our ideas, but either way they still liked them. Everyone has been really nice and I think they are really starting to appreciate the good work we are doing. Ogilvy has been including our work in presentations, and are keeping us super updated with the briefs. Its been crazy 16-hour days, but Im going to have some cool stuff for my portfolio.Thanks for all your help!

    BUDAPESTJorge Rodriguez, art direction student interning at DDB

    At first I really didnt know where or what I was getting into, but It turned out great. Budapest is a place where you can meet people from all over the world. Its the place where the festivals are as different as the deli-cious cuisine. Once you get here, you cant leave! Its very easy to get used to this city.

    DDB is an agency with eight nation-alities, great clients, and amazing co-workers. We consider ourselves a fam-ily. I say we because they made me feel like a part of the family -- with a bar in the reception area, a NINTENDO Wii for those extreme gamers, and, of course, a foosball table. Its practically as if you were at your very expensive home all day. I really recommend all of you to have an internship here at DDB Budapest. You wont regret it.

    AMSTERDAMSAN FRANCISCO MIAMIJennifer Barger, design stu-dent on Quarter Away at two Base Schools and Pindakaas GreenhouseAmsterdam is amazing. It is a city that celebrates creativity in all forms; as a designer, you have to go. The city is out of a story book. The teachers we had helped us ap-proach and see design in a whole new light. The Greenhouse agency, Pindakaas, gave us the top floor to spread out in, and thats where we held classes. The other designers and I had classes with Victor from Pindakaas, Wim from Boomerang (an agency that does publication design), Martin from 180, and, of course, with the ever-amazing Clare McNally.We did everything from the most abstract art projects and books you can imagine, to working on new campaigns for brands such as, BMW and Adidas. At the end, we planned a city-wide agency party with Pindakaas, at which we each presented our own art installations. Good stuff. We even had time to travel around a bit after the quarter.From there I went back to the States to intern in San Francisco at Hal Riney. I fell in love with the city immediately; the internship was pretty great as well. Here, I did story-boarding, comping and con-cepting. I learned about agency life and how things work. I also learned a lot about designing for online spaces, something that all we will have to do wherever we go. After a brief stint back in Miami to take A Brand Called You class with Ron (which was a fantastic class), Im back in San Francisco, taking a Portfolio class with Ron via face-2-face and I couldnt be happier!

  • MINNEAPOLISSitha Ngy, art direction student on Quarter Away at a Base School and Fallon GreenhouseWhat made me stay in Minneapolis for three quarters (and counting), when I was only planning on stay-ing for one? The cars? I mean, they do drive some WICKED stock model Saturns and GMC trucks here. Maybe the land marks? Does snow count as a landmark? Or maybe...MAYBE its the crazy, sexy, dont-tell-mom-what-we-just-did-because-eating-so-much-cotton-candy-is-bad-for-you, uberly fast-paced life of county fairs and water parks!?Who knows? All I know is, Im in love with this place. And, I believe that to do great work (which I have, thanks to the Minneapolis vibe - winning numer-ous awards from The Show, CYMK, New Creatives, 10 Second Film Festi-val, and being mentioned in Creative Quarterly) you have to love what youre doing, as well as loving where youre at in life (both mentally and physically). Luckily for me, I was able to find that in Minneapolis.The perception is that this place is slow-paced and simple, but its the complete opposite. My time at Car-michael Lynch Thorburn, as one of their freelance designers, was insanely hectic and busy (not going to bed till at least 4 in the morning every night). And Fallon....I dont even know what to say about Fallon, except for watch out...theyve worked me like a DOG (Ive slept a total of 6 hours...THIS WEEK)! And I love it.So, for anyone UNinterested in Min-neapolis... I completely understand. And I want you to keep your prejudice. Because, honestly, I want to keep this place to myself.

    NEW YORKRoy Torres, art direction student on Quarter Away at the Lowe Green-houseFinally, D&AD is over and this is the last week of classes. I just wanted to say that NY has treated me very well and Im super excited to be staying in the city next quarter. The Lowe Greenhouse was great, they gave us plenty of opportunities to work on live briefs. Classes also went really well. I think Hunter and Adam were my favorite, they really pushed us to do our best. Carlo also had amazing feedback, in which we hope to win at D&AD because of him.

    DUBAIDavid Christensen, art direction student interning at TBWAMy internship in Dubai was an amazing experience. I felt I was a real art director instead of an intern. TBWA\RAAD is about 200 people including the PR and interactive branches of the agency. The agency is located in a brand new office building right next to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai. There are 27 nationalities in the agency and the people are all very friendly and cool. My creative director was American and we quickly became friends.

    The city as a whole, and the agency, is mostly made up of a mix of Indian, Lebanese, Australian, and British people. Dubai has been rated the safest place in the world for several years. There is essen-tially zero crime here. Ive never felt safer in my entire life. I feel less safe in my suburban hometown in Michigan, than I did in Dubai.The agency is very bright and colorful and even has a small basketball court in the middle of it which doubles as a meeting room with grandstand seating. There is also an area called The Garden with big windows and fake grass and beanbag chairs w