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STEPUPSTEPUP Live the life you want Enjoy the life you live! Slide 2 S T E P U P tm You have enormous potential! You have the ability to create the opportunities for accomplishing the results you want. StepUp provides a process for aligning specific actions steps and empowering beliefs with clear, concise results. Slide 3 Identify the Results You want to Achieve Clarity provides focus. Lets begin by clarifying the results you want to accomplish in the next 1-5 years Go to our Results form and use the prompts to generate your list and/or Go to our Life Inventory form if you want to prioritize the areas of your life you want to want to work on first Slide 4 Understand and Take Charge of Your Behavior Your behavior determines the results you get Behavior consists of the actions you take and how you take them attitude! So.. What determines your behavior? Slide 5 What Determines Your Behavior? The BioPsychoSocial theory postulates that our behavior is determined by the following: Our Biology: our genetics, nervous system, chemistry, hormones and the way our brain is wired Our Social environment: including family, school, religious affiliation, culture, teachers, coaches and friends Psychology: our perspective and beliefs impact the way we see or interpret the world Slide 6 Focus on Your Psychology For the purposes of this process we define our psychology as our perspectives and our beliefs Our perspectives and our beliefs distinctly impact the way we observe our world, interpret our observations, and then respond, act or behave Our psychology impacts our behavior -the actions we take and how we take them attitude And our behavior impacts our results Slide 7 Your Psychology Impacts Your Behavior and Your Results Our sensory nervous system collects information or data through our five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) Our brain processes and interprets this information through our belief filters - life experiences, values, inner voice/ or tapes that play in our sub-conscious Our interpretation of this data determines our feelings about the information, event, or activity Our feelings determines our behavior; i.e. your actions and attitude Your behavior (actions and attitude) impacts or determines our results Slide 8 StepUp Towards Getting Different Results A powerful way to change your behavior is by changing your interpretation of information and events in your life Realize that all the data you receive is processed and interpreted through these belief filters (prior experiences, values, inner conversations or tapes that play in your subconscious)? Do your belief filters contain any limiting beliefs which create barriers to taking action that delivers the results you want What are some of the typical limiting beliefs that human beings carry around with them throughout their lives ? Slide 9 Human Beings Share Many of the Same Limiting Beliefs 1.I do not like the way that I look; I am unhappy with a particular body part; am too fat, thin, short, tall . 2.The world doesnt respond to me the way I want it to; people (parents, teachers, coaches, peers, siblings, significant other) just dont understand me, always disappoint me, let me down, do not like me, pick on me, make fun of me 3.I have no discipline; Im too lazy; I procrastinate; I dont have motivation or energy; I cant control myself - eating, drinking, substance abuse, sexual desires; I never finish what I start; I give up too easily. 4.I do not like myself, Im mean, miserable, too selfish, too sensitive Slide 10 Common Limiting Beliefs 5.I am always letting people down 6.Most things never work out the way I want or plan 7.I am not capable of being loved; I never able to find or maintain the relationship I want; I end up in the wrong relationships 8.I have a fear of failing, getting hurt, being embarrassed, ridiculed or looking bad; I am afraid to try my best, to try new things. 9.I am not enough; I am not good enough; others have it better, are better than me or have more than me; I am stupid or Im such an idiot; I am always raising the bar for myself and Im never satisfied, often fail or fall short of my goals. Slide 11 Common Limiting Beliefs 10.I cant be happy until I have certain things such as acceptance, approval, appreciation, recognition, relationships, money, sex; academic, athletic, job or career achievements 11.I do not know what I want to do with my life 12.I am a victim; I am not responsible for the way I am; just look at what life has dealt me; life is not fair, I cannot change the way things are or the way I am 13.Theyre wrong and I am right Slide 12 Eliminate Limiting Beliefs Do you have any of these common limiting beliefs, interpretations, inner conversation or tapes that create barriers to taking the action required to obtain the results you want Do you want to change or eliminate these limiting beliefs? Can you change or eliminate beliefs? Slide 13 Can we change our beliefs do we have options on how we see things? (Do you see a the profile of a pretty woman and/or an older woman with a large nose?) Slide 14 Based on the last slide (experience) do you see (interpret) this slide differently? Slide 15 Is you new perception or belief correct, or are you open to further interpretations? (Do you now see 3 faces?) Slide 16 Do you see only what you choose to focus on! If you focus on the black dot what happens to the colors around it? If you focus on problems, do you miss seeing opportunities? Slide 17 Do you miss opportunities because of what you focus on? (Stare at the blue stars what happens to the yellow dots?) Slide 18 Because you may chose to see things differently, change your viewpoint or perspective or eliminate a limiting belief, does that give anyone else the right to judge you or label you a (If you dont see this at first, tilt the face sideways) Slide 19 Are people only good or evil, or do see what you look for? Slide 20 Do you believe some people are all about me and not about you, or do you believe they can be about both? Slide 21 Align Your Beliefs Go to the Empowering and Limiting Beliefs Form Clarify the Result you want Make it objective, measurable and timely For example: I will weigh 180 pounds by June 30, 2012 Clarify your empowering beliefs about this result Why do you believe this result is so important to you Why do you believe you are capable of achieving this result How will you feel when you achieve it Identify the limiting beliefs to be aware of that create barriers to achieving your results Slide 22 Align Your Goals and Actions Steps with your Results Go back to the Results form select a result you want to work on Go to the FAST forms (Forms - Action Step Tracking) select the tab labeled Result 1 and record the result you selected in the first column labeled Result 1. Be specific make the result measurable and objective. In the next column labeled Due date, record the date you will accomplish this result by In the forth column labeled Goal(s), record a goal or goals you will accomplish in the next 1-3 that will move you closer to the result you selected In the fifth column labeled Due Date, record the date you will accomplish this by Slide 23 Align Your Goals and Actions Steps with your Results Go to the FAST forms (Forms - Action Step Tracking) In the seventh column labeled Action Steps, record action step(s) you will accomplish which will move you closer to accomplishing the goal(s) you will accomplish In the eighth and ninth column, respectively, record the date you will begin and the due date for accomplishing the action step(s) you stated Each time a due date comes up, whether it be for a stated action step, goal or result, record in the appropriate column whether you have accomplished this If you have accomplished the action step or goal, you can revise and set your next action step (for the next two weeks) or your goal (for the next 1-3 month period) If you were not able to accomplish the action step or goal, then revise and try again, or contact a coach or counselor to explore why Slide 24 StepUp Process The StepUp process: 1.Has you identify the results you want to achieve 2.Understand why you believe these results are important to you and achievable 3.Helps you to understand the limiting beliefs that create barriers to these action steps 4.Understand the opportunity and advantage of replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs 5.Align specific goals and action steps with the results you want 6.Become accountable for implementing and accomplishing the action steps and goals by specific dates Slide 25 S T E P UP tm We look forward to you stepping up!