Stephen Geri: What To Keep In Mind When Buying New Clubs

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Transcript of Stephen Geri: What To Keep In Mind When Buying New Clubs

  • What to Keep in Mind When Buying New Clubs


  • When youre playing a sport, few things are more exciting than gettingnew equipment. And even though you probably have your favorite

    clubs, you cant deny the excitement that comes with getting new ones.

  • Here are some things to keep in mind whensearching for new clubs:


    When it comes to getting a new driver, a good rule of thumb is the shorter the better.This is something the pros already know: the average PGA competitors driver is 44

    inches in length, compared to a manufactured average of 45 inches. Why is this thecase? For the simple reason that a longer club makes it harder to hit the ball squarely.

    Also, go for a closed-angle head because they are least prone to slicing.

  • Irons and Hybrids

    Irons have changed a lot over the years while manufacturers consistently lower theloft in order to get longer distances. These changes, again, prove just a marginal

    benefit to most golfers. 3 and 4 irons just arent worth it. To get around the iron issue,use hybrids. Just be sure to match the hybrid club with the iron it is intended to


  • Wedges and Putters

    When selecting wedges, be mindful of your home course. Depending on the green andsand bunkers, youre going to want wedges that can best match the style of play youwill be most frequently using. For putters, avoid incorrect length, loft, and lie angle.

    Anytime one of these are off, it will effect your entire putting game.

  • Youll probably see standard club lengths, but if you reallywant to make an impact, note that everyone is different and

    that there is no one size fits all model.

  • If you play with a high handicap, consider using more customequipment to help you correct your shortcomings in the


  • Look for falls that will give you the most distance off the teeand nice spin off the wedge.

  • What do you suggest looking for inclubs?