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Steve JobsCEO, Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation.

Entrepreneur presentation by :- Alfaz Malkani B.B.A Sem -1

OCCUPTION Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of apple Inc. Primary investor and CEO of Pixar Founder and CEO of NeXT

KNOWN FOR Pioneer of the personal computer revolution with Steve Wozniak And first computer animated film maker TOY STORY

BOARD OF DIRECTORThe Walt Disney CompanyApple Inc.


CHILDHOODSteve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in the city of san Francisco.

Steve Jobs was enrolled at Homestead High School, were he was introduced to his future partner Steve Wozniak

After high school, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland. Lacking direction, he dropped out of college after six months and spent the next 18 months dropping in on creative classes at the school.


Apple Inc.

Apple I was the first product introduced by Apple Inc.

Apple II was introduced in april 16, 1977

In early 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh, which was based on The Lisa

But due to new company introduced Macintosh was not success full and apple had a huge lost for it

And later Steve Jobs leaved apple Inc.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 to develop and sell personal computers.

Apple is the world's largest information technology company by revenue, the world's largest technology company by total assets, and the world's second-largest mobile phone manufacturer.

Innovation is what distinguishes a Leader from a follower.Quote

NeXT Computers

Steve Jobs founded NeXT Inc. in 1985 after his resignation from Apple

NeXT workstations were first released in 1990, priced at US$9,999

It was the First system to implement high level operating system. The original World Wide Web was developed on this system. But due to High end-pricing resulted in the downfall of the system

It was Bought by Steve Jobs in 1986 when he was working for NeXT .

The Most Critically Acclaimed film studio of all time.

Toy story was the first animated movie made by Steve jobs through Pixar.

And with the help of Pixar many other animated movies war made.

With the Help of Pixar Steve jobs was Board of director of Walt Disnep


In 1996, Apple announced that it would buy NeXT for $427 million.

And later Steve Jobs was to Apple Inc.

And the NeXT was merged with Apple Inc.

Later on Jobs introduced to mac world, and then introduced to his own software iTunes with this he also released iPod in 2001

Jobs philosophy, Principles, thoughts and beliefs

He says, Find what you love, dont waste time, do it. Simple as that.

Doing something wonderful, in Jobs view, doesnt mean doing something that others regard as worthy; it means doing what you love and pursuing a career that makes you happy.

Do What you love.

Put A dent in universe.

Never satisfied with himself.

Never Lose Faith.

Why join the navy if you can be a pirate? Quote

ENTREPRENEUR Genius Curious Hard worker Passionate Risk taker Leader



Quote It is hard to imagine anyone who is more nonconformist than Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Thank you!