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OER and Institutional Change at Nottingham Steve Stapleton Open Learning Support Officer The University of Nottingham [email protected]

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  • 1.OER and Institutional Change at NottinghamSteve Stapleton Open Learning Support Officer The University of Nottingham [email protected]

2. Outline of presentationAbout Nottingham The OER journey Evidencing change The next steps 3. About Nottingham Research led institution Student numbers 30,000 students (postgrad and undergrad) 6,000 international (130 countries) Six campuses (inc. China and Malaysia) E-Learning Support (Learning Team) 4. Background to OERU-Now (Launched 2007) Sponsored by PVC Grew organically Significant successes Member of the OCWC 5. Open Courseware ConsortiumJoined OCWC in 2007/8Membership $500 p.a.Mathematical institute, OxfordPeoples-uni.orgThe Open UniversityThe University of NottinghamRSS submissionDoubled visitors to U-NowJan-Feb 2010 3713 visitors1494 via OCWC 6. The BERLiN projectRe-invigorate work to supportU-Now Capturing resources from across all campuses Module framework approachIntroduction to microeconomics 67% increase in visitors to U-NowMultiple resource typesQ1 2010 over the same period in 2009 (pre BERLiN). 7. Opening up: Staff attitudesOpen learning focus groups (Summer 2009)20 academic staff across 5 focus groups Online staff survey (Mar 2010)6% of academic staff 8. Why is Nottingham involved?1.Promotional opportunities 2.Cost efficiencies 3.Social responsibility 9. Staff survey 10. Staff survey 11. Institutional Change 12. Academic Engagement:Top Down Senior ManagementTeaching and Academic Boards LearningCommitteesSchool BasedApproach 13. Senior Management Buy-in 14. School of Politics Case Study 12 months ago had no involvement in OER Today are active in a wide range of OER activities 15. School of Politics Case StudyPublished 50 credits as part of BERLiN:Understanding Global PoliticsIntroduction to European PoliticsTheories and Concepts 16. School of Politics Are involved in the school based pilot:Publish 100% of module handbooks/reading listsSchool specific RSS feedsSurface OER in school web pagesInvestigate the impact OER use has on students prospective students and staff 17. School of Politics Politics in 60 seconds:U-NowYouTube EduItunes UPodcast site 18. Academic Engagement: Bottom Up150 Academics engaged Resources across all faculties Over 600 creditsDissemination and localissues 19. Align to Strategies 20. Embedding Use and Reuse3rd Party material Open for LearningWorkshop PGCHE Optional Module Image Bill Moseley 2008Released under creativecommons licence:Source:[email protected]/2516648940 21. Open For LearningImage Don Solo 2008 Released under creative commons licence:Develop open contentliteracy Source: otos/[email protected]/2 462966749The Open For Learning module is Really valuable, important to disseminate as widely as possible. Chris Middleton, Head of Academic Services, University of Nottingham 22. Tools innovation project 23. XPERT 24. OER imagesearch withattribution Demonstration at ALT C (Sept) 25. International partnershipsUKOER~OER Africa /UKNC for UNESCO (ISWG)partnershipsOER Shopping list to support African HEIsKenyatta project (others to follow)Provides a compelling reason to get involved For more information get in touch [email protected] 26. Next steps BERLiN becomes Open Nottingham Open Nottingham as aGrand challenge Open Learning Support Officerrole centralised 27. Open Nottingham ProgrammeSocial responsibilityPromotionCost efficienciesIncreased academic and student use 28. Any [email protected] 29. XPERTProducer-centric modelsXerte Public E-learning ReposiToryUK JISC funded under rapid innovation programmeTo progress the vision of a distributed architectureof e-learning resources for sharing and re-useBased on Xerte Online 30. Connections Internal External PartnershipsConnections Internal External Partnerships 31. Open Nottingham Programme Social responsibility UKOER~OER Africa framework FE college support Promotion U-Now review School based and subject based RSS Link to prospectuses / does it work Consideration of adverting within RSS Cost efficiencies/Quality Try to understand and prove it Embed use Engage with students, Sharing across campuses