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Presentation on LeaderBy: Akshita Bhadola Anmol Goel Anurag Gupta Harshit Jain Shivya Bhandari

Young Steven paul JobsBorn on February 24th, 1955 in San Francisco, California, United StatesPut up for adoption a week after birthAdoption was finalized under the condition that Steven would attend college.Jobs went to Reed College in Portland, OregonHe studied Poetry, Literature and PhysicsAfter one semester, Jobs dropped out of college.


Completed elementary education from MONTA LOMA ELEMENTARY SCHOOLCompleted junior high school from CUPERTINO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLCompleted high school from HOMESTEAD HIGH SCHOOL IN 1972Completed college from REED COLLEGE IN 1972-1974

Apple Computers, Inc.The Beginning of

After spending time in India in 1974, Jobs returned to America.

He visited with Woz (Steve Wozniak, one of the Co-Founder of Apple) the homebrew computer club, but was not content with just he creation of electronics

Jobs convinced Woz to help him create a personal Computer, The Apple-I ( Apple One)

Jobs, with marketing help from a friend, had the vision of creating a computer company that would make and sell PCs.

Jobs and Wozniak sold the Apple-I in 1976 for $666, making over $776000 from sales.

In 1977, the two released the Apple-II, a single board computer with onboard ROM and a Color Video interface.

The Apple-I

The Macintosh

In 1984, Apple released the Macintosh, the first personal computer with a Graphical user interface.

It had 128K of memory, and was expandable.

Along with the mouse, the Macintosh was the most revolutionary computer made up to hat point.

NeXTJobs project in the late 1980s to mid 90s was NextStep.

A new computer company based on an Object oriented Software Platform, NeXT failed first as a hardware company, then as a software company

Apple similarly did very poorly in the early and mid 90s, brought on by poor leadership and stagnating computer design.

In 1996, Apple bought NeXT, and with it came Steve job.

In 2000, Jobs became the full CEO of Apple, after the success of the iMac, the first computer mainly marketed for its looks.

Challenges & failures

Challenges:Finance problem causing him dropping his collegeDisagreement between directors and jobs leads to firing of jobs

Failures:Recruiting John Sculley as CEO of AppleBelieving that Pixar would be a great hardware companyNot knowing the right market for NeXT computerLaunching numerous product failures like Apple III, Mactonish TVTrying to sell Pixar numerous times


Jobs was called back by apple corp. because of his next and was offered major share as well as CEO position.Jobs continues to innovate the computer industry, spearheading projects like the iPod, iTunes and its Music Store and high end Computer.

Under Jobs watch, Apple has entered a new phase of growth and profitability, fueled by his imagination and quest for perfection

Products of Apple Computers Inc.

AwardsNational award of Technology and Innovation in 1985Jefferson award of greatest public services in 1987PGA Vanguard Award in 2002Bravo otto social media star in 2011Gramme trustees award in 2012

End of an EraDate: 5th October, 2011Place: Palo Alto, California, United StatesReason : Pancreatic Cancer since 2004